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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 1 Recap

In order to escape the finger-marriage of her parents, Liu Wenjing, a girl from a mountain village in Jiangxi, fled to Shanghai alone, trying to ask her cousin who worked in Shanghai for help. On the way to find his cousin, he encountered a thief stealing a bag. Liu Wenjing bravely helped chase the thief, but he mistook Professor Xing Tianming for a thief and injured him. After being told the truth at the police station, Liu Wenjing apologized to Xing Tianming guiltily. It was his friend Yan Liangkun who followed Xing Tianming to the police station. Yan Liangkun showed a bold enthusiasm for Liu Wenjing and learned that it was her first time in Shanghai. He not only lent her mobile phone to Liu Wenjing to contact her cousin, but also sent her to the subway station.

Yan Liangkun rushed to the hospital after escorting Liu Wenjing to visit his friend Qiao Haifeng, who was hospitalized with blood when he caught the thief. It turned out that the girl who was robbed of her bag was Weiwei. She knew professor Xing Tianming, and the few people who were brave enough to catch the thief were friends of Xing Tianming. After the few people introduced each other to each other, they teased again, and the ward was full of joy.

Liu Wenjing was unable to get through to her cousin, and was disappointed to learn that her cousin’s original store had been transferred, and she wandered around the streets of Shanghai until the night. When Liu Wenjing was sitting on a step for a short rest, she met a drunkard harassing her. In panic, Liu Wenjing ran away and ran into the door of a bar by mistake. It happened that the bar was recruiting waiters, so Liu Wenjing hurried to go. Applying for the job, what she needs to solve most is the accommodation problem tonight.

Qiao Haifeng came across Liu Wenjing who was distributing flyers at the entrance of the bar, and told Yan Liangkun the news. Yan Liangkun couldn’t wait to find Liu Wenjing and told her that he had helped her find her cousin. Liu Wenjing gratefully followed Yan Liangkun to the new store rented by her cousin.

Although the cousin is very caring and enthusiastic about her, the cousin is not lukewarm. During the conversation between several people, Yan Liangkun learned that the village girl next to her had come to Shanghai to escape finger marriage, seeking an opportunity to change her destiny, and couldn’t help but look at her with admiration. Due to Yan Liangkun’s existence, the cousin accepted Liu Wenjing. Liu Wenjing quit her job in the bar and went to help her cousin in the cousin’s shop. Although she had no salary and had to face the harsh requirements of her cousin, she had a small bed arranged in the stairwell as a temporary residence. Liu Wenjing is particularly contented and satisfied.

Liu Wenjing, who was helping to buy vegetables in the store, ran into professor Xing Tianming on the way back. Xing Tianming asked Liu Wenjing to drink a cup of coffee. After the two chatted for a few words, Xing Tianming received a call and Liu Wenjing left with fun.

Unexpectedly, it was a bit late to return to the store because of the temporary delay. The cousin had a sneer. Liu Wenjing quickly said that she would do a good job and could also sell breakfast to help increase the source of income in the store. The cousin turned anger into joy.

Xing Tianming was invited by Weiwei to participate in a financial forum, but due to a time conflict, Xing Tianming rejected Weiwei. At this time, Xing Tianming’s boss severely taught him because of Xing Tianming’s arbitrariness. He found that he had a lot of philosophical disagreements with the boss, so he resigned on impulse and accepted Weiwei’s invitation instead.

Liu Wenjing met several hooligans in the store who wanted to tease her but refused to pay the bill. They clashed with them. In a crisis, Yan Liangkun and some of his friends rushed to the store to stop the hooligans. Liu Wenjing thanked him in gratitude. . Yan Liangkun introduced his friends Qiao Haifeng and Huahua to her. A few young people who will be entangled in the future got acquainted in this small shop.

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