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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 2 Recap

As the only female intern hired this time, Dong Na managed to keep her job, but her competitor Li Chuning was forced to leave. In the first week that Derry went to work, Dong Na was squeezed out of the supervisor by the “spring wind and rain”, and was quickly dismissed by the speed of light.

At this time, the recruitment peak period of major firms has long passed. Although Qiu Dongna has an excellent resume, she has repeatedly run into walls. Dong Na’s mother, Qiu Xiaoxia, was deceived. She signed a loan contract of RMB 500,000 with the loan company using her house as collateral. In order to repay the huge sum of money with profits, Qiu Xiaoxia had to agree to sell a small house in Hebei to a loan company at a low price of 1 million yuan.

The reluctant Dong Na had to call Gu Fei’s phone and ask him to write a letter of recommendation for herself. Gu Fei also asked Dong Na to help her complete the project of Fan Yan’s clothing due diligence. The two cooperated extremely tacitly and completed the task at the speed of light. On the way back, Gu Fei agreed to give Dong Na a letter of recommendation.

Gu Fei received a call from the nursing home. His father, who had been in bed for ten years, was about to die. Gu Fei hurried to the nursing home. At the same time, Qiu Dongna accepted an interview with a local company. The person in charge of the other party was very satisfied with Dongna’s familiar and enthusiastic attitude and looked forward to her joining as soon as possible.

Qiu Dongna received the entry notice from the financial department of the company she was applying for, and was waiting for a reply. Gu Fei called in and asked her to go to work at Extraordinary. Qiu Dongna met Li Chuning, a former competitor, and they were all taken to Gu Fei’s project inventory. Gu Fei asked Dong Na to practice with Cheng Fanyang, but Dong Na felt that allowing herself to practice with Cheng Fanyang was the same as announcing that she could just leave.

When Dongna returned home, her mother Xiaoxia was about to interview for a cleaning job in a hotel near Qiu Dongna’s company. Cheng Fanyang set long-term KPIs for everyone, and Gu Fei simply made Cheng Fanyang’s KPIs crude, and asked everyone to help the business department to attract customers. After a month, no customers did not complete the assessment.

After the task was set up, everyone made the avatar advertising sales frantic call, and some complained that they couldn’t learn anything here, it would be better to go to other places. Li Chuning called his uncle directly, completed the task that morning and entered Cheng Fanyang’s project team. In the next few days, Dongna tried various tactics such as group mailing and small cards at the door of the office building. Gu Fei ridiculed them and said that they looked so unconvincing business.

Inspired by Gu Fei, Dong Na began to run to nearby office properties the next day, which really made her talk about some potential customers. Qiu Xiaoxia secretly inquired about Wang Shicheng’s situation in the hotel, and Wang Shicheng quickly became aware of it. His two brothers planned to intimidate Xiaoxia falsely and let Wang Shicheng be responsible for the rescue, and by the way, put on his own identity.

Unexpectedly, Xiaoxia ran away the “pusher” alone. She also felt that Wang Shicheng was dragging her legs and letting go of the bad guys. Dong Na quickly touched Cheng Fanyang’s minefield. She discovered that the firm was auditing the city’s second and third-ranked mining company. Taking the two successful cases, she studied another mining company, Huashixing Mining. Unexpectedly, it was not difficult to actually make an appointment with the chief financial officer of Huashixing Mining.

However, one of the former leaders of Huashixing Mining was Cheng Fanyang’s husband, Bai Youxin. Knowing this embarrassing relationship, Dongna’s intestines are all regretful. Cheng Fanyang and Gu Fei had a disagreement on this matter. As a result of their dispute, Chen Jinfeng, who had just been promoted to the manager of the Second Department, took the Audit Department to take charge of the contact, and Cheng Fanyang signed as a partner.

Huashixing Mining does not count Dongna as completing the task. Chen Jinfeng’s contact went smoothly, and he invited the whole house to dinner at Nengyi Hotel. That night Qiu Dongna was sitting on pins and needles, for fear that she would be touched by another great god. It was not until Cheng Fanyang answered the phone that she temporarily left the meeting, and Dongna sighed with relief.

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