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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 47 Recap

The cracks in the wall are getting deeper and deeper, and there is the possibility of collapse at any time. Lu Zheng kept calling Wang Xianmin. Wang Xianmin and Ouyang Jun were investigating more dangerous places. Ouyang Jun insisted on going up and investigating first, and blocked the rotating fan blades with a crowbar. Qi Peng was also calling Wang Xianmin.

After Ouyang Jun climbed up, he was in a daze. Wang Xianmin also climbed up quickly and lowered the condensation valve. Seeing that Xia Zhuo was still in the waiting room, Lu Zheng asked him to hurry up and perform his tasks, but Xia Zhuo believed that life was a matter of life and he had to stay.

Xia Zhuo refused to execute the order. Apart from Wang Xianmin, he was the only one who was most familiar with this place. His staying here was more important than leaving. An Lei insisted on continuing the launch mission, the instructor was anxious, what is the situation now, can launch it! But An Lei insisted on launching it. If the cavern exchanged for life had not launched a missile, it would be unfair to the soldiers. Deputy Commander Fang asked An Lei to stop the launch mission and continue to perform the 060 mission. An Lei sighed.

An Lei found that there was a high-speed convoy nearby, apparently the 334 brigade. The 334 brigade took advantage of the chaos of the 270 brigade. No matter how messy, if the 270 can’t keep a single bullet, it will be a joke. Wang Xianmin and Ouyang Jun called the duty room, and Xia Zhuo was re-checking the system to clear all the codes of the 334 brigade, and all the sudden exercises were arranged.

Wang Xianmin was worried that poisonous gas would erupt when the condensation encountered an open flame. Xia Zhuo said that he would give him ten minutes. Xia Zhuo was worried that the two of them would not have enough oxygen and water tanks, but Wang Xianmin and Ouyang Jun were determined to hold their ground.

Lu Zheng found Xia Zhuo again and asked him to perform the 060 mission and leave here with new equipment, otherwise how would they counter 334! Wang Xianmin asked Ouyang Jun to go down first. At this time, Dongku was attacked by 334, and An Lei ordered an emergency evacuation. He asked the chief which was the exercise and which was the mission.

The chief answered that staying was the exercise, and surviving was the mission. Wang Xianmin asked Ouyang Jun to carry out the launch vehicle test mission, and Ouyang Jun had to tell him to leave carefully. The 334th Brigade sent two harassment teams. An Lei felt that their purpose was not only to stop the launch, but to seize the shaft to complete the launch. They lost four years ago. They don’t want to win again this time.

The 334th brigade entered the standby storage, but it was empty, leaving only one soldier. The 270th brigade disappeared cleanly, and the 334th brigade was surprised, and could not wait to go to the Dragon Palace, and found that the missiles in the shaft were intact. All the big screens in the central control room are those of the 270 brigade dancing square dance, and they cannot be switched at all. All entrances and exits are locked, and Deputy Xu Ban is also countered. Yi Zimeng’s poster was affixed to the missile, and this missile is actually for teaching purposes, and 334 was fooled.

Late at night in the barren mountains, Xia Zhuo woke up and started contacting the 060 launch vehicle. Ouyang Jun, Yi Zimeng, and Lin Anbang on the launch vehicle were very worried about Xia Zhuo. Ouyang Jun tried to contact Xia Zhuo to join the launch vehicle, but could not get a response. A voice suddenly rang from Xia Zhuo’s communicator. Xia Zhuo mistakenly thought it was Lu Zheng and complained that he should not shock him, but the other party did not answer. Xia Zhuo looked at the badge he had picked up and fell into doubt, tried to contact the other party again but did not respond. Ouyang Jun and Lu Zheng got in touch, and Lu Zheng asked them to go to the standby position.

The standby warehouse had been lost and they could not lose the second position. Xia Zhuo finally got in touch with Ouyang Jun, Lin Anbang, and Yi Zimeng. Xia Zhuo told them that this was an abnormal exercise and could not trust anyone, including all the orders issued by the superior. The signal disturbed the two parties and lost contact again. Ouyang Jun quickly asked Lin Anbang to stop and asked Yi Zimeng to listen to Lu Zheng’s command message again.

Although the voice said Lu Zheng’s voice, the rhythm was not, and the communication was when he called in. Normally, it broke again after hanging up. Ouyang Jun stroked the exercise. They set off from the battle blade company and lost contact after entering the communication black barrier. At the speed they could cross the black barrier within four hours, but now it took four and a half hours. Obviously the map has been changed. This is what Xia Zhuo meant, and they had to question everything. Xia Zhuo is still alone, constantly trying to contact 060.

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