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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 12 Recap

Through this time of getting along, although Xiao Mu and Chen Mo will not live together and die together, they have also experienced many things that make her feel incredible. Because of this, Xiao Mu’s feelings for Chen Mo seemed to have changed, and she couldn’t even tell her herself, until Chen Mo had finally figured out a lot during the few days she left, so she immediately confessed to him and showed her love.

Chen Mo went home to celebrate his father’s birthday, but after the banquet, he took the initiative to ask about some of the confusion before. Originally, Father Chen didn’t want to turn over the old accounts, but Chen Mo’s next words surprised him. It turned out that Chen Mo had already found out the relationship between Chen’s father and his biological parents, and he was also curious about where the so-called adoptive father was when his parents died.

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