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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 4 Recap

Mao Zedong left in a hurry and told Yang Kaihui that he lived in the dormitory of the elementary school. In order to prepare for the bookstore, Mao Zedong invited everyone to meet, but they could not cook without rice. Where did they get the money? Mao Zedong has settled the book issue, but he has not yet had the money to rent the store. Mao Zedong decided to initiate a preparatory fund, stating that the bookstore is a public property and collects the books that people most want to read from all over the country at a low price.

In order to avoid the war, Zhang Guotao came to Shanghai again and went to Chen Duxiu’s house. Wang Huiwu sent Chen Duxiu upstairs, and Chen Duxiu criticized the war as soon as he saw him. This is a war of imperialist support for warlords fighting for power and profits, and it is about to disrupt China! Li Dazhao returned to his hometown in the countryside and transported those Marxist books back together. Li Dazhao said that he is in favor of preparations for the establishment of the party, and will move forward simultaneously.

Wang Huiwu and Gao Junman said that they did not want to marry. They also said that in the “On Women’s Liberation” they read, they must marry their loved ones if they want to marry in the future. Chen Duxiu said that they will soon have a printing office, and the name is new. Chen Duxiu decided to let Zhang Guotao live here, and they can still have a good chat.

Changsha, Hunan. Yang Kaihui took the food and went to Mao Zedong’s place, and also packed up the dirty clothes and prepared to go back to wash it. Although there are many responders to the fundraising of the bookstore, the amount of money that can be given is really limited, and it is difficult to find a suitable house. Yang Kaihui took out some money and said that it was enough, and there was some surplus, but Mao Zedong considered that their brothers and sisters were still in school and refused to accept it. However, Yang Kaihui said that if Yang Changji was still there, he would definitely support it, and that the money would be treated as they did their best. Although Yang Kaihui helped, there was still a big cultural gap in the bookstore.

Tan Pingshan brought his nephews Tan Zhitang and Chen Gongbo to see Chen Duxiu. Several of them were from Peking University. The three of them will leave for Guangzhou to teach soon. Chen Duxiu believes that they will do great things. On the street, Wang Huiwu kindly helped Li Da tidy up the manuscript. Li Da quickly thanked him, and the two felt that they had known each other before. Both of them came outside Chen Duxiu’s house. Hearing that Li Da had come to Chen Duxiu, Wang Huiwu sighed that it was a coincidence.

Chen Duxiu admired Li Da very much. Wang Huiwu accidentally heard his pen name. It turned out that “On Women’s Liberation” was written by him, and he was a little excited for a while. Chen Duxiu produced the Chinese version of the “Communist Manifesto”, but the first version was printed incorrectly. Li Hanjun came with the cover design draft of “New Youth”, Chen Duxiu introduced the two people who knew each other, and also invited Li Da to move over to be the editor of “New Youth”. The people here come and go from all corners of the world, and there is no inconvenience, Li Da readily agreed.

The Cultural Publishing House received the money and rented the shop. Mao Zedong planned the corner of the publishing house and encouraged He Shuheng to be the curator of the Popular Education Center. He Shuheng changed his mind in a few words. Chen Duxiu took multiple opinions and finally decided that our organization was called the Chinese Communist Party.

Although many people with different opinions left, many people joined in. Everyone thought that Chen Duxiu should be the person in charge, so they adopted the title of the person in charge of the Russian Communist Party, called the secretary. In August 1920, the establishment of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai promoted the establishment of the Communist Party in various places. This small step opened the curtain for the birth of the Communist Party of China.

Zhang Guotao came to see Li Dazhao with Chen Duxiu’s letter. Li Dazhao decided to establish the Beijing Communist Party. Zhang Guotao also told them about the opening of a new printing shop in Shanghai. Wuhan, Hubei. Liu Bochui was introduced by Chen Duxiu to see Dong Biwu and said that he had also joined the Communist Party. Dong Biwu introduced the acquaintances of Chen Tanqiu and Liu Bochui, and several people decided to find more like-minded people to organize the party.

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