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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 22 Recap

Chu Chu found the secret decree of Emperor Wen Zong in Xiao Heng’s mouth, and combined it with the truth stated in the Chen Love Letter, thus confirming that Chen Ying was not rebellious, but instead was the chaos and thieves everywhere in the city of Chang’an today. Since this thing is Xiao Heng’s last wish and is also related to Chu Chu’s life, Xiao Jinyu believes that if the case is to be reversed, it must be carefully planned and dealt with the uproar of the ruling and opposition parties.

Jing Yi wrote the letter overnight and handed it to Tan Gui and forwarded it to Jing Ge, reminding him to be more careful and to guard against Koreans this time. Tan Gui knew he was a poor man and did not dare to claim to be a good official, but he never thought that there would be loyal and righteous people in his hands. So when he learned that these people had died in vain, he couldn’t help feeling owed, no matter how the court would deal with him in the future, Still no complaints.

Xiao Jinyu grieves what happened to her father, so she hopes that Chu Chu can tell the truth about Xiao Heng’s injury. Originally Chu Chu couldn’t bear it, but she couldn’t resist Xiao Jinyu’s pleading, and simply admitted that Xiao Heng’s legs were not injured by a fall, but by someone using a knife. The biggest difference between the two is that the injury is vulnerable to wind and evil. In addition, he refused to find a doctor for treatment. The longer the time, the pathogen invaded the bone marrow and spread throughout the body, and there was no cure from then on. Because of what Chu Chu said, Xiao Jinyu couldn’t bear tears. At this moment, Xiao Jinli stood outside the door and heard all this, with mixed feelings in her heart.

Since this happened, Chu Chu has become more curious about his life experience, often staring at the hairpin in a daze. Elder Chu was worried about Chu Chu, and at the same time asked her what she thought of King An, after all, anyone with a discerning eye could see Xiao Jinyu’s intentions. However, Chu Chu hadn’t made a decision yet, so he didn’t respond directly.

Afterwards, Xiao Jinyu came to the hut where his father lived alone. The room was covered with dust and spider webs, which was quite desolate. Through the Fang Mu case, Xiao Jinyu seemed to see the picture of his father sitting in front of the case with handwritten silk, so he made up his mind to live up to the promise. At this time, news came from Chang’an that Xue Rucheng would be ordered to come to Qianzhou to catch Chu Chu. Xiao Jinyu immediately notified Xiao Jinli and his subordinates to protect the Chu family, and no one was allowed to come closer.

However, although Xue Rucheng is Master Xiao Jinyu, his true identity is King Chang, the son of the first emperor. Originally, he was dormant in Chang’an for a long-term plan, but the appearance of Xiao Jinyu forced him to come forward and solve it himself. But Xiao Jinyu didn’t know this, and could only delay as much as possible to avoid Xue Rucheng’s order to arrest Chu Chu.

The master and apprentice had a long conversation and talked about the previous emperor’s decree to facilitate the marriage of the Leng and Xiao families. Xue Rucheng deliberately avoided talking about the Leng clan. Instead, he asked about a volume of minutes from Feng Jie’s inspection of the southwest, but was inexplicably lost during his return to Beijing. As for what was recorded in it, no one knows.

Because Qianzhou seemed to be undercurrents, Xue Rucheng was worried that Xiao Jinli might be used by others and it would be difficult for him to know, so he persuaded Xiao Jinyu to return to Beijing as soon as possible. At the same time, Tang Xuanzong, under the advice of several ministers such as Jing Ge, decided to hand over the case of private copper coin casting to Xiao Jinyu for full investigation.

Xiao Jinli sent soldiers to guard the Chu family, and happened to encounter Leng Yue. The two of them bickered for a while, and then started their hands. Just as Xiao Jinli grabbed the chicken leg in Leng Yue’s hand, and was about to open her mouth to bite, she unexpectedly was attacked by Jing Yi, and the little fight finally died down. Li Zhang was ordered to arrest the rebellious party’s legacy, but Xiao Jinli refused to give up and stopped them outside.

In the end, the two parties faced each other, and Li Zhang took advantage of the chaos and grabbed Chu Chu. Fortunately, Leng Yue had a sharp eye and drew his sword and scratched his arm. Xiao Jinyu brought Xue Rucheng to come in time, and Chu Chu accidentally saw the many small scars on the palm of Li Zhang’s palm, and couldn’t help but feel puzzled. Xue Rucheng ordered Li Zhang to take the people away, and then entered the room with Xiao Jinyu, and saw the body of Xiao Heng, and the contents of the love letter.

Considering that this matter is very involved, Xue Rucheng told Xiao Jinyu not to speak out to the outside world, and asked him to return to Beijing with him to explain the situation to the sage. However, Xiao Jinyu did not agree. Instead, he claimed that the suspect Xu Rugui would be arrested and brought to justice, so that he could serve as the key witness in the case.

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