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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 5 Recap

Chen Tanqiu mentioned a like-minded friend of his, but his personality was a bit impatient and impulsive. He also nicknamed him a thug. This person was Bao Huiseng. Liu Bochui said by coincidence that the person Chen Duxiu wanted him to contact was Bao Huiseng. . Under Chen Tanqiu’s guidance, Liu Bochui went to the inn where Bao Huiseng was staying late at night. Bao Huiseng was arguing with the innkeeper, and his behavior was as Chen Tanqiu said. Liu Bochui said that Chen Duxiu asked him to come, and Bao Huiseng hurriedly invited him in.

Bao Huiseng was very happy to see Chen Duxiu’s letter and readily agreed to join the Communist Party. Bao Huiseng was about to take Liu Bochui to see Zheng Kaiqing. Liu Bochui took the liberty to persuade him a few words. It is good for him to be jealous and frank, but the party is still a secret organization. Bao Huiseng can no longer be so arrogant.

When Mao Zedong, He Shuheng and Yang Kaihui talked about Chen Duxiu’s establishment of the Communist Party, Changsha would immediately follow suit, and several people chatted with their friends. The Cultural Publishing House officially opened, and he mentioned to Mr. He that he wanted to set up a Russian research society.

He hoped that Mr. He would come forward to be the person in charge, and Mr. He said that he was obliged to do so. Shanghai. Recently, the academy attracted many students to sign up. Wang Huiwu quickly stated that the quota was full and relieved Li Da, and expressed his admiration for Li Da. He said he was exactly the same as he had imagined.

Beijing. The students in the study were divided into two factions. Some were against and some were in favor. Huang Lingshuang and others all withdrew. Li Dazhao made clear principles. When recruiting party members, we must see whether he agrees with our method. Today’s meeting was also not happy. Because of the different ways, Li Dazhao decided to spend 80 yuan a month for activities. In the early days of the Communist Party, some people withdrew and others joined.

Wang Huiwu was busy with the monthly “Communist Party” and Li Da helped with the proofreading, and the two cooperated very well. Chen Duxiu had a talk with Chief Zhang Shen, who was about to study in France, and when he came back, he talked to Li Da about what they had encountered in Beijing. Gao Junman saw the affection between Wang Huiwu and Li Da and enthusiastically became a matchmaker.

In Changsha, Mao Zedong and He Shuheng and others reached an agreement that a reform is necessary to reform China. Everyone agrees to take the road of Russian revolution. Mao Zedong especially emphasized that the Changsha Communist Party Group is different from the Xinmin Society and is not open to the public. The Manifesto signed the name, announcing the establishment of the Changsha Communist Party Group.

Chen Duxiu will temporarily leave Shanghai as the chairman of the Guangzhou Education Committee. Li Hanjun will act as the secretary of the Guangzhou Education Committee. Li Da will assist him in his work. Vyjingsky also decided to return to Russia. In order to commemorate the May 1st International Labor Day, the Foreign Languages ​​Society printed a lot of flyers for distribution. Unexpectedly, the police came and burned all the flyers at this time.

The party organization was targeted, Li Hanjun asked Bao Huiseng to go to Guangzhou to find Chen Duxiu, and handed the letter to him by the way. Bao Huiseng wanted to study abroad very much, but they were clever women who couldn’t make it because of insufficient funds. Li Hanjun asked Bao Huiseng to tell Chen Duxiu that he wanted him to come back as secretary. If it didn’t work, he moved the organization to Shanghai. Everyone sighed deeply. Sighed.

The international communist organization Sneflet is coming to Shanghai, and the police have already spotted him. Chen Duxiu was very angry when he received the letter from Bao Huiseng. He came to Guangzhou for more than half a year without accomplishing anything. How can he go back? Everyone has difficulties. If there is a problem, it should be solved separately. And after so many days, It is not the first time that Li Hanjun refuted Chen Duxiu’s opinions.

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