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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 11 Recap

Liu Ying was born in Yuchi Town in the second life, and the surname of Long Yan was Yuchi. He always felt that there was a destiny in this underworld. In order to protect Liuying, Qingqing and Longyan pretend to be brothers and sisters and live in Yuchi Town, accompanied by Liuying. Eighteen years later, Xueqianxun passed by Yuchi Town. He came to see Qingqing.

When Qingqing saw Xueqianxun, she mistakenly thought that he was going to be against Liuying, and hurriedly used the demon world’s three consecutive spells to summon Longyan. Xue Qianxun was very jealous of the intimacy between the two of them. He dismissed Qing Qing and asked Qing Qing to make tea for him. Looking at Xueqianxun who was misunderstood in front of him, Long Yan couldn’t understand why he didn’t tell Zai Qingqing that the two had worked together to temporarily repair the skynet.

The loopholes in the skynet could be repaired for a hundred years. Now Xueqianxun doesn’t need to restrain Liuying. And he guessed that Xueqianxun came for Qingqing, and Xueqianxun likes Qingqing. Xue Qianxun didn’t take it seriously, why he needed to confess to Qingqing when he did something, and he didn’t know what love is, it’s absolutely impossible for love to happen to him.

In Yuchi Town, her current Liuying name is Ruan Ayu. She lost her mother since she was a child. She only sells fish for a living. There is also an old father in the family. The world is in a severe drought, and the goddess of dreams is now in a dream, and he wants to find a goddess who can rain to become his concubine in the southeast. Yuchi Town is right in the southeast, Liu Yuxiang has always been arrogant. She heard the news and only thought that she was the only goddess in Yuchi Town. The bald head beside her admired Liu Yuxiang wholeheartedly, and agreed with Liu Yuxiang’s words.

Liu Yuxiang has a domineering temperament. She is not used to seeing Ayu. Seeing Ayu selling fish on the street, she stepped forward to interrupt Ayu’s business and quarreled with Ayu. He splashed on Liu Yuxiang’s feet, baldly stepped forward to protect Liu Yuxiang. For a while, the street was very chaotic. A man named Zhiyong came to protect Ayu. Although Liu Yuxiang was overjoyed when he saw Zhiyong, but Zhiyong had only Ayu. one person.

Ayu went home to eat with her father Ruan Yueshan, and Ruan Yueshan was pleased by her filial piety. At night, Ayu applied medicine to her accidentally injured arm. She went to sleep after finishing the stitches. Long Yan just appeared in front of Ayu, covered her with a quilt, and watched her have a good night’s dreams.

Many young girls were dug to death in Yuchi Town, and everyone was panicked. On this day, Ayu and Qingqing went out to pick flowers together. The two were playing innocently among the flowers, but they didn’t want to meet the wolf demon. The wolf demon came straight to Ayu, Qingqing missed the three consecutive spells to summon Long Yan, but Ayu dragged him away. The two fled along the road, but the wolf demon still caught up with them.

Qingqing hurriedly summoned Long Yan. Long Yan’s soul appeared. He rescued Ayu. At this time, Zhiyong arrived, and he shot the wolf with one arrow. Demon, stepped forward to support the injured Ayu. Ayu mistakenly thought that the wolf demon was killed by Zhiyong. She was very surprised. Looking at the interaction between the two, Long Yan turned black. Qingqing quickly stepped forward to support Ayu, saying that the wolf demon was knocked out by her.

Zhiyong disregarded Qingqing’s obstacles, he held Ayu home. After feeding Ayu a reassurance pill, Qingqing came to report to Long Yan. She didn’t understand why Long Yan didn’t help Ayu openly. Long Yan mentioned Xueqian. If Xun had warned him, he must not approach Ayu. Even though Long Yan couldn’t care about Ayu herself, she didn’t want to watch Zhiyong caring about Ayu.

Ayu went up to the mountain alone to feed the small animals. She met the blood demon in the cave. The blood demon stunned Ayu and prepared to take her heart. Ziyang led a group of gods to arrive. He was ordered to catch the blood demon. Now he must let the blood demon die here. Ziyang sealed the cave and set a barrier at the entrance of the cave. He was going to burn the blood demon with fire. Ayu is still in the cave, Qingqing begged the Xueqian who appeared at the entrance of the cave to find out to unlock the barrier and save Ayu. Killing the blood demon is a heavenly task. Ziyang and Xueqian will not miss this opportunity because of Ayu and mortals. Long Yan had no choice but to break through the barrier, ready to rescue Ayu.

The fire in the cave was so fierce that Long Yan couldn’t untie the barrier for a while, so he had no choice but to trespass into the realm of the Fire King, and regardless of the Fire King’s obstruction, he took the fire shield and sent it into the cave to protect Ayu. Ziyang’s actions made Ziyang very angry. Ziyang shot and injured Long Yan. Xueqian couldn’t stop him. Long Yan was secretly sent by Ziyang, but he still kept sending the fire shield to help Ayu escape the catastrophe.

The wolf demon was punished, and Ayu passed through the catastrophe without incident. Long Yan let out a sigh of relief and left with Ayu in his arms. Xue Qianxun also interceded for Long Yan, so Ziyang didn’t care about it, and Long Yan was just trying to save him. It’s just a mortal.

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