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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 6 Recap

Inspired by her mother, Qiu Dongna pretended to be an employee of a technology company to help her boss choose a location, so as to understand the general situation of the office building company through an intermediary. According to the previously recorded list of bosses, Qiu Dongna communicated one by one, carefully produced PPT, and finally talked about several potential customers.

At the same time, Qiu Xiaoxia encountered customers looking for faults during work and checked into the hotel in the morning. Before noon, she chose various reasons and asked to check out in full. Qiu Xiaoxia couldn’t bear being wronged, so she quarreled with the customer. At the critical moment, Wang Shicheng hurriedly intervened in mediation and took the customer to the front desk to check out.

Even though the matter was resolved, Qiu Xiaoxia was still very aggrieved. While she was checking the sanitation in the room, she accidentally discovered that the set-top box was a little strange. Wang Shicheng used tools to disassemble the set-top box, and he found an invisible camera inside that was not easily detectable. It was obviously related to the person just now.

As there is no conclusive evidence, Qiu Xiaoxia has nowhere to vent her emotions, so she sends a video to Qiu Dongna and vomits bitterness. Because Qiu Xiaoxia uploaded the video to Weibo, Qiu Dongna felt helpless and amused. She quickly reminded her to delete the video to avoid being seen by others. When Wang Shicheng took advantage of everyone’s meal, he distributed information to everyone to learn about security measures. Qiu Xiaoxia brought up the old things again and accused Wang Shicheng of unqualified inspection work.

After these incidents happened one after another, Qiu Xiaoxia vowed to be totally different from Wang Shicheng, so she asked others about his family situation in private. She did not expect that this person born in the early 1960s was well maintained like a 70s, regardless of whether he was dirty or tired. I was rushing to do all the work, and it was strange to find reasons to refuse even if I faced several promotions and raises.

Wang Shicheng was always vigilant, and soon discovered Qiu Xiaoxia’s behavior. The two brothers ridiculed that he was encountering peach blossom luck. Only Wang Shicheng knew that he had gotten into this thorny rose. He could not help but groan secretly, and he had to pretend not to act. Moved. The brothers learned about Wang Shicheng’s difficulties, so they planned to pretend to intimidate Qiu Xiaoxia, and then let Wang Shicheng a hero to save the United States.

However, contrary to her wishes, Qiu Xiaoxia was blocked by two brothers in the alley after work. Before Wang Shicheng could take action, she only beat the two of them on the ground. Seeing that the plot did not follow the script, Wang Shicheng racked his brains to help his brother escape and finally ended the storm.

Because of this, Qiu Xiaoxia suspected that Wang Shicheng was secretly engaging in ghosts and even had contact with Derui’s former supervisor, so she decided to find a chance to take revenge. The next morning, Qiu Xiaoxia inquired about the hotel situation with Sister Xu, and claimed that she would invite the whole group to dinner, and under the guidance of Sister Xu, she asked for a schedule to determine the right time to entertain guests.

Li Chuning brought back many customers from a business trip in a few days, so he distributed some small customers to Yiming and Zixuan, but isolated Qiu Dongna. Looking at the faces of colleagues after receiving the benefits, Li Chuning suddenly thought about what happened in the student days, because she was targeted by the whole class because of her scholarship, and posted a large number of maliciously discredited posts on the Internet. At that time, Li Chuning was crying bitterly about it, but when she saw Bai Chushi sending Qiu Dongna to the school, she decided that she was agitating among the classmates.

Qiu Dongna didn’t know this, and now she is still immersed in the customer’s information. Seeing this situation, Gu Fei took her to organize the files and learn some relevant cases by the way to prepare for the customer. Qiu Dongna patronized the archives, almost forgetting the time. She was afraid of being scolded by Gu Fei, so she hid quietly in the archives room.

The logistics department received the notice of Qiu Xiaoxia’s invitation, and rushed to participate, and brought wine according to her request. Qiu Xiaoxia secretly changed the white wine into water, and publicly asked Wang Shicheng to compare her drink with her. After drinking several bottles, Wang Shicheng was drunk and groggy, but Qiu Xiaoxia was very sober.

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