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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 29 Recap

Zhou Zixuan saw Meng Liang’s cases, all of them were in the advanced stage of lung cancer. Li Junjie regretted that before Meng Liang died, he never really trusted him. Tomorrow the two will go to the city government to expose Mu Chuan. Li Junjie asked Zhou Zixuan if he was thinking clearly. Zhou Zixuan said that he did not understand Mu Chuan more and more. Mou Chuan kept asking about Zhou Zixuan’s whereabouts and told Jiang Hua not to follow Zhou Zixuan anymore. He didn’t want to add Zhou Zixuan’s name after Chen Gang and Meng Liang.

Mou Chuan couldn’t contact Zhou Zixuan, and couldn’t think of whom Meng Liang had given the secret. Whether it was his autopsy report or clothes, he found nothing. Mu Chuan knew he was in trouble, so he called the mysterious person. Chen Haodong had a meeting with the mayor. The secretary of the mayor told the mayor a secret, and Chen Haodong hurriedly told Mu Chuan the news. Mou Chuan was very angry because Meng Liang set a trap for him before he died.

The mayor was very angry when he watched the video, and asked Li Junjie and Zhou Zixuan to come in and ask them to provide conclusive evidence to prove the words in the video. Li Junjie said that he knew Mu Chuan’s secrets and that he had to fight Mu Chuan and Ruan Taiyuan so as not to cause danger to Bacheng. The mayor agreed to let Zhou Zixuan continue to protect Bacheng, but Li Junjie’s innocence cannot be fully proved. It is just that Mu Chuan’s power is likely to cover the sky.

Mu Chuan knew that his situation was dangerous, Jiang Hua asked him to avoid the storm, and Mu Chuan told Jiang Hua not to approach Shi Yunhao alone, leaving hostages when necessary to escape. Mu Chuan called Shi Yunhao alone and asked him to protect VX3, because Zhou Zixuan’s parents died because of this, but no matter to whom this VX3 was handed over, Zhou Zixuan would be in danger of losing his protection.

Inspector Wu investigated Li Junjie’s case, returned him to his innocence, and summoned a team to Moshi to arrest Mou Chuan. Amanda made a special trip from the headquarters and issued a statement on behalf of the headquarters, dismissing Mou Chuan from all positions in Moshi. Inspector Wu took out the arrest warrant and handcuffed Mu Chuan in front of Zhou Zixuan. Zhou Zixuan was still a little sad, saying that she had seen Mu Chuan strategizing since she was a child, but now she has been arrested by the police. The people of Mo Shi all came out to watch, watching Mu Chuan being arrested with their own eyes. After Chen Jingwen saw the news, she was very excited, because Mou Chuan was finally arrested, and Meng Liang was finally relieved.

Li Junjie returned to work at Moses, and Moses employees talked a lot. Inspector Wu interrogated Mu Chuan and asked him to confess and correct his attitude. Without a word from Mu Chuan, Zhou Zixuan entered the interrogation room, hoping that Amanda and Inspector Wu would turn off the video and surveillance. She wanted to talk to Mu Chuan alone. As a daughter, Zhou Zixuan persuaded Mu Chuan to tell the truth and the cause of her parents’ death. Mou Chuan said that he did not kill Zhou Zhiping and his wife, and that everything was instigated by someone instructing Meng Liang to commit the crime, so that she would not continue to investigate the truth. All he did was to protect Zhou Zixuan.

When Lin Jin joined Mo Shi, Shi Yunhao felt that she was a bit familiar, but Lin Jin had met when he said that he could train. The people of Mo Shi were very puzzled about Mu Chuan’s sudden arrest. Maya asked Shi Yunhao what was going on, but Shi Yunhao said that he didn’t know. Zhou Zixuan went out of the interrogation room and did not move Mu Chuan. Jiang Hua asked Shi Yunhao to cooperate with him. The current situation is chaotic, and he knows about Ma Qiming.

Shi Yunhao saw Ma Qiming and asked him whether he wanted to protect Mou Chuan for VX3. Ma Qiming asked him about the control device. Shi Yunhao said that his home was stolen and he did not know where the control device was. Ma Qiming thinks Shi Yunhao is lying.

Zhou Zixuan temporarily assumed the post of Director of Bacheng Moss, and told everyone about Li Junjie’s reinstatement, and Mu Chuan framed Li Junjie for everything. Maya remembered Ma Xiaojun, who had always admired Li Junjie during his lifetime. Li Junjie brought a piece of cake and wanted to talk the truth about the matter with Maya. Li Junjie restored how Ma Xiaojun was shot, saying that he died for protecting himself. Maya regretted it, if Ma Xiaojun was still alive, she would love him well.

Chen Jingwen came to see Mo Shi and wanted to visit Mo Shi, thinking that everything was over. Maya went to the bar to get drunk, she said to herself, not knowing who to believe. A woman kept staring at Maya and kindly enlightened her, but Maya continued to drink until she left drunk and was molested by a group of foreigners. Maya suddenly had a splitting headache and couldn’t resist. The woman rescued her and asked Maya to go home quickly.

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