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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 42 Recap

When King Han learned the news and rushed back to the Palace of the Han Dynasty, Princess Han had already gone. King Han could not accept this fact, and took the hand of the Palace of the King Han to speak. Sheng Chuling also rushed to the Palace of the King Han, seeing the scene in front of him with sorrow. Fu Rou was imprisoned in the sky prison. King Zhou came to visit. Fu Rou was very self-blaming when she learned that Princess Han was dead. She said that she didn’t persuade the Queen. She naively placed her hopes on Concubine Yan. King Zhou was dissatisfied. Fu Rou said that her mother, Fu Rou was very disappointed in this imperial palace that didn’t talk about right and wrong.

In Princess Han’s mourning hall, Sheng Chujun blamed King Han for the deaths of Sun Lingwei and Princess Han. He even took a knife to kill King Han. Sheng Chumu knocked Sheng Chujun to the ground and sent him to drive Sheng Chujun out of the palace. Don’t let him step into Shengfu again. But Sheng Chujun left and went to Sheng Chumu’s study to look through and stole the letter from the prince to Zhao Wang. But in fact, Lian Yan’er deliberately told Sheng Chujun about the letter, and she also confided to Yan Zifang that there was a crack in the Lu State government.

After the death of Concubine Han, King Han was depressed, and the queen asked Anshi to tell the queen that he would no longer indulge in music, poetry and painting in the future. He is the prince of the Tang Dynasty, and he would say what he should say about things in the court in the future. He would also care. He assured the queen that he and the prince would still be respectful and respectful in the future. But in the court, the emperor talked about Shengguo, saying that he had exempted Shengguo’s taxes for three years. However, some officials collected taxes privately to collect money. Now the sentiment was agitated. The emperor worried that the Shengguo would have another dispute and let the prince prepare countermeasures as soon as possible.

In response to this, he said that he had asked the staff to investigate. Wang Han suddenly got up and said that this matter could not be handed over to Lu Yunji. He said that the lawless official in Sheng Guoqiang who was robbing people was called Hu Ningwu, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs also gave Hu Ningwu a first class in the official assessment.

Han Wang said this. An official stepped forward to accuse Lu Yunji of accepting bribes. The emperor stopped the person and ordered the arrest of Hu Ningwu immediately and let the officials investigate the case. Then King Han gave up. When this matter reached the Queen’s ears, the Queen was very embarrassed. The prince was also very angry after returning to the East Palace. She was worried that Lu Yunji had an accident. Fushui provoke the prince and said that as long as Sheng Guo raised his troops again, the emperor would let Lu Yunji lead his troops. If you quell the rebellion, Lu Yunji will be saved.

When the queen’s health was a little better, the emperor stayed in the Queen’s Palace to rest. The queen told the emperor about Princess Xinnan and Sheng Chuling. When the queen interceded, the emperor agreed to the marriage between Princess Xinnan and Sheng Chuling. The queen asked the emperor again. Said that if one day the princes had conflicts and the emperor was disappointed, the emperor must save their lives, and the emperor agreed to the queen’s request one by one. One night passed, and the emperor wanted to wake up the queen after waking up, but the queen passed away in his sleep, and the emperor was full of grief.

After the Queen’s death, Fu Rou was also released, but she was arranged to serve as a low servant in Yeting Bureau. Fu Rou wanted to ask about the date of Queen He Sizan’s burial, but she is no longer the Secretary-General. People from the Shangli Bureau treat her. Dismissively. After the queen’s death, the prince fell into self-blame, but Sun Lingshu said that the king of filial piety was the king of Han. If it weren’t for the king of Han who had no respect, the queen would not be caught in the middle, and the prince would resent the king even more after being provoked.

Yan Zifang learned that King Liang was going to stand on the side of the prince. In order to please King Liang, he introduced Sheng Chujun to King Liang. Sheng Chujun gave the letter written by the prince to King Zhao to King Liang, and Yan Zifang asked the two to talk in the house. , I stood outside the house and saw that Lu Yingying was very wronged in the Liang Palace.

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