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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 9 Recap

When the crew closed, Song Ci invited Xiao Mu to the evening party and introduced her to his friends by the way. Originally, Chen Mo wanted to decline, but Xiao Mu would gladly agree. Chen Mo was so angry that he refused their invitation on the grounds of taking cephalosporin and turned to leave. However, on the night of the party, Chen Mo couldn’t help but followed, but before he rushed there, a major event had happened.

It turned out that when Xiao Mu went to the rooftop to look for Song Ci, he overheard him talking to Uncle Jiang and denied that he liked Yao Menggui’s things. Instead, he claimed to look down upon Yao Menggui’s methods and character and asked the other party not to disclose this to his parents. Because of this, Xiao Mu drank his sorrows with wine, drank unconsciously, and leaned on Chen Mo’s chest on the way back, jealously lamenting that if someone becomes Chen Mo’s girlfriend, he must be very happy.

By investigating the farmhouse at the back of the photo, Chen Mo found that the owner of the farmhouse was surnamed Xiao. Because his wife died of illness, only one daughter was not in his hometown. If he wanted to find out specific information, he needed more time and information. Fortunately, in the existing information, there is also a photo of the early years, in which the young girl standing in the crowd looks very similar to Yao Menggui.

It was with the doubts in his heart that Chen Mo personally sent Xiao Mu home. Several times he couldn’t help but want to kiss it, but he finally stopped in time. Taking a casual glance, Chen Mo found that the little monkey on the sofa was originally intended to be given to the girl Yang Yang, but Xiao Mu unexpectedly sewed the monkey doll in his free time.

Compared with Xiao Mu’s mysterious origins, Chen Mo is actually more grateful that God met such a kind and lovely girl during his most decadent period. So in the column where he sent the message, he deleted the content that was about to be revealed one by one, and walked downstairs alone to take out the beer and drank it. At the same time, Song Ci was in a daze on the way back. He still hasn’t figured out why Yao Menggui in his impression has changed so much, especially the longer he gets along with the other party, the more strange he feels.

In a blink of an eye, it was the day when the crew started filming. Since the rooftop incident that night happened, Xiao Mu would dodge hurriedly every time he saw Song Ci. Even filming was absent-minded. Chen Mo looked for Song Ci to settle the account, and deliberately stopped at the bathroom door. Unexpectedly, Song Ci had an army and ordered Xiaobai to watch him.

While the crew was resting, Song Ci took the initiative to explain the situation to Xiao Mu, saying that even though he was successful in his career, he was still bound by his family, so sometimes he had to say something against his will to comfort his family. Although Xiao Mu understood Song Ci very well, she also re-examined her inner feelings and Song Ci’s feelings for herself through these things.

After all, Xiao Mu is different from Yao Menggui. She appears more humane, more enthusiastic and simple, but she is far from the Yao Menggui whom Song Ci knew. Maybe she has a sense of closeness, but she is definitely not a relationship between men and women. On the other hand, Xiao Mu was the same. He once regarded Song Ci as the lover of his dreams, or even the idol in his heart, but when he was in real contact, he found that he didn’t understand anything other than his liking.

Xiao Mu happily sat in the car to eat instant noodles, couldn’t help but share today’s experience with Chen Mo, and at the same time was happy to clarify his thoughts. As a result, Chen Mo accidentally ran into Xiao Mu, and the close distance made him so excited that he hurriedly found an excuse to get out of the car. It happened that Banana called and asked him to meet him not far away. By the way, he used to secretly take photos of him helping Xiao Mu out of the bar.

Chen Mo finally sent the banana away, almost revealing his identity, but the fireworks that Xiao Mu took out shocked him. That night, when Chen Mo saw the scene of his biological parents having a car accident, he was awakened from the nightmare instantly, so he asked for leave with Xiao Mu, and went to the cemetery to worship his parents, where he met Father Chen.

The father-son relationship is still cold as usual. Chen’s father despises Chen Mo’s current job, and does not even understand why he did not accept the arranged career, so he chose to serve the female celebrity. Because of Chen’s father’s prejudice and cool talk, Chen Mo was very dissatisfied with him, so the two had a disagreement and quarreled again.

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