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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 12 Recap

Chen Mo finally got rid of Song Ci, but as soon as he walked to the door, he saw Xiao Mu getting out of the commercial car. Originally Xiaowen was still angry with Chen Mo and left without saying goodbye. He planned to rush to settle accounts with him. Xiao Mu promptly said to stop him. Not only did he not complain about the previous incident, but he could understand Chen Mo’s situation.

Through this time of getting along, although Xiao Mu and Chen Mo will not live together and die together, they have also experienced many things that make her feel incredible. Because of this, Xiao Mu’s feelings for Chen Mo seemed to have changed, and she couldn’t even tell her herself, until Chen Mo had finally figured out a lot during the few days she left, so she took the initiative to confess to him.

However, Chen Mo hadn’t finished the matter at hand and couldn’t directly give the answer, so on the day of Father Chen’s birthday, he went home with a cake to celebrate his birthday, and happened to find a photo of his birth mother in a car accident in the corner of the study. Since Chen’s father was a well-known reporter, he knew the cause of the accident.

Originally, Father Chen was not willing to turn over the old accounts, but Chen Mo directly took out the photo, and believed that Father Chen was deliberately concealing the truth, and asked him why he chose to sit on the sidelines. From beginning to end, Chen Mo regarded Father Chen as an object of worship, and even began to reflect on himself, trying to repair the relationship between father and son.

However, the facts are far more unacceptable than imagined. Father Chen didn’t feel that he had done anything wrong, so Chen Mo was extremely disappointed in him, then slammed the door and left, walking aimlessly on the side of the road. Xiao Mu received the phone call from Chen Mo, but he hadn’t noticed that the other party was in the wrong mood, and was still talking about the finale.

As a result, Xiao Mu just hung up the phone and suddenly learned that Yao Menggui had returned from abroad. Yao Menggui reminded Xiao Mu to go to the set to say goodbye to his new friends, but her tone and expression surprised Xiao Mu.

Xiao Mu was reluctant to let everyone, especially Tian Sisi, who had just become a good best friend, had to part with each other in the blink of an eye. It was inevitable that he felt a little disappointed. Song Ci invited Xiao Mu to dinner, and considering that the contract she signed was about to expire, he asked Uncle Jiang to renew the contract. Although Xiao Mu still maintains a cold posture, her dining style has sold herself out. After all, overseas Chinese living in Canada do not use knives and forks, which has aroused suspicion.

With the end of the last scene, the crew under Chuxue was completely finished, Xiao Mu choked to express his gratitude, not only reaping many friendships and achievements, but also the director’s appreciation. Because Xiao Mu was going to attend the finale banquet in the evening, before going upstairs to change clothes, Xiao Mu prepared two small gifts for assistant Yueyue and driver Peng Fei. The two were deeply moved.

At first, Xiao Mu hoped to be able to participate in the finale banquet tonight, but Yao Menggui wanted to take this opportunity to appear in front of the media, so he did not agree to her request. Even though he failed to achieve his wish, Xiao Mu was not discouraged and made one last request, which was to make Yao Menggui’s attitude towards the staff a little bit more relaxed. Even though Yao Menggui readily agreed, she still showed a cold face to the assistant, which made Yueyue and Peng Fei unexpected.

At the same time, Chen Mo handed over the old reports and materials of his own investigation to Father Chen. In fact, he was desperate in exchange for freedom. In fact, as Chen Mo expected, Chen’s father promised not to interfere with him and Xiao Mu’s affairs. However, when Chen Mo’s forefoot had just left, Chen’s father suddenly coughed violently, as if his body was extremely weak.

On the way to the finale banquet, Yao Menggui received a message from Chen Mo, but he was indifferent and perfunctory, but Chen Mo was confused. When he arrived at the banquet hotel, Yao Menggui faced many media reporters and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable under the spotlight. He quickly grabbed Song Ci’s arm and returned to the lounge.

Xiao Mu learned that her sister’s old illness had relapsed, and hurriedly pretended to be a takeaway to deliver medicine to her, and tricked the security into the hotel. Yao Menggui was worried that he would be exposed in front of reporters, so he wanted Xiao Mu to attend the banquet on her behalf, but Xiao Mu was also afraid that he would be trapped in the role and could not extricate himself, so he said that he should return to their respective positions. In the end, Xiao Mu watched Yao Meng return to the stage to give a speech, with pride and envy in his heart. Little did they know that the security had already chased the scene of the banquet hall, and even grabbed Xiao Mu in front of everyone. After some tears, the mask fell on the ground, almost revealing her original face.

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