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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 6 Recap

Chen Duxiu was angry because he couldn’t agree with Li Hanjun, so Bao Huiseng decided to stay in Guangzhou and find something to do to pay the travel expenses. Shanghai. Looking at the photo with his wife, Li Hanjun fell into a sad mood again. His brother Li Shucheng comforted him as he was still young and persuaded him to consider continuing. Li Shucheng was going back to Hubei soon. Seeing that Li Hanjun was in a bad mood recently and thought he was short of money, he asked him to say something. Li Hanjun refused to say that he was not short of money, but packed up some jewelry and hurried away.

Wang Huiwu made three dishes to urge Li Da to eat quickly. The two were already married. Li Da felt that Wang Huiwu was suffering by marrying himself, but Wang Huiwu felt that they were sweet. Today Wang Huiwu went to borrow money from his nephew Shen Yanbing. Shen Yanbing is also a party member, so he directly gave her 40 yuan. Now that the party’s funding is tight, and forty is only 120 yuan, Li Da has a headache for this. It is difficult for Wang Huiwu to comfort him, but no matter how great the difficulty is, they will also be able to think about the hurdle this time. The way to go. Li Hanjun came, and he took out eighty yuan, saying that he knew they were waiting for the money. Li Da thought he asked Li Shucheng for the loan. Li Hanjun didn’t elaborate, but just told them the good news that the Communist International brought new representatives to guide the work.

The next day, Li Hanjun and Li Da met Ma Lin. Mr. Ma Lin said that the Communist International was very concerned about their situation and hoped that they would report. Li Hanjun did not agree with what he said, and even quarreled with him directly. Li Hanjun was angry and left, but Li Da apologized and hurried to catch up. Li Hanjun was dissatisfied with Ma Lin’s condescending attitude. Li Da and Wang Huiwu believed that the other party was not deliberately offending. Li Hanjun’s recent mood is not very good, and so is the communication with Chen Duxiu. Li Hanjun felt that Marin still had to write a letter to Chen Duxiu to ask for his opinions. Wang Huiwu believed that they didn’t need to rush to write a letter, but they still had to find a solution by themselves.

The next day, Ma Lin and Li Hanjun apologized, and Li Hanjun also apologized quickly. The two again sat down and talked calmly. Ma Lin thinks that a national conference should be held, and each group sends two people to it. Li Hanjun and Li Da are a little embarrassed, after all, their funds are relatively tight. Marin said that they can help solve the funding problem, and the sooner the conference is held, the better. Li Hanjun and Li Da didn’t know what to do, but Wang Huiwu said that they were familiar with the road. The time was set on July 20, and the address was temporarily set at Li Hanjun’s house. The most urgent thing is to send the notice first. Li Hanjun asked Wang Huiwu to make arrangements for the meeting, and Wang Huiwu did his part.

Changsha, Hunan. Liu Shaoqi sent a letter to Mr. He, saying that he would go to Russia to study in Russia soon. The road to Russia is very dangerous, but the students are still very motivated. Yang Kaihui bought a pair of new shoes for Mao Zedong, and they were married. Mao Zedong was going to go to Shanghai for a meeting tomorrow, and before leaving, he checked some accounts with cultural publishing houses. Beijing. Li Dazhao had just returned from the hospital. The government defaulted on the salary of the faculty, but he was injured by the police in order to claim the salary. This world is really dark. Li Dazhao couldn’t get away to go to Shanghai, so he had to choose Zhang Guotao and Liu Renjing to participate. Liu Renjing was just 19 years old and was the youngest representative.

Wang Huiwu arranged the accommodation problem and decided to stay at Bowen Girls’ School, which is a lot cheaper than staying outside in a hotel. The principal Huang Shaolan has agreed to talk to the concession, saying that there is a delegation from Peking University. This reason is reasonable. Li Hanjun decided to set the meeting place at home. Li Shucheng knew about their affairs and would not interfere. Zhang Guotao rushed to Shanghai in advance to participate in the preparatory work, and now everything is ready and waiting for the delegates to come.

Chen Duxiu had to be absent from this conference and decided to let Bao Huiseng and Chen Gongbo be representatives to go to Shanghai. Mao Zedong and He Shuheng arrived in Shanghai. Li Da quickly took them to the place where they lived. Wang Huiwu also took Shandong representatives Deng Enming and Wang Ruijun to live there. Wang Ruijun admired Mao Zedong very much and discussed education issues with him. After the delegates arrived one after another, the National Congress was officially held. Li Shuhuan did not ask about Li Hanjun on behalf of his wife, so she did not ask too much. During the meeting, Wang Huiwu had been on guard outside the door.

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