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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 4 Recap

The reason why Gu Fei took the initiative to shoulder the responsibility was to get rid of the influence of the corrupt criminals and avoid being made irresponsible remarks. However, what hit Gu Fei the most was that the image of his father who had been worshipped for many years collapsed instantly. There was no hatred or no hatred. He only felt that the world was impermanent and people’s hearts were difficult to grasp.

Knowing the cause and effect, Qiu Dongna finally understood Gu Fei’s anger, so she took him to the convenience store to order two hot noodles and make a cup of soothing wine. Through this chat, Gu Fei found that Qiu Dongna seemed to be facing a problem and her life was a bit difficult, so she invited Qiu Dongna to work in the extraordinary accounting firm again.

Because Cheng Fanyang was Bai Shichu’s stepmother and Gu Fei’s partner, Qiu Dongna had no guts to resign at the thought that she might have something to do with Bai Shichu in the future. But Gu Fei didn’t want to give up this talent. He simply took the initiative to mention this to Cheng Fanyang. At first, Cheng Fanyang didn’t agree. It was not until Gu Fei’s words were dry that she changed her mind.

At this time, Qiu Dongna received an entry notice from the finance department of a technology company. Just as she was about to reply to the email, Minli called and issued an employment notice. In order to get her daughter to agree to the job, Qiu Xiaoxia directly helped her reject the invitation of the technology company. In the end, Qiu Dongna had to report to the extraordinary office.

On the first day of work, Qiu Dongna and Li Chuning met on a narrow road, and both were arranged to stock inventory in Gu Fei’s project team. Qiu Dongna took the initiative to send a watch to express Gu Fei’s care at work. As a result, it caused him to miss his ex-girlfriend. The expression changed from sunny to dark, and Qiu Dongna directly asked Qiu Dongna to take the watch away.

Due to Gu Fei’s uncertainty, Qiu Dongna felt nervous, even on the road trying to break the calm in the car. While Qiu Dongna was racking her brains, Gu Fei told her to work with Qian Zexi from tomorrow, but Qiu Dongna felt that Qian Zexi was Cheng Fanyang’s employee, and she was very resistant, and she really didn’t want to face this strong woman.

Back home, Qiu Dongna couldn’t help complaining, worrying that she would be unemployed again in three months. On the other hand, her mother Qiu Xiaoxia looked happy, and then announced that she had found a hotel cleaning job near the extraordinary office. It seemed that the salary was not bad. The next morning, Qiu Xiaoxia hurried to the hotel for an interview. She didn’t expect that there were several aunts who went to the interview in the bus. She suddenly realized that the job was so popular and had to find another way.

After getting off the bus, Qiu Xiaoxia took her daughter to a more remote place, first borrowed Qiu Dongna’s coat to wear on her body, and then used Qiu Dongna’s cosmetics to draw her eyebrows and eyes, transforming herself into a wealthy wife with a dusty temperament. It happened that at this time, Wang Shicheng passed by on a motorcycle and saw the well-dressed Qiu Xiaoxia, he couldn’t help being attracted by her.

Fortunately, Qiu Dongna failed to send out the watch, so Qiu Xiaoxia brought the famous brand watch to the hotel, pretending to be a customer more convinced. Qiu Xiaoxia received the meticulous service, she was about to float up, took the elevator upstairs, took the opportunity to chat with the cleaning sister Xu, and asked about the situation of the hotel. When Wang Shicheng saw Qiu Xiaoxia, his eyes immediately brightened. She has not yet cast doubt on her identity.

Qiu Dongna was wearing Qiu Xiaoxia’s clothes, and her badge was left in her pocket, so she could only go to Gu Fei for help temporarily. After everything is settled properly, Qiu Dongna wants to fight for a fair playing opportunity for herself, so she took the initiative to explain to Cheng Fanyang the relationship between her and Bai Shichu, without wanting to affect the job or even be dismissed.

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