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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 28 Recap

Meng Liang talked to Mou Chuan, and he followed Mu Chuan from an informant. He has known each other for so long, and Mu Chuan sacrificed his brother for his own benefit. Mou Chuan believes that people without vision will not succeed. Meng Liang knew that he had been framed by Mou Chuan, saying that he had framed the deaths of Li Guoxin and his wife on him at that time, and that Li Junjie had entered Moshi again, and Mou Chuan would definitely have retribution. Mu Chuan didn’t believe in retribution, but only in himself. He shot and killed Meng Liang. It was too late after Li Junjie arrived.

When Shi Yunhao’s people came, Mou Chuan said that Meng Liang was arrested. Li Junjie rummaged through the fruit and found a gift from Meng Liang. Zhou Zixuan took him away on a motorcycle. Jianghua wanted to search for Li Junjie in the whole city. Mou Chuan was very angry. He wanted to check the coffee at that time, but he didn’t have any clues.

Li Junjie and Zhou Zixuan said that they would join forces to deal with Mu Chuan. Li Junjie took out what Meng Liang gave, which may be video evidence with Mu Chuan. Zhou Zixuan said that the reason why she left Mou Chuan was because Mu Chuan said she wanted to investigate the cause of death of her parents, not by accident but by murder. She chose to give another chance.

When Chen Jingwen saw the news of Meng Liang’s death, she blamed herself and felt guilty. The private doctor comforted him, saying that Meng Liang had planned it long ago because he was crushed by other things. Maya confronted Shi Yunhao, thinking that he deliberately let Li Junjie away and had been covering up Li Junjie all the time. Shi Yunhao asked Maya to do her own tasks, and she didn’t need to take care of other things.

Chen Jingwen saw Li Junjie coming and hugged him very sad because Meng Liang died to save her. Li Junjie and others watched the video left by Meng Liang, which was all evidence exposing Mu Chuan and told the secrets of the past ten years. At the beginning, Chen Gang was the only person who believed in Meng Liang. He found a suspicious chip, and because Chen Gang knew too much, Mou Chuan was ruthless. Chen Gang encountered danger several times, he told Meng Liang to be careful, and at the critical moment, he asked Meng Liang to help Li Junjie to continue the investigation. There is also the fact that Mou Chuan personally admitted to killing Chen Gang, and the cause of death of Li Guoxin and his wife.

Mu Chuan saw that Zhou Zixuan hadn’t returned to Mo Shi, and asked Shi Yunhao not to hide it from himself. Mou Chuan called the mysterious man and wanted to see him. Li Junjie finally knows what happened before Meng Liang. He believes that the death of Zhou Zixuan’s parents must also be related to the Scorpio organization and Mu Chuan. Shi Yunhao called Zhou Zixuan and knew that she was with Li Junjie. Chen Jingwen wants to report to the city government, and the private doctor thinks this behavior is very dangerous.

Mu Chuan went out quietly. Shi Yunhao wanted to follow, but was stopped by Ma Qiming’s housekeeper. Chen Jingwen thought of a way to relocate Li Junjie to a new identity so that he could smoothly join the government to meet the mayor. When Shi Yunhao returned home, he overheard the conversation between Mou Chuan and Ma Qiming, and knew that Ma Qiming was also worried about VX3 and was still an investor, which surprised Shi Yunhao. Mou Chuan said that Calais is still in Bacheng and he will protect VX3.

After Mou Chuan left, Shi Yunhao approached Ma Qiming to question him, saying that he didn’t understand or understand him. Ma Qiming knew that Shi Yunhao had the control unit in his hand, and Shi Yunhao said that he would not give it to anyone. He did not trust Ma Qiming and anyone.

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