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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 11 Recap

Because of Xiao Yuanshan’s presence at the scene, Xiao Mu was always absent-minded, unable to engage in emotions. Coincidentally at this time, there were a few brain-dead female fans next to them discussing the remake, and even mocking Yao Menggui for being a dead man with no acting skills. Xiao Yuanshan couldn’t listen to it, and he immediately debated with the female fans. As a result, the more he spoke, the more angry he became. Eventually, he suddenly fell to the ground.

The crew quickly contacted the medical staff to take him to the hospital. Seeing his father being carried on a stretcher, Xiao Mu felt distressed. He was stopped by Chen Mo just as he was about to rush over, saying that her identity was known and she must not be exposed rashly now, and Xiao Yuanshan also knew it. The daughter was pretending to be Yao Menggui, so she didn’t recognize her in front of everyone.

After the medical car left, Xiao Mu stood in despair in front of the camera, recalling his childhood memories involuntarily, and his eyes were red. Even Song Ci and Zhang Junzhuo were moved by her. After the filming was over smoothly, Xiao Mu rushed to the hospital impatiently. Chen Mo was waiting outside the operation. The two sat on the benches in the corridor, and they talked really candidly.

Perhaps because of that trust, Xiao Mu took the initiative to tell Chen Mo about her displacement with her sister Yao Menggui. Although the sisters were abandoned by their parents since they were young, they lived happily in the orphanage until a couple adopted Yao Menggui. This wonderful and warm time came to an abrupt end.

The adoptive parents took Yao Menggui and immigrated to Canada, and later gave birth to a son. On the contrary, Xiao Mu’s miss for his sister increased day by day. One day, he ran out and was taken away by traffickers. Xiao Mu escaped from the car and met his current adoptive father Xiao Yuanshan at a critical moment. From then on, the father and daughter depended on each other for their lives and had Xiao Mu’s name.

As for the later situation, that is, when Xiao Mu met Yao Menggui while working in the city, he often helped her pretend to be an image to deal with the public. Over time, Xiao Mu became more proficient in imitating. From the time he put on Yao Menggui’s mask, he had already removed the real Xiao Mu. Sometimes it was difficult to tell who he was.

After listening to Xiao Mu’s narration, Chen Mo said that if she likes acting, she would enter the entertainment circle based on her original identity. However, Xiao Mu believes that the current aura belongs to Yao Menggui, and she is always a substitute. Xiao Mu begged Chen Mo to help keep it secret, and it was just to live up to Xiao Mu’s trust, and Chen Mo readily agreed.

In order to support Xiao Mu’s dream, Chen Mo decided to sell the old mansion, which was a place of memories between him and his biological parents, but now he has a longer-term pursuit. When Father Chen learned of this, he immediately called Chen Mo back, angrily accused him of buying a house, and threatened him with Xiao Mu’s identity to return to work in his own company.

Even though Chen Mo was not convinced in his heart, he was also very clear about Father Chen’s methods. If he insisted on doing it against him, Xiao Mu might be ruined. Considering Xiao Mu’s safety, Chen Mo had to make a choice, so he accompanied Xiao Mu to the crew the next day. However, the resignation letter prepared in advance did not dare to come out.

Xiao Mu had a scene to be filmed at the beach. It happened that the waves hit Xiao Mu and Chen Mo rushed over. Fortunately, it didn’t matter. After returning to the hotel where he was staying, Chen Mo intimately bought cold medicine, and handed out his resignation letter to Xiao Mu by the way. Facing Xiao Mu’s questioning, Chen Mo cruelly broke the relationship between the two and completely dispelled Xiao Mu’s nostalgia for him.

That night, Chen Mo packed his luggage and wanted to say goodbye to Xiao Mu, but he retreated and gave up knocking on the door. When Xiao Mu took the initiative to open the door, Chen Mo was no longer in the corridor. Because of Chen Mo’s departure, Xiao Mu felt a big vacancy in his heart. Especially when he saw Chen Mo’s assistant diary, all kinds of feelings lingered in his heart.

Xiaowen arranged for a new assistant Yueyue, and work continued as usual. Compared with Xiao Mu’s daily life at three o’clock, Chen Mo’s life was even more boring and boring than her. He stayed in Chen’s father’s company for get off work or meetings unless he was holding back. Uncomfortable ran to Banana’s house to breathe. Banana wanted to follow Song Ci, so Chen Mo went to squat with him. Unexpectedly, Chen Mo only cared about Xiao Mu’s current situation. Not only did he not see the person he missed, but instead saw his love rival Song Ci.

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