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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 41 Recap

The queen questioned what happened to the prince. The prince said that he invited King Liang to the East Palace as a guest, so that the East Palace guards would obey King Liang’s orders. However, Sheng Chuling resisted the order and did not respect the order. The guards on duty with Sheng Chuling quickly explained that it was King Liang who wanted it. Seeing them using real swords to fight, Sheng Chuling rebelled and refused to comply when he saw that he was already injured. The queen listened to him and hurriedly asked Sheng Chuling to be taken down for treatment.

The prince asked Sheng Chuling to be severely punished. Fu Rou spoke for Sheng Chuling, saying that what Liang Wang had ordered was chaos. The sage once said that the chaos order can be disobeyed. King Liang felt that Fu Rou was partial, but the queen was also dissatisfied with King Liang’s behavior. Wang had no choice but to leave, and the queen began to teach the prince again and asked the prince what he thought, but the prince was very aggrieved and said that he had been arbitrarily criticized, and now even the guards of his east palace could not order it.

The prince left after complaining. Sun Lingshu also wanted to retire, but the queen left her to teach her a lesson. She told her that she was wrong. The prince and the Han Wang brothers were at odds. Not only did she not mediate, but also provoke everywhere. Now Princess Xin Nan is beaten, and Sun Lingshu is also standing by. The queen warned Sun Lingshu that if Sun Lingshu did something wrong again, she would abolish Sun Lingshu and drive her out of the East Palace.

After the queen left, Fu Rou felt that the queen was too harsh on Sun Lingshu, and that some things were not the mistake of being a wife, but the queen said to stabilize the harmony of the royal family. As long as it is beneficial to the family harmony, she can replace the wife of the prince at any time. After a lesson, I still didn’t realize my mistake, and felt that it was the fault of others. King Han and Princess Han went to greet the queen.

The queen was a little dissatisfied that Princess Han was not pregnant this time. King Han hurried to speak for Princess Han. The queen worried that the conflict between the crown prince and King Han was getting deeper, so she proposed to let King Han leave Chang’an first. Wang was a little unwilling. Fu Rou suggested to Han Wang to take a trip to Fengtian Temple and pray for the Queen. Han Wang could only accept this compromise proposal.

After the queen had dealt with King Han’s affairs, she asked Fu Rou to call Princess Xinnan over. Princess Xinnan was worried that she would be scolded by the queen, so she immediately asked Fu Rou for help. Princess Xinnan begged in every way. Fu Rou was really soft, so she taught Princess Xinnan to be there. The queen sold miserably, saying that everyone knows that she likes Sheng Chuling. If she marries casually, her husband knows that she has liked others, and she must have had a bad life.

Fu Rou also persuaded him that it was better to make mistakes and let Sheng Chuling be wrong. Marrying Princess Xin Nan to preserve the royal family’s face, but the king of Han said that Sheng Chuling loved to beat people after being drunk. The queen was worried that Princess Xin Nan would suffer, so she hesitated. Fu Rou said that the queen should make an order to order Sheng Chuling not to drink in the future Then, the queen let go, saying that she would discuss the matter with the emperor and let Princess Xinnan prepare to marry.

On the other side, Sun Lingwei found Sun Lingshu and said that she did not want to marry Lu Qi. The peace knot on Sun Lingwei fell off while she was talking. Sun Lingshu remembered that Princess Xinnan also had the same peace knot, and asked where she came from. Sun Lingwei was a little nervous and said that she was It was from Fu’an Temple. Sun Lingshu didn’t say anything, but asked Sun Lingwei to leave her maid, Longan, in the East Palace to help herself. Sun Lingshu questioned Longan for a few words, and learned that Sun Lingwei was in a relationship with Sheng Chujun recently.

Sun Lingshu was very broken and felt that everyone around him had gone to the Palace of Han Dynasty. Concubine Han just gave things away, and Sun Lingshu asked Double Happiness to throw the things away, and took the things under the water, so that Sun Lingshu should not spoil the things. Because the emperor grandson was sick, the queen asked Fu Rou to take the emperor grandson to herself to recuperate. Sun Lingshu was too sensitive and felt that the queen was going to snatch the child away, so Fushui took the opportunity to provoke the relationship between the queen and Sun Lingshu.

Lu Qi told Empress Fu Yin that she had given herself a marriage. Fu Yin did not respond, but congratulated Lu Qi. Lu Qi felt that Fu Yin was too cruel. Fu Yin said of her inner entanglement. Lu Qi still liked Fu Yin. Faced with Fu Yin, he was very soft-hearted. After the two reconciled, Fu Yin proposed to name the child Shaner, and Lu Qi agreed.

Sheng Chujun told Sheng Chuling that Princess Xinnan could marry Sheng Chuling, and made Mrs. Sheng promise that she could marry Sun Lingwei. In the evening, Sheng Chujun told Sun Lingwei the news. Sun Lingwei was very happy and said that he had also asked Sun Lingshu for help. Thinking that something good was about to come, Sun Lingwei ate the jujube cake Sun Lingshu gave herself but died, Sheng Chujun was deeply saddened. The wild jujube cake was given to Donggong by the Han Dynasty, and Sun Lingshu passed it on to Sun Lingwei. After Sun Lingwei died, the crown prince took Sun Lingshu to find the queen as the master.

The queen felt that Princess Han could not shirk the blame, so she ignored Fu Rou’s advice. After the death of Princess Han, the queen was afraid that Fu Rou would report the letter, so she locked up Fu Rou. Fu Rou tried to escape and wanted to ask King Zhou for help, but when King Zhou was not there, Fu Rou wanted Concubine Yan to help herself. He was willing to help, and people dragged Fu Rou down. The imperial edict of the queen had arrived at the palace of the king of Han, and the concubine Han wanted to see King Han again before she died, but the person who came to deliver the decree refused, and the concubine Han had no choice but to drink the poisoned wine.

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