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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 2 Recap

Li Dazhao took Chen Duxiu to leave Beijing in the snow late at night. The two firmly believed that Marxism could save China. Chen Duxiu decided to go to Shanghai to find like-minded people and work together to spread the spark of Marxism throughout the country. Chen Qihang lost followers because of his change of career and made a historical video, but Chen Qihang does not regret it. A great career will be small when it starts, and he will continue to explain it.

Hunan also caused patriotic behavior after the May Fourth Movement, but it was violently suppressed by Zhang Jingyao. In order to drive him out of Hunan, the Hunan people sent many people to Beijing, Shanghai and other places. The Beijing team was led by Mao Zedong. . Mao Zedong led a team with a petition to meet with Mr. President, but was driven away again.

Luo Zhanglong and Deng Zhongxia came to find Mao Zedong late at night. His father died. Mao Zedong failed to go back to the funeral because of the drive away. Several people lamented the impermanence of the world. Mao Zedong couldn’t help but sigh deeply. For two months, there was no news about the expulsion of Zhang. The government refused to move Zhang Jingyao, but Mao Zedong refused to give up easily. They represented the hope of the people.

Chen Duxiu came to Shanghai to give a lecture on knowledge, which also attracted a large number of people interested in Marxism. Li Hanjun brought the founder of “Weekly Review” Dai Jitao to meet Chen Duxiu. Several people discussed Marxism and believed that China’s society urgently needs reform. At the same time, they thought of translating and recommending the “Communist Manifesto”.

It’s just that the “Communist Manifesto” does not have a complete Chinese version, and who should translate it has become a problem. Dai Jitao rushed to Hangzhou to find Mr. Chen Wangdao. Chen Wangdao asked them why they thought of serializing the “Communist Manifesto” in the “Weekly Review” and agreed with their ideas.

However, the “Communist Manifesto” is profound in thought, and it is extremely difficult to translate it. Dai Jitao brought two versions of the “Communist Manifesto” in Japanese and English, hoping that Chen Wangdao would not refuse. Chen Wangdao pondered for a long time, decided to return to his hometown, and devoted himself to translation. Chen Wangdao returned to his hometown and devoted himself to translating the “Communist Manifesto”. When he was fascinated, he even dipped the rice dumplings in ink and ate it.

Beijing. Mao Zedong decided to end the petition in Beijing. They wanted to achieve the result in another way. Since they were not good at writing, they came to Wu, and asked Wu Peifu and Tan Yankai to expel them. Mao Zedong will leave tomorrow, and he met Li Dazhao before leaving to express his gratitude. Yang Mingzhai came from Soviet Russia and found Li Dazhao. Li Dazhao decided to meet with Weijingsky. Weijingsky affirmed their Marxism, but true Marxist scholars should go among the workers and the masses and become doers. This is the top priority of the Chinese revolution. Li Dazhao said that Weijingsky could go to Shanghai to chat with Chen Duxiu in person.

Shanghai. Chen Duxiu came to send the manuscript, but Chen Zisheng, the editor-in-chief of “New Youth”, proposed to increase the price. Chen Duxiu believed that this issue was meant for the workers, and the wages of the workers were just how much! Chen Duxiu was furious and refused to publish the manuscript here. Chen Zisheng said that he could, but he had to submit the cost.

Chen Duxiu was very angry and said that the manuscript for this issue must be submitted at the original price. Chen Duxiu returned home in a loss. Zhang Guotao waited for him outside the door. Zhang Guotao decided to go back to Beijing and finish reading the book. However, most of the students in May Fourth High School went abroad to study. Zhang Guotao was also on the blacklist of the Beiyang government.

It’s not easy to be afraid. Guo Tao couldn’t let go of his studies or work. Chen Duxiu was very angry and scolded him. Zhang Guotao was a little aggrieved. The current situation is like this. There are some things that he can’t do if he wants to. Chen Duxiu was upset about the “New Youth” and told Zhang Guotao that after the climax, he would surely return to plainness, and whether he could maintain his original aspirations in those days was the key.

Mao Zedong arrived in Shanghai to continue the drive to drive Zhang. When he saw foreigners riding in a rickshaw without paying money and beating others, Mao Zedong stepped forward to seek justice for the coachman. Although this is a concession, the concession also has its laws. Lin Fan was surprised and delighted when he saw the topic of “Big Waves Washing the Sand”, and sent a private message to Chen Qihang, expressing his expectation for his next issue.

Two children ran upstairs and said that there were two foreigners, Chen Duxiu hurriedly went downstairs, and Gao Junman took the children to play upstairs. The two guests are Weijingsky and Yang Mingzhai. Chen Duxiu already has the idea of ​​establishing a communist party. Zhang Guotao returned to Peking University.

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