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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 1 Recap

Chen Qihang, a student of the School of Marxism at Jiaxing University, decided to do a special topic on party history. The name was “Big Waves Washing the Sand”. The first episode was about the “May 4th Movement.” The fuse of the May Fourth Movement was the Paris Peace Conference. In 1919, after seeing the results of the Paris Peace Conference in the newspaper, Chen Duxiu went to see Li Dazhao very excitedly. Since the Paris Peace Conference, they have all hoped for justice to come and firmly believed that axioms will defeat the power. Now it seems really absurd. Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao knew that the great powers could no longer believe that they could only stand up and resist.

An elementary school in Changsha, Hunan. History teacher Mao Zedong came to the school to teach the students and talked about the territories of Shandong being occupied by foreign powers. In the European War last year, China was a victorious country. They had expected this Paris Peace Conference to be a conference where axioms defeated the power, but they were wrong.

This conference was actually a conference where the robbers divided the spoils! China requested the recovery of Shandong’s rights and interests, but the Western powers colluded with Japan and regarded Shandong as a bargaining force. Mao Zedong told the students that all the rules in the world are made by Western powers. Only when China becomes strong can it get back what it wants. Only when every Chinese person works hard from his bones can our country become strong. !

Beijing. The students of Peking University heard about bullying and betrayal by foreign powers and called a student conference. They are citizens, so when will it not happen at this time! They firmly cannot agree to sign the “Treaty of Versailles”, which is humiliating and humiliating the country. Four days later is May 7. They propose to hold a National Humiliation Day parade on May 7. But the students can’t wait. Students on May 4. They chanted the slogan of defending national rights and carried the banner, but they were stopped by the police, and the Beiyang government dispatched to arrest 32 students. In the temporary detention center where the students were arrested, the students were still in prison, but they were still full of enthusiasm.

Protests also broke out in Shandong, chanting slogans of releasing arrested students, severely punishing national pirates, and refusal to sign contracts, but they were confronted by a dark hole. The students swear to the death and fight and never retreat. Their guns should be aimed at the Japanese bullying their land Instead of them! The students were impassioned, and the May Fourth Movement swept across the country, which soon developed into a patriotic political movement of the masses. Chen Duxiu was spotted by the police for making multiple remarks in support of the demonstration.

Chen Duxiu took the Beijing Citizens’ Proclamation to go to the streets to distribute flyers. His wife, Gao Junman, tried to stop him. Now the world is catching progressive people. Even if he doesn’t think about himself, he has to think about his two children. But Chen Duxiu said that those students who were locked up were also other people’s children, and only by putting pressure on the government could they be rescued! Gao Junman knew he couldn’t persuade Chen Duxiu, so he could only ask him to be more careful.

Chen Duxiu, who was distributing leaflets on the street, stumbled upon the police stalking him, and he was arrested if he escaped. Knowing that Chen Duxiu had been arrested, Li Dazhao quickly notified the newspaper to write a manuscript overnight to get the news out. Gao Junman and the two children heard a rapid knock on the door. They thought it was Chen Duxiu who had returned, but they didn’t want to be the police. Gao Junman hurriedly hid the Beijing Citizens’ Declaration under the flowerpot, guarding a pair of children, and letting the police search. Chen Duxiu pleaded guilty to distributing leaflets, but he did not plead guilty to writing.

Li Dazhao’s patriots demanded the release of Chen Duxiu and resisted the oppression. All newspapers called for Chen Duxiu’s grievances, and educated people from all walks of life and even the governor to intercede for Chen Duxiu. Mao Zedong heard of Chen Duxiu’s arrest and admired his spirit. In a blink of an eye, Chen Duxiu had been in jail for two months. Li Dazhao came to visit and told him that the public opinion caused by Chen Duxiu’s imprisonment had made the Beiyang government a target of public criticism. He also showed him a newspaper run by Mao Zedong.

The support and rescue from all walks of life forced the Beiyang government to release Chen Duxiu. After Chen Duxiu was released from prison, Li Dazhao and others came to congratulate him, but Chen Duxiu knew that this student movement was not a success, and the awakening of the intellectuals could not stir the stagnant waters of China. The victory of the Russian Revolution gave everyone hope. Today’s China has reached a point where change is indispensable. They want to awaken the laborers and the masses.

The police closely monitored Chen Zhai and asked him to report when he left Beijing, but Chen Duxiu ignored it and went to Shanghai, Wuhan and other places to give a speech. The Beiyang government decided to arrest Chen Duxiu who returned to Beijing again. Li Dazhao escorted him out of Beijing that night to avoid persecution. Chen Duxiu regarded Li Dazhao as his confidant, but he did not know when he would meet this time.

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