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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 29 Recap

The guard boarded the ship for investigation, and Zhaohua said that Sunny who was lying in the cabin was his younger brother, who was taken home from the hospital because he fell off the cliff. The guard was familiar with Pan Yuqing’s ship many times and was not embarrassed to board and leave. The foreigner was caught from the water but lamented that the Chinese Communist Party’s traffic man was really amazing. Secretary Li and Li Shouzhu came to the Dingzhengchang traffic station. The back door of this traffic station is smooth and easy to evacuate, which will be a good cover.

Cao Ruiying asked the spies to guard the door, while she kept Lai Shouzhang drinking tea until late at night, while in Dapu Heizi led the horses and ran to search Lai Shouzhang’s aunt’s house. Everything in Cao Ruiying’s words was a temptation to Lai Shouzhang. Lai Shouzhang wanted to find an excuse to leave, but Cao Ruiying was determined not to let it go.

The aunt’s house was rudely searched by the secret agent. Aunt stood calmly in front of the deceased husband’s altar. Heizi looked at the Song poems on the table and found that only Ma Zhiyuan’s Xiaoling read the most. Aunt explained that it was because of her husband who had been doing business in Nanyang before his death. I like the phrase “Here is the end of the world in the setting sun.”

Heizi found nothing and went to call Cao Ruiying and said that she was suspicious that this aunt’s house didn’t find anything. Cao Ruiying put the prepared pistol back in order to let Lai Shouzhang accompany her to see Yu Changqing. Lai Shouzhang understands that this kind of performance already means that Cao Ruiying is suspicious of herself, but he is also looking at whether a phone call can resolve Cao Ruiying’s suspicion.

Yu Changqing has been left for a day and night, and Cao Ruiying is not sloppy. What he wants is Yu Changqing’s hole cards. Yu Changqing said frankly that he knows a list, and if one can catch one by one, it will be a favorable blow to the Communist Party. But for the traffic line proposed by Cao Ruiying, he didn’t even know the organization form.

Cao Ruiying wanted to use this to test Lai Shouzhang again, but Yu Changqing, who defected, was anxious to explain his sincerity and interrupted him. Cao Ruiying took out his pen and asked him to write down the list of underground parties in Pubei.

When the foreigner arrived at Bogongwa, he deeply sighed at Bogong’s lamp, which had not been extinguished for hundreds of years. Although he did not approve of Mao Zedong’s peasant-oriented revolution, he admired the ancient Chinese culture very much.

He will also be in Bogong tonight. Rest all night. Cao Ruiying was about to search according to the list. Lu Wenchao called and told him that he must put down all work and arrest a CCP military adviser, and the adviser is a foreigner. Cao Ruiying had to suspend the Qingxi operation of the list search, and sent people to wake up the head of Ma to prepare for a large-scale hunt for the foreigners.

Pan Yuqing talked with Zou Shubao at night, and told him the news of Yu Changqing’s rebellion against the party. It is very likely that these people have been exposed. Fortunately, the organizational mechanism of the transportation line was established after Yu Changqing fled. Pan Yuqing pointed out that the first plan now is how to go in the future, and Zou Shubao settled down and prepared his family for the worst.

Lai Shouzhang quietly came to the detective team to destroy the switch, Yu Changqing was so flustered that he knew that someone was coming to kill him. Lai Shouzhang took out his gun and wanted to carry out the assassination, but facing the security guards, he put the gun away and turned away. Heizi received Cao Ruiying’s order and immediately launched a search in Chayang. His first target was the hospital disguised as a foreigner. The dean of the hospital is a family member of a Chinese Communist martyr. He helped the foreigner to transfer, and Lu Qingquan also helped him to transfer away before the spies arrived.

Commander Ma was deeply dissatisfied with Cao Ruiying’s distrust of him, and even more resented that he left Lai Shouzhang in Dapu to separate the relationship between the two. He understood that Cao Ruiying had vowed to be suspicious of Lai Shouzhang. This time he called himself to come over before dawn to let him watch Lai Shouzhang, but the leader Ma believed that the adjutant Lai, who was born to death and regarded as sibling, would not be the Communist Party.

Zou Shubao suggested that the whole family be evacuated from Bogongwa, but in this way the work of the traffic station would be impaired. Sino pointed out that Yu Changqing did not know the existence of the traffic station. As long as the existence of Zou Shubao and the others would be protected, no one would be suspicious. If Yu Changqing came and they would leave, it would cause more suspicion. Zou Shubao thought it right, and discussed with Pan Yuqing on the next section of the traffic line all night.

Heizi led people to search for the foreigner all night, and Cao Ruiying judged that the foreigner was most likely to be in Taocun. Commander Ma surrounded the village of Taocun all night, and Lai Shouzhang learned from Commander Ma that Cao Ruiying’s deployment was to capture a foreigner. When Lai Shouzhang saw a hat on the wall of the village, he knocked on the door of the house on the excuse of fire, and carefully emphasized that foreigners with blond hair and high noses should report immediately.

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