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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 26 Recap

Jiang Xiaoning received a call from Tang Xu. Tang Xu prepared a cart of gifts for Jiang Xiaoning, but Jiang Xiaoning felt unable to accept it, and even returned the shopping card. Tang Xu said that he had set up a design company and he could invite Jiang Xiaoning to be a designer. Jiang Xiaoning was more willing to pass the exam and make progress step by step, but Tang Xu hurriedly became Jiang Xiaoning’s support. Seeing Jiang Xiaoning constantly rejecting himself, Tang Xu was stunned. In situ, I don’t know what to say.

Gu Chuan’s team came to the bidding site. At present, the only teams participating in the bidding are Zhimu Team and Chuan Design Company. The big screens put on the Zhimu Company’s plan. Everyone kept observing, and finally called the Gu Chuan team into the conference hall and watched. Xu Chengran and others were shocked by the plan similar to his own on the big screen. The same design is a big taboo. The plan currently prepared is absolutely impossible to take out.

Everyone panicked. Gu Chuan thought for a while, and put the other in his pocket. A prepared data disk was handed over to Cheng Dong. Originally, Gu Chuan recalled the plan he made when he was in college. Although the design style is different from the current one, Jiang Xiaoning believes that Gu Chuan’s early design has a warm atmosphere and is more suitable for the current project.

Gu Chuan handed the project to Jiang Xiaoning, and the two worked together to correct this alternative plan. Looking at Gu Chuan on the podium, Tang Xu felt that he was defeated and stood up and accused Gu Chuan of temporarily changing the plan. After all, Chuan’s current plan did not violate the regulations. Xu Fu stopped Tang Xu and confirmed Gu Chuan’s plan design.

Xu Chengran was proud of the efforts of Gu Chuan’s team. After the celebration, he turned back to think about plagiarism. Gu Chuan believed that the company must be a ghost. Instead of rigorous investigation, Gu Chuan hopes that the ghost can stand up with himself. To be frank, Su Manlin was trembling when she listened. Tang Xu scolded Su Manlin for breaking the plan. Su Manlin had regretted helping Tang Xu. Now that this matter has happened, Su Manlin is even more entangled.

Jiang Xiaoning asked Gu Chuan if he really didn’t care who the inner ghost was. Gu Chuan sighed. In fact, he had seen through the mystery a long time ago. The inner ghost must be Su Manlin. After guessing that day, Gu Chuan called out After monitoring the rooftops, it was discovered that Su Manlin had shut Jiang Xiaoning on the rooftop.

Later, Gu Chuan followed Su Manlin and saw that Su Manlin handed over the plan to Tang Xu, which was confirmed. After Jiang Xiaoning knew the truth, she would inevitably lose her heart. Su Manlin was the one who gave herself this chance in life. Now Su Manlin betrayed Gu Chuan, and she is not feeling well. Gu Chuan comforted Jiang Xiaoning. As Su Manlin’s friend, she didn’t want to see this. situation…

Xu Chengran waited for Zhao Yan to get off work, just to see a young man next to Zhao Yan. Xu Chengran quickly went over to take the oath of sovereignty and quickly took Zhao Yan back to the car. Zhao Yan was very touched by Xu Chengran’s jealous appearance. I couldn’t help but squabble, and it became a little more interesting.

Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning returned to the old house with their grandmother and aunt. Seeing the traces of their lives, the grandmother was very excited. Gu Chuan promised that grandmother would help rebuild the old house in the future. Grandma was very happy. Seeing her aunt holding her grandma for a walk in the yard, Jiang Xiaoning was very emotional, feeling that she was not far from her dream. The aunt found Gu Chuan and asked again about Gu Chuan’s sincerity towards Jiang Xiaoning. Seeing the firmness on Gu Chuan’s face, the aunt really identified Gu Chuan this time.

There was a power outage at home, and Xu Chengran repaired an electric meter and fell off. Zhao Yan had to rub the plaster. As the two chatted, Zhao Yan couldn’t help but become frightened, afraid that Xu Chengran would not want to live a hard life with herself. Xu Chengran bluntly said that since living with his mother, he had not lived the life of so-called pampering. Coupled with the subsequent entrepreneurship, Xu Chengran did not rely on his father. With Xu Chengran’s promise, Zhao Yan felt a lot more at ease.

The design of the bidding made a lot of noise on the Internet. The evidence found by Xu’s father pointed out that Tangxu Innovation Company came to frame Gu Chuan. Xu’s father was very disappointed with Tang Xu’s failure. Looking at Xu’s father’s extremely disappointed expression, Tang Xu Back to the office dingy, Xu’s father’s assistant sent a document at this time. Tang Xu, who was about to take the position of CEO, was transferred and missed the power. After signing the letter, Tang Xu was very angry…

Gu Chuan handed Su Manlin back to the company. Gu Chuan has been waiting for Su Manlin to confess, but even now facing Gu Chuan herself, Su Manlin is still pretending to be stupid. Gu Chuan tells what she knows, and then Su Manlin shed regret. Su Manlin’s excuse was still the same. Gu Chuan was tired of hearing it. At this moment, Gu Chuan didn’t intend to leave a favor, so she fired Su Manlin on the spot and asked her to clean up and leave.

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