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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 30 Recap

Head Ma was very annoyed that Cao Ruiying wanted to divorce the relationship between herself and Lai Shouzhang, which made Lai Shouzhang affirm Cao Ruiying’s doubts about herself. The armed squad took the foreigners on the road to transfer. It was Lao Gao, a traffic man carrying firewood, running up the mountain to tell them that a Kuomintang officer said he had leaked and told him that the Kuomintang was searching for a foreigner with blond hair and a high nose.

Tao Village cannot enter the situation where they will face nowhere to go. The foreigners are very dissatisfied with the trafficmen’s failure to admit that their escorts have failed. Command the frontline warfare. But Mr. Foreign’s words hurt the hearts of all the trafficmen present. Pan Yuqing told him that Yu Changqing, who was once the leader of the party organization, rebelled.

All of them and their family members may die at any time, but they are for this mission. They have prepared for the worst, and they will surely complete all the tasks assigned by the party. Looking at these comrades who used their lives to fulfill their promises to the party, Mr. Yang finally let go of his prejudice against them in his heart.

Heizi called Cao Ruiying and confessed his mistake. He had suspected the church hospital but failed to conduct a careful search, causing the foreigner to slip away from him. Cao Ruiying angrily reprimanded Heizi to apologize with death. Secretary Li and Li Shouzhu came to Yongding and looked at the multiplied guards and judged that Lai Shouzhang had obtained the intelligence of the military adviser. He knew that Pan Yuqing and others needed to walk in the woods for many days to cross the border, but there was no transportation station supply. The staff must act immediately and participate in this transfer across the board.

Discovering a new situation in Wushi Village, Cao Ruiying picked up a pistol and led people to run to Wushi Village in person. Pan Yuqing and others also came to Wushi Village. If they can no longer supply food here, they will face a situation of lack of food if they go down. However, they can only quickly evacuate when they see Cao Ruiying leading people into Wushi Village. Cao Rui found that an old couple in a small hotel was tied up.

The boss claimed that he was tied up by bandits and told Cai Ruiying that one of the six people who came to stay at the hotel was very tall and covered it from head to toe. Actually, and it was not long after leaving. Cao Ruiying hurriedly led people out to chase after him. Li Shouzhu came in from the backyard to untie the ropes for the two and asked them to follow Secretary Li’s arrangements.

Pan Yuqing and others were already hungry, but Pan Yuqing and Zou Shubao were amused. He believed that the Great War in Western Fujian would definitely find a way to help them. When Cao Ruiying ran halfway, he suddenly remembered the hat held up in front of the hotel. After turning around, he looked at the rope on the ground and was burning with anger. He burned the hotel to relieve his heart. Yang Xiongchu found the hats hanging on the branches.

This was a signal from the traffic men. Comrade the traffic officer put the food down and left, leaving no name or even a thank you. Uncle Yang was impressed by the spirit of these Chinese communist fighters. On behalf of the Communist International, he expressed his gratitude to these volunteers for their silent dedication.

Cao Ruiying did not expect the Communist Party to have such a great influence in western Fujian, but he knew that Advisor Yang must have been transnationally settled forever, and he needed to move the last mile front further forward. Cao Ruiying judged that the foreigners would descend from the Tianfeng area to Changting. All he had to do was to intercept them at Tianfeng. Regarding Lai Shouzhang and Cao Ruiying still did not give up his doubts, Head Ma scorned his judgment.

Pan Yuqing admired the Zou family’s decision to stay in Bogongwa. At the moment, they can only pray to Bogong and bless them. Lai Shouzhang sent Captain Ma to the horse. He knew that it was Cao Ruiying’s arrangement for him to stay behind, and he said that he was not afraid of crooked shoes. Early in the morning, Yang Xinchu, who had just woke up, noticed that someone was coming, and told the secret signal that Zou Shubao was pleased that it was his own person. This transporter sent them a route map and will personally guide them, but it takes 20 to 30 miles to reach the destination Hexi. Uncle Yang knows their way of acting and says that he will never be left behind. .

Cao Ruixing and Commander Ma are stationed in Hexi together, here will be the battleground for the success or failure of the mission. The traffic officer who is the guide is named Qiu Laobazi, a 21-year-old young man. As a Hexi native, he said that he would first go down to investigate when he arrived at the destination. If there is a situation, he would set a fire warning at the entrance of the village . Commander Ma mentioned the list in Yu Changqing’s hands. He was very interested in the list that could uproot the Communist Party in Dapu County. Cao Ruiying explained to him that the most important thing at the moment is to seize the military advisers of the Communist Party. As for the people on the list, he will naturally not let go.

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