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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 20 Recap

Because Chu Chu’s life experience is too complicated, Xiao Jinyu hopes that Tan Gui will postpone the assassination of Chu Chu, and will inform Elder Jing Ge of the reason for the matter. Because Tan Guinian and Xiao Heng were kind to him, he readily agreed, provided that he would go with them to find a consort. After the Xiao Jinli brothers left, Leng Yue couldn’t help but care about whether Jing Yi was injured. As a result, a heartbeat developed between the two of them, which was not as refreshing as they used to be.

Although Chu He was spared the heavy punishment, he suffered a little bit. Chu Chu personally went to visit the room. It happened that Xiao Jinyu came with the wound medicine. He stood at the door and heard the conversation between the two. He also saw that Chu Chu took the initiative to hug Chu He. Thinking that she is also interested in each other, she feels very disappointed. Little did they know that Chu He had been treated as Chu Chu for his sister, and Chu Chu also did the same.

Seeing his younger brother’s stomachache, Xiao Jinyu hugged him and returned to his room to recuperate. The two brothers took this opportunity to talk. Xiao Jinli hoped that his eldest brother would not always have to worry about the things that fell into the water when he was a child. However, Xiao Jinli said that he had always been good at martial arts. If he was awarded the title and could not join the army, Xiao Jinyu would instead be in charge of the three law divisions. The status of King An at least gave him some protection, and it would be good for both of them. Through Xiao Jinli’s remarks, Xiao Jinyu gradually let go and get along more harmoniously.

Qin Luan inferred that people with great ambitions in the southwest were going to be in the southwest through the information obtained recently, and this person might be the person who controlled these things, so he wanted to see what happened, and told Sun Deming to keep an eye on Boguzhai. Zhou Han sent people to imprison Xu’s family, including one wife, one concubine, and one daughter and two sons. He gave a packet of poison to the brothel old bustard and told him to mix it with food.

Wu Jiang had already received the news and was lurking in the brothel at this time, so he hurriedly sneaked into the house to change the poison while the old bustard was leaving. That night, Xu Rugui’s family members were taken outside the city and discarded. Wu Jiang took them back and arranged for them to be protected.

Xiao Jinyu remembered that before he left Beijing, Princess Xiping repeatedly told him to beware of eunuchs, and therefore concluded that what happened to his father in the southwest must have some hidden information that was not recorded in the case file. Chu Chu was worried that his identity would make Xiao Jinyu disgusted, so he went to Jing Yi to ask, and she got the same answer.

After the incident, Chu Chu took the initiative to ask Xiao Jinyu to look for the uncle witch doctor, but Xiao Jinyu was particularly angry because of the alienation in his words. Leng Yue personally came to deliver medicine to Xiao Jinyu, and couldn’t help but joked that he and Chu Chu were too awkward, and always had a wrong tongue. It was clear that Xiao Jinyu wanted to see Chu Chu, but she was carving the other’s statue in her hand.

Originally, Xiao Jinyu ordered Chu Chu not to go out casually, but because he promised to take her to Xiao Heng, the entrance guard was exempted. Chu Chu handed the copper spoon he picked up from the river to Xiao Jinyu. He didn’t expect that he didn’t appreciate it at all. It was really chilling. Within a few days, Xiao Jinyu was about to start tracing Xiao Heng’s whereabouts. He believed that when his father left, the road and bridge leading to the outside world had not been repaired, and Jinping had a remnant body that was difficult to travel, and he should still be hiding nearby.

As shown by the light spots on the mural, Xiao Jinyu believes that this place should be Xiao Heng’s hiding place. However, the place marked by the light spot belongs to a swamp, and it is full of venomous snakes and scorpions. Moreover, Xiao Heng is inconvenient to move. There is neither clean water nor food on the mountain. Such a place lacking food and clothing, even if Xiao Heng hides here, I am afraid it will be more fortunate. less.

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