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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 30 Recap

Zhou Zixuan introduced Chen Jingwen to Shi Yunhao. The four of them ate together. Chen Jingwen felt that Mo Shi was so big and wanted to work with them and integrate into their world. Li Junjie has been joking, Chen Jingwen is serious and expresses that she wants to work in Moses. Li Junjie accused her of being a burden, and many people died in order to protect her in the previous actions. Chen Jingwen was angry and said that she was a technical talent, and Mo Shi must need someone like her, and she wanted to avenge Meng Liang.

Zhou Zixuan recommended Chen Jingwen to Amanda. Amanda praised Chen Jingwen for her courage, but not just anyone can enter Moss. In addition to submitting an application form, she also needs to investigate her personal background. Amanda sees Li Junjie and thinks that Mu Chuan’s case is not so simple, because Mou Chuan has a lot of eyeliners around him. At this moment, a video was sent from the Mosch intranet, which showed Li Junjie stealing VX3.

Chen Haodong brought people to Moss and wanted to arrest Li Junjie in custody because Li Junjie was suspected of dealing with terrorists. Amanda said that the person who owns Moshi must first investigate the Moshi, and Chen Haodong agrees, but it must be supervised by the person she brings. Shi Yunhao suspected that Maya betrayed Li Junjie, but Zhou Zixuan didn’t believe it, thinking that Maya was not such a person. However, Shi Yunhao believed that Maya was simple in mind and could easily be used by people with ulterior motives.

After Maya woke up, she was late to Mo Shi, Zhou Zixuan showed her the video and asked her if she betrayed Li Junjie. Maya was surprised and said that she would not betray Li Junjie.

Chen Haodong and others interrogated Li Junjie and asked him to tell the whereabouts of VX3. Ling Feng took out Mou Chuan’s testimony and said that VX3 was in Li Junjie’s hands, and that Li Junjie had cooperation with Ruan Taiyuan. Li Junjie asked Chen Haodong back, VX3 is a hacker weapon, not a scientific research result at all. Ling Feng thinks that the whereabouts of VX3 should be asked first before knowing whether it is a hacker weapon. Amanda said that VX3 has been in the Moses vault, and if you really want to be held accountable, you should go to Mou Chuan.

Zhou Zixuan said that he was a witness to this incident, and told about the fact that Calais and Mou Chuan stole VX3 back. But Chen Haodong and Ling Feng didn’t believe it. Zhou Zixuan said that on the night of the attack on Mengliang base, there was a survivor who could testify for what she said. Shi Yunhao took Chen Jingwen into the interrogation room. Chen Jingwen was a little nervous, and Zhou Zixuan asked her to tell the truth, don’t be afraid.

Ling Feng and Chen Haodong interrogated Chen Jingwen, and Chen Jingwen explained the causes and consequences of how she met Li Junjie and Meng Liang. Chen Jingwen recalled the death of Li Yun at the beginning, how he met Li Junjie, and the killer Hassan, and finally how he came to Mengliang base and was protected by Xiao Zheng at the last critical moment. Zhou Zixuan was very worried at the door of the interrogation room, worried that Chen Jingwen could not cope.

Under the strict interrogation of Ling Feng and Chen Haodong, Chen Jingwen said that she had met Ruan Taiyuan. Ruan Taiyuan once said a lot to her and kidnapped her on the boat in order to attract Li Junjie to rescue her. Ling Feng looked for loopholes again, saying that everyone who knew these things had died, and no one could prove what Chen Jingwen said.

Ling Feng wanted to confront Li Junjie with Mu Chuan, and Chen Haodong put pressure on him, but Amanda did not agree to do so, and Inspector Wu also agreed with Amanda. Inspector Wu thought that we could first investigate the employees one by one inside Mo Shi to see if they could find anything. In the end, they interrogated Shi Yunhao. I thought the answer was good, but Chen Haodong decided to detain Li Junjie. Chen Jingwen was very excited. They were not allowed to take Li Junjie away in public. Zhou Zixuan called her to make her believe Li Junjie. All this was temporary.

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