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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 27 Recap

Amanda called Shi Yunhao and asked him to protect Zhou Zixuan, because Zhou Zixuan planned to go to the mayor to report Mu Chuan. Amanda worried that Mu Chuan had many eyes and ears, and Zhou Zixuan might be in danger. Shi Yunhao hurriedly drove to the government and called Zhou Zixuan on the way, but Zhou Zixuan had already arrived in Muchuan. Mou Chuan said that raising her from childhood to adulthood would never hurt her. Zhou Zixuan had already convicted Mu Chuan in her heart and didn’t want to believe Mu Chuan. Mou Chuan told about Zhou Zixuan’s mother.

It turned out that Mou Chuan and Zhou Zixuan’s mother grew up together. They thought it was a perfect match, but Zhou Zixuan’s father Zhou Zhiping appeared. Zhou Zixuan’s mother married him, and he and Zhou Zhiping founded Scorpio together. Back then, because Li Guoxin was a scientific researcher, he did not expect an explosion in his residence.

Zhou Zhiping wanted to continue the investigation, but died in a car accident. Zhou Zixuan was very sad when she heard that, Mou Chuan said that she did not want her to know the truth, but it was destined to go against her wish. She preferred to fall in love with Li Junjie and joined Mo Shi. Mou Chuan told Zhou Zixuan not to report himself because he was already one step closer to the truth.

Mou Chuan received a call and Jiang Hua said there was a new discovery. He stared at Zhou Zixuan’s informant report, Zhou Zixuan started a safe house, and Chen Jingwen lived in this safe house. Chen Jingwen had lingering fears, thinking of Xiao Zheng’s last moment, she was sad to sacrifice in order to protect herself. Meng Liang called Chen Jingwen and asked where she was. Chen Jingwen learned that Meng Liang and Li Junjie were not together.

Suddenly, two waiters pretended to be Zhou Zixuan’s request to deliver food to Chen Jingwen, and stunned her while she was not paying attention. Meng Liang heard Chen Jingwen’s cry for help from the other end of the phone, and knew that something was wrong. Mark called and said that he had just escaped, so Meng Liang quickly stopped. Meng Liang said that he would be sorry for his dead brother when he stopped, and he asked Mack to check the chip, and there was no clue.

Meng Liang blamed himself, thinking that many of his brothers died because of himself. Mou Chuan asked someone to kidnap Chen Jingwen, wanted to talk to her about cooperation, investigate her background, threatened that she was involved in illegal organizations, and many Interpol were arresting her. As long as you cooperate with yourself, you will help her solve these problems. Chen Jingwen was shocked.

Meng Liang called Mu Chuan and asked him to let Chen Jingwen go, so that he could see him alone, and arranged to meet him at No.10 Racecourse on Dongzheng Street. Meng Liang believed that Mou Chuan had always ignored himself and killed many of his brothers. It was time to make a decision with him. Zhou Zixuan checked Zhou Zhiping’s files and regretted the cause of her father’s death.

Li Junjie came to the safe house and saw that the door was open and there was no shadow of Chen Jingwen inside. Li Junjie quickly told Zhou Zixuan. Zhou Zixuan knew that she was being followed, and this person was Mu Chuan. Mou Chuan called Shi Yunhao and asked him to trust him, but he couldn’t let Zhou Zixuan participate. He wanted to give him a task. Shi Yunhao dismissed Zhou Zixuan and asked her to go home to rest, as she had something to finish.

Meng Liang said that he had the opportunity to take down Mu Chuan this time, and he was willing to give his life for Chen Jingwen, a good boy. Meng Liang said goodbye to his personal doctor, who said it would be great to be a brother in this life.

Li Junjie called Meng Liang, and Meng Liang left him a small gift to let him do his own things in the future, but did not tell him his plan. Shi Yunhao summoned the Moshi action team to arrest Meng Liang, and Zhou Zixuan was very angry when he saw it. Shi Yunhao returned to the office and deliberately left Zhou Zixuan an address before the action started. When Mu Chuan saw Meng Liang, Chen Jingwen was released, and the private doctor received Chen Jingwen.

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