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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 3 Recap

Zhang Guotao returned to Peking University. During this period, everyone did a lot of practical work. Zhang Guotao brought two copies of “New Youth” to everyone. Everyone heard that Zhang Guotao resigned from the director general of the Federation of Industry for his studies and admired it. Shanghai. Chen Duxiu invited Zhang Dongsun to attend the Saturday party. He wanted to take Zhou Fohai to him, saying that he was a young talent. Zhou Fohai arrived and was very excited to see Chen Duxiu.

Chen Duxiu introduced Shao Lizi and everyone he knew, and proposed to establish a party, but Shao Lizi thought it was too anxious. Everyone had a heated discussion and finally reached a consensus of “getting started”. After everyone left, Zhou Fohai expressed his thoughts and said that he should stand at the forefront of the trend and become a leader. Chen Duxiu was very pleased. Unfortunately, Zhou Fohai’s vacation was about to end and he would return to Japan soon, but he would definitely follow Chen Duxiu’s teachings. , Returned to Japan to study hard.

Chen Qihang explained that Wu Peifu and Tan Yankai are the key to the expulsion movement sending people to permanent stations in Hengyang and Chenzhou. In order to drive Zhang Jingyao out of Hunan, Wu Peifu and Tan Yankai are the key. Shanghai, Mao Zedong and others talked about the situation in Hunan. Now someone needs to contact Wu Peifu and Tan Yankai.

This person is Luo Zhanglong. In the face of social public opinion and military suppression, the demand to drive Zhang was finally fulfilled, but Mao Zedong was full of sorrow. In the past few years, the war has not stopped, and Hunan has long been ruined. Although Zhang Jingyao is gone, Hunan has not changed.

Gao Junman worried about Chen Duxiu’s two sons studying in France, and repeatedly asked Chen Duxiu to write them back and send a photo back. Gao Junman was out for class. Li Hanjun brought Chen Wangdao to see Chen Duxiu. Chen Wangdao had almost translated the “Communist Manifesto”. The problem was that the publication of “Weekly Review” was about to be suspended because it had been targeted by the Beiyang government a long time ago and the room was leaking.

After rainy nights, Chen Duxiu decided to find a way to establish an independent “New Youth.” The “Communist Manifesto” must also be published, but where should it be printed and where does the money come from? Chen Duxiu decided to find a way by himself.

Gao Junman went to see Wang Huiwu, she was the cousin of Shen Yanbing. Gao Junman’s trip is here to give lectures to everyone. As an independent woman with progressive thinking, Gao Junman’s topic for everyone is “On the personality of women.” Vikingsky was already able to communicate in Chinese and decided to help them publish the “Communist Manifesto”, and a series of materials will be published in the future.

Mao Zedong came to meet Chen Duxiu and brought gifts to the children. Mao Zedong and Chen Duxiu discussed in depth how to transform the country. Mao Zedong was confused about how to transform the country. Chen Duxiu passionately talked about Marxism for him.

There is no specific record of the meeting between Mao Zedong and Chen Duxiu, but Mao Zedong later said in an interview that this meeting gave him a lot of confidence. Soon after Mao Zedong returned to Hunan, he met Yang Kaihui and Yang Kaizhi brother and sister, and paid homage to his teacher Yang Changji. Mao Zedong bought some crispy candies as a gift, and his mother asked him to go busy when he had something to do.

The next day he made some food and asked Yang Kaihui to give it to him. Yang Kaihui cut her short hair, talked to Mao Zedong about the school, and shyly asked him what plans he had in the future. Mao Zedong planned to set up a bookstore, but he was anxious to go to a meeting after he said, and he said that he would seriously accompany Yang Kaihui next time.

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