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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 1 Recap

At 4:30 in the morning, Qiu’s mother and daughter got up after hearing the bell, freshened up quickly, and divided into two groups. Mother Qiu Xiaoxia rushed through intermediaries in various districts, skipping orders from morning to night, just to reduce or exempt intermediary fees, but the result was a small loss. As for her daughter Qiu Dongna, riding the only means of transportation in the family, passing through the memorable small intestine path, planning the best route, only to arrive at Derui Accounting Office for an interview before 8:30.

As a daily commute for people in the suburbs, Qiu Dongna has already experienced all kinds of helplessness. Fortunately, her mother has a good mentality. She can make hamburgers with buns and pick up rubbish in the construction yard. It is called a spring outing. It is precisely because of poverty that Qiu Dongna has experienced countless white lies from Qiu Xiaoxia since childhood.

But thinking about it carefully, it is not impossible to lie in good faith. After all, Qiu Xiaoxia once married Shanghai for love. She thought she would be able to live a happy life with a family of three. However, the dead ghost father died early, and the burden of life was on the single woman. For more than ten years, Qiu Dongna has never lost family affection and happiness under the care of her mother. Not only did she pass her hard work to the ideal university, but she also hopes that she can become a great living family in the future and use her life wisdom to solve all the unsatisfactory things.

There is still a long distance between Qiu Dongna and her dream. At the moment, she needs to solve the problem of food and clothing for employment. However, she lost the chain at a critical moment. First, the battery car was hit, and then the perpetrator escaped, finally catching up with the last round of interviews. , Unexpectedly met Li Chuning who had never dealt with her since childhood.

Because Derui is well-known in the industry, they often ask sharp questions when interviewing newcomers, such as whether they are in love, when to get married, etc., so that they can see the restrictions on the treatment of female employees. However, Qiu Dongna still doesn’t think much about personal relationships, and can even accept frequent business trips. Compared with Li Chuning, who already has a boyfriend, she has an advantage.

Although there were some ups and downs today, fortunately, it went smoothly in the end. The chance of an interview has changed from 50% to 90%. On the contrary, Qiu Xiaoxia was clever to find the homeowner, but she was caught by the agency on the spot. In the end, she had to find another place. The original budget of 4,000 yuan, but it turned out to exceed more than 7,000 yuan, which is equivalent to all the living expenses of this month. Water drift.

Considering that tomorrow will be moving, more than 40 kilometers of road, miscellaneous furniture supplies, no money to hire a car and lost transportation tools, the mother and daughter have been arguing over this matter, no one can come up with a good plan. Originally, Qiu Xiaoxia wanted to intercede with the community director Cai, hoping to borrow the next room to store things, but she happened to find that the other party wanted to bring her neighbors to carry ashes to the funeral, so she volunteered to help him run.

Not long after, a white van drove toward the city formidable, seemingly ordinary on the surface, but in reality, it was actually scary that there were coffins on the inside and piled up with luggage on it. When Qiu Dongna met the driver who had escaped from the hit and run, she thought that her battery car was towed away by the other party, so she increased the throttle to chase, but the driver was driving fatigued.

Thanks to Qiu Dongna’s ingenuity, she decided to use the rear roof of the car to stop. As the yellow paper scattered on the ground, the police came one after another. After learning the specific situation, the police also criticized and educated the mother and daughter while helping to move. Although the van crashed its tail, he still had to lose money to Director Cai. After all, he successfully moved to a new home, and Qiu Dongna received an employment notice.

After busying most of the night, the new house looks warm and cozy. Even if it looks good, it costs money everywhere. In order to avoid breakfast, Qiu Xiaoxia took her daughter to the mall for a try. Until she was full, she separated. On the first day of employment, Qiu Dongna accidentally discovered problems in the audit from an unusual observation angle. At the same time, he thought of the suspicious behavior of truck drivers, which was very strange.

Colleagues were discussing the gossip about the dismissal of the intern. Li Chuning deliberately sent an email to Qiu Dongna, falsely claiming that the supervisor was looking for her. Qiu Dongna believed it was true, but as soon as she opened the door, she ran into supervisor Chen Jinfeng and the female employee cheating, so she hurriedly pretended to pick up her mobile phone to take pictures. Due to the photos in her mobile phone, Chen Jinfeng had to promise Qiu Dongna the formalities of formalization.

Gu Fei, a partner of the Extraordinary Accounting Firm, is now disguising his identity as close to the driver’s set of the due diligence company’s boss, seeking information, and inferring that they have controlled a large number of distributors to fraudulently increase profit margins through Fan Yan’s social insurance policy. The incident was informed to partner Cheng Fanyang.

Minli from the personnel department called again and urged Gu Fei to determine the candidate as an intern as soon as possible. Gu Fei was overwhelmed and directly asked her to throw away her resume. As long as the resume was on the desktop, she could immediately notify her to come to work. In his eyes, all newcomers are overwhelming, and there is no difference.

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