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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 6 Recap

Seeing the news on the Internet, Xiao Mu thought that this matter was related to Chen Mo, and simply found a Japanese food store to meet with Chen Mo. However, she didn’t understand Japanese and was almost embarrassed. When Chen Mo learned that Xiao Mu doubted him, he hurriedly denied it. He wanted to explain the reason, but he didn’t expect Xiao Mu to believe it suddenly and no longer doubted it.

After the dinner, the two went out and met Yu Shifan who was driving by. Facing Shifan’s cynicism, Xiao Mu couldn’t restrain his inner anger and rushed to grab Yu Shifan’s collar. However, Chen Mo was in a good mood and didn’t care too much. On the contrary, Xiao Mu learned about Xiao Mu’s origin through this incident, and learned that his biological parents died very early and that he was later adopted by Father Chen, even though he had never felt family affection. He still worships Father Chen as an example.

That night, Chen Mo could not sleep, thinking about Xiao Mu’s words to comfort him, so he determined to cheer up, shaved off his beard the next morning, and turned into a handsome guy that made people shine. Even though Xiao Mu forced her composure on the surface, she still couldn’t conceal her surprise, she couldn’t help peeping frequently, looking and admiring it repeatedly.

Since the new scene requires the heroine to recite Gibran, but Xiao Mu doesn’t know anything about English, so he picks up hot water and drank it in a hurry, finally avoiding the scene, so she can take some time to hold the Buddha’s feet temporarily. Song Ci brought vitamins to Xiao Mu. Chen Mo was very jealous while sitting next to him. What surprised him even more was that Xiao Mu had committed a nympho, and he almost never had the same high-cold image he had before.

Xiao Mu recite English words overnight, even when he came to the shooting scene, he was still nervous. Fortunately, the whole process was successfully completed. Especially her earthy English was especially praised by Zhang Junzhuo. Chen Mo turned to a note full of words in Xiao Mu’s coat, and was puzzled, so he deliberately used a sentence in English to sarcasm that she was a liar.

Sure enough, Xiao Mu thought it was a compliment when she heard it, and only when she used her mobile phone to translate it did she know that she had revealed herself. After the filming was over, Xiao Mu took Chen Mo to the food stall and drank a few bottles of beer with thoughtfulness. The whole person was drunk and swayed. Through her drunkenness, she confided in her heart to show that she was simply a tyrant. I don’t know how to sing, dance, or English. Even studying abroad is a quibble.

The unexpected answer made Chen Mo quite speechless. He didn’t expect that the outcome of the matter would turn out to be like this, he couldn’t help sighing, and personally sent her home. As everyone knows, as soon as he left with his front foot, Xiao Mu’s face changed drastically after closing the door, and he suddenly sighed with emotion. Fortunately, he escaped the catastrophe by concealing himself.

Taking into account the impact of the Li Daixuan incident, the film crew specially arranged for Xiao Mu and Song Ci to attend some important occasions and variety shows. Chen Mo knew that Xiao Mu was nervous, so he did enough homework with Xiao Bai in advance, and waited for Xiao Mu to pass on Xiao Mu’s experience when she was on the court, so that she could have a good sense of measure in front of the camera.

When it was the time to test the tacit understanding, Song Ci deliberately made mistakes in order to be able to get in close contact with Xiao Mu, not only confused Xiao Mu, but also made the fans in the audience anxious. Chen Mo saw Song Ci fall into the Bobo ball with his arms around Xiao Mu, and couldn’t help being stunned. However, due to the inconvenience of Tang Xin’s presence, he was discovered by the opponent.

Tang Xinwei was just guessing, chasing after Chen Mo all the way. It happened that Xiao Mu came from the opposite side, and Chen Mo dragged her into the warehouse. The crowded gap made the two of them hug each other tightly. Hearing the sound of footsteps outside, they became more nervous. Hearing that Tang Xin and other fans had a very bad impression of Yao Menggui, Chen Mo decided to take Xiao Mu out of the warehouse and cleverly avoided revealing his identity. Even if Tang Xin recognized him, it would be difficult to reveal him.

Xiao Mu and Song Ci met for a run as usual, but Chen Mo also came to the playground, with Song Ci’s assistant Xiaobai standing beside him. Except for Xiao Mu and Xiao Bai, the other two men met like rivals, extremely jealous, and even looked like hairy boys who wanted to show off their physique in front of the girl they liked, competing with each other and doing pull-ups. After dozens of groups were over, Song Ci was exhausted, so he first found an excuse to leave. On the other hand, after Song Ci left, Xiao Mu couldn’t help but tremble with his hands, and was so tired that he escaped.

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