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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 5 Recap

Before the interview, Qiu Xiaoxia thought about her words, so when she boasted to the HR manager that she was once the cleaning team leader of a well-known hotel, the attitude she showed convinced the manager. The so-called Fallen Leaves returned to Shanghai, and the former owner was reluctant to stay. It was Qiu Xiaoxia’s words to increase her value. As a result, before the manager announced her employment, Wang Shicheng came in from outside the door.

I met Qiu Xiaoxia three times a day. Such a large chance of encounter has made Wang Shicheng suspicious of her, so he deliberately set down to induce the other party to blew up. Knowing that she had been exposed to the lie, Qiu Xiaoxia hurriedly looked for remedial measures, and simply started cleaning in the manager’s office to prove that she was very good at cleaning and promised that she would never be afraid of hardship, and finally dispelled the manager’s worries.

Although he failed to apply for the team leader, at least the cleaning job was completely won. Taking into account the difference of more than 1,000 yuan in salary between the two positions, he put this account on Wang Shicheng’s head, not only remembering his work The name on the card even claims compensation from it. However, Wang Shicheng, who has the pseudonym “Chen Weiming”, has repeatedly emphasized that as a hotel security, he has an obligation to ensure the safety of employees. Therefore, he is not the right person.

Cheng Fanyang convened a temporary meeting to notify all interns to calculate their own labor costs and set long-term KPIs for everyone. As a result, Gu Fei suddenly came to interrupt and asked Cheng Fanyang to adopt a new assessment system to treat interns. At first, Cheng Fanyang did not agree with Gu Fei’s proposal. Instead, he believed that this approach violated the principle of audit independence. However, under his persuasion, he still agreed to rank based on the number of customers, which means when everyone finds customers and what When the project is allocated, the interns who cannot find the client will not pass the trial period.

After the assignment was completed, the interns who entered the workplace immediately turned into advertising sales. Stupid people have the way of stupid people, and smart people have the flexibility of smart people. Compared with most of the ways of harassment by telephone, Li Chuning appeared straightforward. Only by contacting a few friends in the circle of contacts, he has already managed the business of many large companies and successfully entered Cheng Fanyang’s project team.

Seeing Li Chuning’s triumphant expression, Qiu Dongna remembered the misunderstanding caused by the scholarship when she was in school. Since then, the relationship between the two has been completely rigid. Cheng Fanyang met Li Chuning in the pantry and couldn’t help asking how long she was passionate about this job.

After all, other people are ordinary people who are down-to-earth just to earn a family, and even if they are to survive, they will maintain the belief in the end. Li Chuning understood Cheng Fanyang’s concerns, so she made it clear that she was not working for money, but seeking challenges and fun. This was the reason why she chose to be extraordinary.

In the next few days, most people have found customer resources one after another. Qiu Dongna still has nothing to gain, but she was not discouraged. She continued to try various methods of mass mailing and stuffing flyers at the office building. Qiu Dongna was caught by the security guard and drove out of the building. Gu Fei saw Qiu Dongna’s heel worn out, so he took the initiative to put band-aids on her and drove home by the way.

Qiu Xiaoxia arranged to study with Sister Xu. She said all the good things to coax the other party. She originally wanted to complain to Wang Shicheng. However, Wang Shicheng’s character is well-known in the hotel, and he could even be promoted to the security captain. , I would rather let the newcomer serve.

That night, Gu Fei sent Qiu Dongna to the door of her house, planning to take out a tissue to wipe the corners of her mouth with ice cream stains, but unexpectedly took out a pair of women’s underwear. In order to prevent Qiu Dongna from misunderstanding that he has special hobbies, Gu Fei quickly explained that he was doing a survey of Fan Yan clothing, so he bought a few of them for inspection. Fortunately, Qiu Dongna didn’t think much about it, and went home to chat with her mother about work. Qiu Xiaoxia suggested that her daughter change the way of attracting customers, and she can ask about the other party’s company.

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