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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 3 Recap

Nowadays, the career is not going well and the money is drained. If there is no decent job, I am afraid that the mother and daughter will be sleeping on the streets. Qiu Dongna was desperate and could only seek Gu Fei’s help. After all, the two were once a teacher-apprentice relationship, and they were both a boss and a subordinate. Even if they didn’t get along for a long time, they still had some old love.

On the other end of the phone, Gu Fei readily agreed to write a letter of recommendation for Qiu Dongna, but she insisted on the principle of never doing a costless business, so she asked her to help herself complete the project of Fan Yan’s clothing due diligence. Gu Fei informed Minli to transfer all the interns and assign them tasks to sort out the relationship between Fan Yan costumes as soon as possible, and then took Qiu Dongna to the coffee shop to investigate and provide different solutions.

Due to the incomparable tacit understanding between the two, they quickly locked important contacts and verified the secrets between distributors. Since there is no clear evidence at present, and Qiu Dongna continues to find a job with a recommendation letter, I first solve Gu Fei’s problem and use the method of printing a work card to deliberately set out a lot of identity information from the printing factory. Several virtual identities are now compiled.

However, Gu Fei frowned when he saw Bai Shichu’s name appearing on the work card. He admired Qiu Dongna’s abilities. However, Qiu Dongna’s consideration of Gu Fei’s complicated interpersonal network made her daunting. A few years ago, Qiu Dongna was introduced by Gu Fei and met her first love, Bai Shichu. While they were in love, Bai Shichu decided to study abroad and even wanted to take her away.

Through this incident, Qiu Dongna realized that she and Bai Shichu belong to two worlds. It is impossible to rely on others for their lives, let alone bear the future of others. The so-called original intention is to be self-reliant and not eat what comes. Since then, Qiu Dongna has never seen Bai Shichu again. With the passage of time, the ups and downs of first love have been buried in my heart.

Because of Gu Fei’s highly evaluated recommendation letter, Qiu Dongna found a good firm, especially appreciated by the boss, and planned to train her in the direction of a partner. Even though the job opportunity is rare, but the work location is fixed in Beijing, Qiu Dongna thinks about the situation at home, and suddenly falls into a dilemma. The boss noticed it and took the initiative to order Western food for her and left. Qiu Dongna was eating expensive steaks while thinking of how Qiu Xiaoxia made steaks for herself, and she was deeply moved.

Li Chuning is not as experienced as the others, so he can only organize the relationship table in the dumbest way, hoping to get Gu Fei’s favor. Seeing Li Chuning working overtime alone in the company, Gu Fei took the initiative to send her home, but when she got downstairs, she received a call from the nursing home and learned that her father, who had been in bed for 14 years, was dying.

After Gu Fei arrived in a hurry, his father Gu Peng was already breathless. He looked at the cold corpse in front of him. He couldn’t help but recall that Gu Peng committed suicide by jumping off the building in public because of corruption. He turned into a paraplegic vegetative man. Now that his father could not wake up, but passed away silently, Gu Fei’s inner feelings were extremely complicated, and he simply left it to Wang Shicheng to deal with it.

Cheng Fanyang couldn’t contact Gu Fei, so he went to the door in person. He was not very good at comforting people, so the solution he gave was to disperse emotions by work. Qiu Dongna received a call from the nursing home, and realized that Gu Fei had not settled the money, so she ran to him and stayed by her side to listen to the complaint. For fourteen years, Gu Fei has never been able to get out of the shadows of the past. He not only feels for his father’s goodness, but also hates his father for corruption, leaving him with evidence of the mess. Qiu Dongna took out the face money that had not been returned to Gu Fei two years ago to show that Gu Fei should not take full responsibility for it, otherwise it would not have been so painful.

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