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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 7 Recap

Originally, Qiu Xiaoxia wanted to talk to Xiang Wang, but she didn’t expect it to turn into a heart-to-heart meeting and even took the initiative to talk about her experience. Because of this, Wang Shicheng made a big difference to Qiu Xiaoxia and took the initiative to apologize and seek forgiveness, hoping to clear up the previous suspicions. In the end, Qiu Xiaoxia asked Wang Shicheng for compensation and took out the IOU. Unexpectedly, Wang Shicheng, who was drunk, wrote her real name on the IOU, but forgot that she was now named Chen Weiming.

Originally Qiu Dongna planned to go home alone, but she didn’t expect to see Gu Fei guarding outside as soon as she left the file room, insisting on driving her away. Qiu Dongna had no choice but to agree, but when she entered the house, she found Qiu Xiaoxia sitting angrily in the living room. Through understanding, Qiu Dongna learned of what happened tonight, and through Wang Shicheng’s identity photo, she felt a little familiar, until she suddenly remembered that she had helped Gu Fei print Chen Weiming’s ID two years ago, so she had a relationship with him. .

The exposure of Wang Shicheng’s identity has caused Qiu Xiaoxia’s misunderstanding. Qiu Dongna reported it to Gu Fei as soon as possible. Although Gu Fei pretended to be unaware, she had a vague answer in her heart. After finally sending Qiu Dongna away, Gu Fei hurriedly called Wang Shicheng to ask Wang Shicheng, so he arranged a meal for him and invited Qiu Xiaoxia and her daughter.

Regarding the concealment of identity, Gu Fei explained clearly on behalf of Wang Shicheng, hoping that Qiu Xiaoxia would help keep it secret, and what he said next made Qiu Xiaoxia and her daughter feel like a roller coaster. In those days, Wang Shicheng was brave enough to defend himself and went to jail with his own life. Because Wang Shicheng was gracious to Gu Fei, he asked Wang Shicheng to change his hair style and use Chen Weiming’s identity to fool him. jobs.

Qiu Xiaoxia was shocked when she heard the news, so she wanted to leave, because Gu Fei was there to mediate, and Qiu Dongna was blocking her mother, so several talents could say nothing. Qiu Xiaoxia took the opportunity to talk to Gu Fei about the conditions and asked him to guarantee that Qiu Dongna would become a regular student through an internship. She wanted to ask more details, but Gu Fei refused on the grounds that this was Wang Shicheng’s privacy and she didn’t want to talk more.

Wang Shicheng was worried that Qiu Xiaoxia would regret it again after agreeing, but Gu Fei let Wang Shicheng rest assured, after all, she knew Qiu Dongna well. The next morning, Gu Fei provided Qiu Dongna with resources to repay Wang Shicheng’s popularity. However, Qiu Dongna did not accept it. She already had customers in her hands, so Gu Fei kept the resources for appreciation.

Because Qiu Dongna went out to meet clients, Li Chuning took advantage of him to go out, answering Manager Chen’s calls without authorization, and robbed the source of customers. When Qiu Dongna took the initiative to contact Manager Chen, she knew what was going on, so she went back to the company and asked Li Chuning to question her, and had a big fight with her. Seeing Qiu Dongna being bullied, Gu Fei asked Li Chuning to return the customer. Cheng Fanyang told him to leave Gu Fei when he saw it, and reminded him not to break the rules.

Gu Fei knew Cheng Fanyang’s thoughts, so he just found an excuse to perfuse it. Before long, Cheng Fanyang called Qiu Dongna into the office to remind her that she could not accept Gu Fei’s help. Because of this, Qiu Dongna reluctantly handed the customers of Ou Dan Daily to Li Chuning.

In the next few days, Qiu Dongna discovered that the firm was auditing the second and third mining company in the city. With the successful cases of these two, she studied another mining company, but she did not expect to actually make an appointment to Huashixing Mining. financial director. When she returned home that night, Qiu Dongna received an email and learned that Huashixing Mining had invited her to bring her leaders to negotiate business. Qiu Dongna thought that she had found a major client, but she had touched Cheng Fanyang’s minefield, because Hua Shixing’s former boss was Cheng Fanyang’s husband, Bai Youxin. Later, Bai Youxin left the company to establish herself, so there was no one in the entire office. Dare to provoke. After learning about this relationship, Qiu Dongna’s intestines are all regretful.

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