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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 5 Recap

When Xiao Mu met Song Ci when he was out, the two of them jogged together, taking advantage of their rest to chat about their acting experience. Many people see Song Ci’s father’s face and dare not point fingers at him, but Song Ci grew up in a star family like this, no matter what stage of his acting career goes, it’s hard to feel a sense of accomplishment. Chen Mo saw that Xiao Mu and Song Ci had a very happy conversation. He was a little unhappy and returned to the room angrily. He was curious when he found the things his assistant Xiao Bai was carrying with him.

On the day the crew started, Xiao Mu was in charge of the trial shooting of the first shot. He had repeated the fall action countless times before, and now he has performed with ease and successfully passed the request of director Zhang Junzhuo. The successive scenes were all emotional scenes between Xiao Mu and Song Ci. The two cooperated tacitly and got along very well.

However, Chen Mo and Xiaobai, as executive agents, not only have to stay with their artists at all times, but also allocate travel time to the crew. At this time, a complaining rebuke came from not far away, and the staff avoided the mother and daughter next to him, but Chen Mo immediately recognized that the young girl was Er Tian Sisi, the female of the play.

Because Tian Sisi was exposed to the entertainment industry too early and was active on the big screens since she was a child, she is like most child stars. The agents around her are all parents, and they will be more controlled than others. Banana finds out that Tian Sisi and Kang Kai have been in love for many years. They first met in a sitcom, because the man did not want to open the relationship, so few people knew about it.

Banana suffers from the lack of material to publish recently, so I specifically reminded Chen Mo to take some photos. After hanging up the phone, Chen Mo saw the third female Li Jin appearing outside the crew. The ring on the ring finger attracted his attention. He thought of Kang Kai coming to visit the class this morning, and suddenly realized.

Kang Kai sent a batch of milk tea to Tian Sisi to help. Xiao Mu heard the staff whispering in the lounge. It seemed to be discussing Li Jin’s taking most of Tian Sisi’s scenes through family relations. It just so happened that Tian Sisi and Kang Kai came in one after another, and Li Jin’s sudden appearance made the atmosphere between the three seem subtle.

Chen Mo secretly followed Li Jin and witnessed her and Kang Kai at the door of the hotel. They even hugged and kissed. Li Jin pressed Kang Kai when he would break up with Tian Sisi, and even threatened her. Because Kang Kai was afraid of her family’s influence, she repeatedly promised that she would leave Tian Sisi.

When Xiao Mu learned of this, he directly told Tian Sisi about Kang Kai’s cheating, but the other party not only didn’t appreciate it, but also tried every means to grab the camera. When Song Ci saw this scene, he went to remind him a little bit. After Xiao Mu realized that he cleverly stopped Tian Sisi’s behavior, he was so angry that the other party could only suffer a dumb loss.

Peng Fei used to be a truck driver, but because of a leg injury, he switched to the crew. Xiao Mu, who was originally exhausted, suddenly became interested in talking about the high-temperature subsidy, and even almost leaked his experience. Chen Mo wanted to continue to ask questions, but Xiao Mu angered Xiao Mu and watched her go out to dinner with Song Ci.

Because Tian Sisi always wanted to be stunned, she often delayed the progress of the filming. Xiao Mu planned to have a serious conversation with her, specifically asking Song Ci’s views. Although Xiao Mu’s kindness was greatly appreciated by Song Ci, and he even felt like the heroine in this play, he preferred the cold girl before entering the play compared to Yao Menggui after entering the play.

Tian Sisi took the initiative to meet with Kang Kai and asked him about his relationship with Li Jin. She did not expect Kang Kai to tell him frankly. At the same time, he claimed that he became famous in a childhood TV series. However, the resources in the later period are already pitifully scarce. In order to be famous, he can only Choose to be close to women with strong backgrounds. Xiao Mu hid beside him and saw all this, and was angry at Kang Kai’s behavior.

Knowing that Yu Shifan was coming back from abroad, Chen Mo had to meet him. The two were neighbors when they were young, but they didn’t meet much later. Through Yu Shifan’s ridicule, Chen Mo thought of his biological parents, especially the other party’s dude style, which made him feel sick, completely like a person from two worlds.

The next morning, the media broke the news that Tian Sisi was abandoned by Kang Kai, especially with her crying swollen eye sockets. Xiao Mu took the initiative to clear up the scandal for Tian Sisi, and even helped her intercede with the director. Tian Sisi took advantage of the drama to express her heart. After she calmed down, she decided to stop completely. At the same time, she did not want to reveal the man’s scumbag behavior. Each is well.

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