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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 10 Recap

In just one day, Xiao Mu had already begun to miss Chen Mo, so when she took the drink from a fan who claimed to be a fan, she was not alert at all. It was the sip of coffee that contained glue that Xiao Mu was taken to the hospital, but fortunately, it didn’t matter. Chen Mo was worried about Xiao Mu’s personal safety, so he wanted to contact the police to apply for protection. However, to prevent exposure, Xiao Mu hurriedly found an excuse to stop him.

Chen Mo didn’t force it, so he stayed by his side to take care of him. Xiao Mu felt dizzy and hungry while lying on the bed. Unexpectedly, Chen Mo pulled on the quilt. She continued to lie down and rested, claiming that as long as she fell asleep, everything in her dream would be nothing. Have. Seeing Xiao Mu grievingly pulled the quilt over his head, Chen Mo was rather helpless, but he was not good at cooking, so he finally borrowed a back kitchen to cook a pot of sticky rice porridge himself.

As the rice porridge was splashing around, Chen Mo tied the spoon with a broomstick, and stirred it at a distance of one meter. The posture was quite wild. Xiao Mu ate the rice porridge that Chen Mo brought out, and kept complimenting his cooking skills. He didn’t realize that the bowl of porridge in front of him was actually a takeaway ordered by Chen Mo.

Yangyang’s parents called again and continued to sell miserably for money in front of Chen Mo. Although Chen Mo could not spend too much money for a while, he still solemnly promised to pay all medical expenses as soon as possible, so that Yangyang would be restored to health. Before leaving, Chen Mo and his brother Wang Hongze passed by. When Wang Hongze realized, he turned around and found that the man had already left.

Banana accompanies Chen Mo to eat barbecue on the street, constantly complaining that he is overdoing good things, not knowing the sinister heart. When Chen Mo joined a media company and became a reporter, he hoped to maintain justice through his pen. However, he carried the aura of Chen Liqun wherever he went, and even the company leaders personally led him.

Even though most of the people in the company are following the trend, only a senior reporter named Wang Hongze attracted Chen Mo’s attention. Because they shared a common belief, they soon became close friends. However, less than half a year later, after Chen Mo gotten a few big reports, he was successfully promoted to deputy editor-in-chief. On the contrary, Wang Hongze, who was several years older than him, was still sitting in the position of a subordinate.

Chen Mo knows that Wang Hongze is not reconciled, especially in the eyes of others, he has the strength but has no backing. However, Wang Hongze was not discouraged by this dissatisfaction. Instead, he worked harder. This kind of undismayed spirit made Chen Mo admire and even felt that the other party was a truly ideal journalist.

Later, Wang Hongze investigated that Yangyang’s parents used social donations to give their eldest son to school. Chen Mo was very indignant about this. Two passionate young men began to visit and investigate and even posted articles on the official blog, which attracted widespread attention. The crowdfunding of Yangyang’s parents was terminated, which caused Yangyang’s illness to be delayed. Even if Chen Mo found out the truth, his guilt towards Yangyang was hard to pay off.

There was a lot of trouble in this matter, and Chen Mo took the initiative to shoulder all the responsibilities and chose to take the blame and resign, so he also saved Wang Hongze, but he didn’t know that the real Wang Hongze was actually a shameless villain. Chen Mo learned the truth through bananas, called Wang Hongze through his drunkenness, and thoroughly saw the other’s face, and finally came to Xiao Mu’s door sadly.

Xiao Mu took the initiative to take care of Chen Mo, who was unconscious, and looked at him curiously. Unexpectedly, Chen Mo opened his eyes, held Xiao Mu’s head with one hand, and proactively kissed him. In the blink of an eye, Chen Mo woke up and found himself at Xiao Mu’s house. He was suddenly embarrassed when he thought of what happened last night.

Xiao Mu, who experienced the sweetness for the first time, had a hard time understanding the pain of being broken in the script. He repeatedly failed to produce the effect that Zhang Junzhuo was satisfied with, so he simply took a rest for a while. It happened that Xiao’s father came from his hometown to visit his daughter. Xiao Mu sent Chen Mo to pick up Xiao Yuanshan. Little did they know that these two people made funny jokes.

Chen Mo arranged a room for Xiao Yuanshan and took him to the restaurant for dinner. Xiao Yuanshan still remembered his daughter’s instructions and must not take the initiative to recognize each other, so he appeared as Yao Menggui’s uncle. Originally, Xiao Mu wanted to take Xiao Yuanshan to check his body, but due to too many announcements, he could only temporarily entrust it to Chen Mo.

After arriving at the hospital, Xiao Yuanshan wanted to conceal his name but was arrested by Chen Mo. After a doctor’s examination, he was found to have severe coronary heart disease. Chen Mo saw Xiao Yuanshan think of the man in the photo, and he had a vague answer in his heart, so he deliberately took him to the studio to visit the squad. He accidentally discovered that Xiao Mu’s left hand was flexible, and he suddenly realized.

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