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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 7 Recap

Yang Yang’s condition worsened and he needed a lot of money to pay for treatment. However, Yang Yang’s parents used Chen Mo as a cash machine, crying with him on the face, and secretly trying to figure out how to make money. Chen Mo knew what the couple meant. In fact, he was very disgusted in his heart, but for the sake of the children, he went back to ask Banana for help, and wanted to reluctantly sell his precious watch.

Banana saw Chen Mo’s dark circles under his eyes, and couldn’t help but wonder if he liked Yao Menggui. Although Chen Mo quickly denied it, the erratic look in his eyes had already betrayed his heart. At this time, Chen Mo saw the edited video of the variety show trailer. The barrage was full of insults from Song Ci female fans.

When Chen Mo asked Xiaowen about the situation, he didn’t expect Xiao Mu to receive a threatening package, and Chang Ming scolded Chen Mo in a face-to-face manner. It was not until Xiao Mu spoke up that he immediately hissed and left. Although Xiao Mu was still a little frightened, after a one-night rest, she continued to regain her energy and set off to the set, only to encounter fans splashing water halfway.

Because of this crisis, the crew planned to arrange for Xiao Mu to go back to rest for two days to avoid the limelight, but Chen Mo was dissatisfied with the producer’s sudden announcement of a strike, so he planned to go to Song Ci to discuss an explanation. Unexpectedly, instead of apology, Song Ci said some yin-yang weird words, and even later revealed that Xiao Mu’s team had done this kind of marketing many times, first released black news, waited a week later and then reversed, from beginning to end. Can keep the topic hot, but also earn sympathy points from netizens.

Song Ci’s remarks made Chen Mo suddenly realize that the slight favors that had sprouted from the beginning were now a bit funny. However, Xiao Mu didn’t know about it. After sending a message and asking about it, he found out that Chang Ming was advocating. When she went upstairs alone, she didn’t notice someone following behind her until she saw a sneaky man wearing a mask in the elevator.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, Chen Mo arrived in time. Although a small mistake during the period could cause injury, it was not a major problem. Xiao Mu sent a message to Yao Menggui about this matter, hoping that she could come back as soon as possible, but Yao Menggui told Xiao Mu to continue to play a good role on the grounds of continuing to recuperate.

When Xiao Mu, full of loss, saw Chen Mo guarding the door through the door mirror, he was deeply moved, so he cleaned up the room as quickly as possible, and then took Chen Mo to the living room to dress him personally. Seeing Xiao Mu’s serious and quiet appearance, Chen Mo was shocked and couldn’t help thinking of the question Banana asked him before.

Chen Mo stayed at Xiao Mu’s house and borrowed her bathroom to take a bath. He accidentally found the dress hidden under the cabinet. It happened that Xiao Mu opened the door smoothly, avoiding the embarrassing atmosphere of the naked meeting, and hurriedly walked out of the bedroom with his dress. Suddenly he saw blood stains on the dress. He couldn’t help sending a message to the eldest sister, but he still got a disapproving response.

In the middle of the night, Xiao Mu came out of the bathroom and subconsciously walked to his room to sleep, but as soon as he touched the bed, he thought of lying next to Chen Mo, and was so frightened that she quickly got up and fled. On the contrary, after Chen Mo waited for Xiao Mu to leave, he was even more confused, even guessing that the other party wanted to unspoken rules of himself.

I saw a picture of a little girl and an old man under the bedside table. Chen Mo took it with his mobile phone and found that the picture disappeared the next morning. When he walked out of the bedroom and saw Xiao Mu making breakfast in the kitchen, it seemed that the time was peaceful at that moment, making him almost fascinated. After eating breakfast, Chen Mo left the apartment and returned to Banana’s house. However, Tang Xin was holding on to what had happened before, and even said rudely to Xiao Mu, so angry that Chen Mo directly cursed her and cried.

Seeing the younger sister ran out of the house, Banana, as the older brother, felt very distressed, and unavoidably complained about Chen Mo, and then sent him the video to be investigated before. Sure enough, through the video of Yao Menggui’s school days, Chen Mo found that Yao Menggui’s English level has reached the normal level of four or six levels, which is by no means like the image of Xiao Mu.

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