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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 12 Recap

Long Yan rescued Ayu. After this incident, he decided to appear in front of Ayu and protect her with integrity. Therefore, when Ayu was dim, Long Yan changed his name to Yuchi and told Ayu his identity. He was Qingqing’s brother. .

Xueqianxun and Qingqing came to the street and saw a cake seller. Qingqing stepped forward to join in the fun, ready to finish the cakes within the specified time and get a free order. The two of them were good, but Xueqianxun heard Qingqing casually. When she said that she was called Long Qingqing, Xue Qian was jealous and prepared to leave Qingqing alone on the spot.

Qingqing did not finish the cakes on time due to Xueqianxun’s accountability, and she had no money to pay for the cakes, so she pleaded with Yuxueqianxun. Xueqianxun generously gave an ingot of silver. Qingqing was very pleased. She asked the shopkeeper to take all the cakes. They are all packed away, and are now ready to change their name to Xue Qingqing.

At night, Qingqing pours tea for Xueqian, but accidentally spills tea on Xueqianxun’s body. Xueqianxun wants to punish Qingqing, and Qingqing is afraid that Xueqianxun will take her back to Luofeng Pavilion. She is the first to intercede. Seeing that Qingqing didn’t want to return to Luofeng Pavilion, Xue Qianxun didn’t reluctantly ask Qingqing to find Ayu. Qingqing was overjoyed when she heard that. She held Xue Qianxun’s arm and gave her coquettish thanks.

Xue Qianxun was stunned for a while. After Qingqing left, Long Yan came, and he awakened Xue Qianxun like Qingqing with a word. Xue Qianxun denied it. He mentioned Long Yan’s internal injuries, and the two were connected, even though Long Yan was unwilling to accept Xue Qianxun’s help. , Xue Qianxun still wouldn’t allow him to say that it was Long Yan’s Qi. The scene where the two were close was seen by Qingqing who had returned. Qingqing was shocked and left with sensibility.

Qingqing came to Ayu, she learned from Ayu that Long Yan had appeared in front of Ayu, so she told the cave that Long Yan had rescued Ayu, but the fire was too big and Zhiyong died. In the cave. Hearing the news of Zhiyong’s accident, Ayu felt sad, and Liu Yuxiang even more angered Ayu, thinking that Ayu was a broom star nemesis.

At night, Long Yan came to visit Ayu. He lay down on Ayu’s side and slept with him. Seeing Ayu very actively approached him, the corner of Long Yan’s mouth rose up. Ayu still recognized him as usual. In the Luofeng Pavilion on the other side, Xue Qianxun thought about what Long Yan said. He didn’t understand what love in the world was, so he came to ask Ge Xingjun. When he learned that a man in the world would give a gift to the woman he loved, he Ready to choose a gift for Qingqing.

Xueqian bought a sachet and gave it to Qingqing, saying only that it was bought as a gift for her. When Qingqing happened to be shopping, she heard the hawker say that the sachet was bought to drive away evil spirits and avoid evil spirits. She was originally a monster, so she mistakenly thought that Xueqian was looking for the sachet to taunt her. Xueqian Xun was a high fairy, she was just a monster. That’s it. Qingqing accepted this gift with a grudge in her heart. She offered to fight for the art of wine. She asked Xue Qian to drink wine, while she drank osmanthus water. Xue Qian Xun fell on the table drunk as she wished. on.

Qingqing avenged her previous revenge. She painted a bird on Xueqianxun’s face. After Xueqianxun woke up, she wanted to watch the dragon boat with Qingqing. Qingqing was afraid that Xueqianxun would be ridiculed by her, so she always Stopping Xue Qianxun, Xue Qianxun cleverly conjured a mirror, and saw his face in the mirror. Qingqing was afraid that Xueqian Xun would be furious, so she took the initiative to admit her mistake. Xueqian found out the painting on her face and offered to help Qingqing make up. Qing Qing secretly screamed, thinking that Xueqian Xun would tease her, but she could only Obediently admit his fate and sit in front of Xueqian Xun.

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