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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 21 Recap

Princess Xiping accompanies Tang Xuanzong to enjoy the flowers in the garden. This is not her heart, but she misses her deceased. At the beginning, she and her husband gave a token of love to each other, which is different from the jade pendant and golden hairpin of others, or even Jinpa, but a natural rock, which metaphorically stands by forever. However, Tang Xuanzong knew that Princess Xiping begged him to cancel Lengyue’s marriage, but still resolutely refused, and even reprimanded her as a royal family surnamed Li, and she must not lose any measure, let alone forget Xiao Jinli’s identity.

The little eunuch Jinbao truthfully conveyed to Qin Luan the conversation between Princess Xiping and the saint, which aroused Qin Luan’s suspicion. He couldn’t help recalling the time when Princess Xiping gave birth to two sons. What I heard about this indicates that Xiao Jinli is also investigating the true origin of Xiao Jinli.

Zhou Han has not returned the news yet, and Qin Luan is very angry, and then feels that if the big apprentice had not gone to the southwest to search for Xiao Heng and never returned, how could such a heavy task be entrusted to this gang of rubbish. But why the big apprentice disappeared mysteriously, Qin Luan was jealous, fearing that someone would be acting secretly, even Sun Deming thought something was wrong.

Xiao Jinyu led the crowd to search all the way, and finally found three piles of stone piled graves in front of the swamp. The location of the graves was surprisingly similar to the chessboard endgame. It happened that the last chess piece was located in that swamp. Thinking of this, Xiao Jinyu was in a mess, although he did not want to face this result, but the reality had convinced him that his father was no longer in the world, but indulged in the bottom of the swamp.

Chu Chu, Leng Yue and others were unwilling to believe it. They all hoped that it was a deliberate blindness set by Ma Xiaoheng, but there are actually other clues. However, Jing Yi understands Xiao Jinyu’s personality. After all, he hopes that things will turn around more than anyone else. Since he can make the conclusion public, it means that he has considered all the possibilities in his heart.

Jing Yi pulled Leng Yue away to remind her not to ask Xiao Jinyu anymore. The person involved explained the cause of his father’s death in person. This kind of passage is unbearable for ordinary people. As the voice just fell, there was a call not far away. The soldiers found a corpse in the swamp, wrapped in tarpaulin, as if it were packed in a natural coffin.

Because Chu Chu was very familiar with the uncle witch doctor, she borrowed a dagger from Xiao Jinli to separate the tarpaulin, and she revealed the face that made her very familiar, especially by identifying the other’s leg injuries and arm scars, confirming that the deceased was the uncle witch doctor. , Is also Xiao Heng, a consort who has been missing for many years.

The corpse was taken back to Chu’s house. After Chu Chu’s personal inspection and Xiao Jinyu’s inference, it was confirmed that Xiao Heng built three graves while he was still dead, wrapped himself in a tarpaulin, sank into the swamp and died of suffocation. In order to find out why his father chose to commit suicide, Xiao Jinyu opened the wooden box he left behind. There were six silk silks with numbers written on all sides. By comparing the poems on the box, he put together silk silks and finally translated the cipher text.

In the 9th year of Taihe, Emperor Wenzong wanted to eradicate the disaster of the North Division, so he sent Xiao Heng to announce that Jiannan Jiedu sent Chen Ying to lead troops into Beijing to respond. , Chen Ying and a group of righteous teachers were framed for rebellion. After Chen Ying led the break, she covered Xiao Heng to leave. Unexpectedly, Xiao Heng not only failed to break through the encirclement, but was seriously injured by the encirclement and had to jump off the cliff.

Fortunately, Xiao Heng was rescued by a witch doctor who was in a coma. He woke up after a month of unconsciousness. Hearing that Chen Ying died tragically, he was no longer able to recover. At this time, the eunuch even used the edict to add the title of the county prince in the name of a hero, in an attempt to lure Xiao Heng to show up, in a vain attempt to wipe out the roots. In order to clear his grievances, Xiao Heng was willing to remain anonymous.

However, the terrain of Guanling County was difficult, and only a zipline could lead to the outside world. Moreover, his legs were disabled. The eunuch forces never stopped searching, so he could not get in touch with Chang’an. The love letter is left behind, and the corpse is hidden under the swamp, for future generations to solve the mystery of the ghost house, break the mess, and clarify the law. Seeing the sky is to return the soul of Jiannan’s loyalty.

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