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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 25 Recap

Jiang Xiaoning was worried about the exam. Although Gu Chuan was busy with his career, he did not forget to teach Jiang Xiaoning at home. Gu Chuan prepared an exclusive plan for Jiang Xiaoning and asked Jiang Xiaoning to finish all the studies. Delivery to the door, Jiang Xiaoning found out that it was still a box of review materials, and couldn’t help laughing or crying. The ice cream ran out through the opening of the door, and the two of them were anxious to find it. Jiang Xiaoning borrowed the ice cream and asked Gu Chuan to take herself out to relax.

Tang Xu received Tang Zhengzhong’s invitation again and came to the house to eat dumplings, but Tang Xu was busy with the project, coupled with his hatred of Tang Zhengzhong, Tang Xu had no good expressions on Tang Zhengzhong. But when he walked out of his father’s house, Tang Xu’s mind came to mind when he was bullied by his peers because his father was imprisoned for corruption. There was a little loneliness in Tang Xu’s eyes.

It turns out that what Jiang Xiaochuan said about relaxation is singing. Jiang Xiaoning clicked on the song he sang when the team was built. Jiang Xiaoning’s singing is as sharp as ever. Pass the microphone to Gu Chuan. Who knows that Gu Chuan is a natural voice, Jiang Xiaoning sees I had to be stunned and surprised to see, it turns out that Gu Chuan took care of himself since that time…

Tang Xu saw Su Manlin in the bar again. After Gu Chuan refused, Su Manlin finally looked away. The smell of gunpowder in Tang Xu and Su Manlin’s conversation was not so strong. Although Su Manlin was a little lonely, Tang Xu’s language was mild and a few glasses of wine. Su Manlin was drunk and unconscious. Tang Xu placed Su Manlin on the bed at home and thoughtfully put a glass of water beside the bed. Su Manlin woke up, panicked because she was in a strange place, but fortunately she had all the clothes and she was relieved.

The next day, Tang Xu brought the Reindeer Group’s project book to meet Gu Chuan, but Gu Chuan did not show the willingness to talk further. Before Tang Xu left, he stopped Jiang Xiaoning and gave Jiang Xiaoning a shopping card in front of Gu Chuan, saying it was a gift to make his aunt happy. Gu Chuan couldn’t help but feel sour in his eyes. Gu Chuan told Xu Chengran about Tang Xu’s coming to cooperate. Xu Chengran thought it was his father’s charity and went home to warn his father not to make such useless kindness.

However, Xu’s father said that he recognized Tang Xu’s ability more simply, The project was handed over to Tang Xu. Xu Chengran was just like his father looked down upon him. He uttered harsh words on the spot and decided to let his company participate in the public bidding and prove everything with his strength.

Su Manlin invited Tang Xu out and thanked Tang Xu for his help. Tang Xu persuaded Su Manlin to come to work in the reindeer group and give up Gu Chuan, but Su Manlin was still unwilling. Tang Xu reminded Su Manlin that it was better to let Gu Chuan feel some sense of crisis, so that he could see the people who really needed it.

Under the stimulus of his father, Xu Chengran conveyed the task of bidding to his colleagues in the company. With Gu Chuan’s consent, everyone is bound to win this time. The team members worked together for this big plan. Jiang Xiaoning acts as an assistant to help take care of everyone’s diet. Seeing Jiang Xiaoning’s departure, Su Manlin’s mobile phone received the message from Tang Xu, and the cooperation between the two officially began. Just as Jiang Xiaoning went downstairs to buy snacks for everyone, he found that everyone had disappeared. Only Gu Chuan was left. Gu Chuan mentioned Jiang Xiaoning to take the bag, and the two enjoyed the time together.

Zhao Yan and her colleagues in the department went to dinner until late at night. Xu Chengran prepared a large table of dishes but kept the empty room alone. She couldn’t help but became jealous. Zhao Yan looked at the tall Xu Chengran as if she was resenting a woman at this time. I think it’s funny. The next day, Gu Chuan’s team was busy designing plans. Su Manlin’s mobile phone kept ringing, and Su Manlin sneaked out of the office to pick up the phone.

Tang Xu on the other end of the phone urged the design plan. Su Manlin hesitated but remembered. Tang Xu was able to agree to help himself, so he made up his mind to help Tang Xu steal the plan. Tang Xu said that he wanted to make Gu Chuan’s stock price fall, so as to avoid Jiang Xiaoning’s blind worship. After hanging up the phone, Tang Xu’s men helped Tang Xu start a new company. Tang Xu promised to give him the design plan he prepared so that he would be foolproof.

Seeing Su Manlin and Gu Chuan busy revising the design draft together, Jiang Xiaoning wanted to help. Su Manlin asked Jiang Xiaoning to go out to buy sandwiches, but it was raining heavily outside. Jiang Xiaoning hesitated for a moment and nodded in agreement. When asked why, Gu Chuan only talked about Jiang Xiaoning. Having experienced bad things on a rainy day, who knows that Su Manlin immediately said that Jiang Xiaoning was trapped on the rooftop, and she would not feel well. Naturally, Gu Chuan never mentioned this, but how did Su Manlin know?

The design plan was finally completed. Su Manlin and Cheng Dong proposed to stay and wait for the file to be rendered successfully. Su Manlin leaned forward as soon as Cheng Dong left and secretly copied the file… The plan was finally completed, everyone had a dinner together, Su Manlin received Tang Xu Su Manlin walked out of the private room to meet with Tang Xu. When she thought of Gu Chuan’s smiling face to Jiang Xiaoning, she gritted her teeth and handed out the data disk in her hand…

Tang Xu handed over the plan to his partner. Tang Xu’s request was similar but not exactly the same. His subordinates quickly agreed. His high-quality team has already drawn a corresponding picture according to Gu Chuan’s team’s plan. Tang Xu Looking at the display, he lost his thoughts.

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