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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 4 Recap

When Xiao Mu faced the camera, the whole person was in a state of tension. The so-called performance was simply unsatisfactory, and Zhang Junzhuo stopped him several times. Just as the director’s tolerance has reached its extreme, and the discussions around him are endless, Xiao Mu settled his mind and devoted himself to the scene, finally achieving Zhang Junzhuo’s satisfactory effect.

Although Zhang Junzhuo is not optimistic about Yao Menggui, the state she presented is completely in line with the fact that the heroines in the script Li Rongjing, Xiao Mu and Li Rongjing have the same fake courtesy and true emotions. They are both traditionally weak and ambitious. , But Zhang Junzhuo was amazed, decided to gamble cruelly, and reminded Xiao Mu to make up his basic skills before shooting.

After Zhang Junzhuo left, Xiao Mu thought that she had dreams of being an actor in her childhood, and now that her dream is close at hand, she cherished this opportunity very much, so she asked Chen Mo to help find an art test teacher to help with her homework. Chen Mo gained Yao Menggui’s trust through this period of time. As long as he took the time, he would study the other party’s schedule, and found something strange in it.

In order to confirm his guess, Chen Mo found several former assistants of Yao Menggui one after another. Unexpectedly, these people seemed to be hiding something. He clearly praised Yao Menggui’s advantages, but his emotions fluctuated, showing a look of horror. Knowing that Yao Menggui likes to drive, Chen Mo immediately asked a friend to investigate. However, one of the two cars under Yao Menggui’s name was sold, and the other was sent to the auto repair shop for repairs. The reason is unknown.

Chen Mo helped Xiao Mu find a suitable art test teacher, but he didn’t expect that the other party was Liu Xuefei from the Film Academy, and she was the teacher of Yao Menggui’s previous class. Fortunately, Yao Menggui did not take a few classes in the four years of university. She and Liu Xuefei were not familiar with each other, but Xiao Mu avoided the possibility of exposure.

In the next few days, under Liu Xuefei’s rigorous training, Xiao Mu has made significant progress, but in the daily details, Chen Mo can find some problems, such as “Yao Menggui” who loves sports maintenance, but does not understand. Plank support skills, physical strength is far more unbearable than the impression.

Because Chen Mo couldn’t directly touch Yao Menggui’s personal belongings, he planned to find a way to enter Yao Menggui’s home, but Xiao Mu stayed at the door and refused to let in, and the opportunity was missed again. After arriving at the training room, Chen Mo took advantage of Xiao Mu and Liu Xuefei to watch the audition footage, and quietly took out the car maintenance order in Yao Menggui’s purse.

On the eve of starting the machine, Xiao Mu was encouraged by Liu Xuefei, and his self-confidence greatly increased. However, on the way to the shooting location, she suddenly noticed that a paparazzi was taking pictures of herself, so she rushed to snatch the camera, and saw pictures of Li Daixuan getting along with a wealthy businessman. Seeing Chen Mo coming over, Xiao Mu directly smashed the camera, but the destruction of the camera did not interfere with the contents of the memory card. Chen Mo deliberately reminded her that she could publish the photos, thereby diverting the influence of public opinion brought by Li Daixuan’s fans.

However, in Xiao Mu’s view, the so-called fame, wealth and vanity are like the sword of Damocles. It is precisely because of the things in the card that Li Daixuan’s suicide was caused. Seeing Xiao Mu angrily destroy the storage card, Chen Mo was shocked, so he asked her about the cause of the car accident and promised that he would never disclose the matter to the outside world.

Banana saw that Chen Mo had cleared up Yao Menggui’s suspicion, and couldn’t help but warn him as a paparazzi not to have any mercy. The creditor’s boss brought two of his men over to collect the debt, and even took the time to go to the bathroom to take a shower. Because of the bananas’ money, Chen Mo had to borrow money from Xiao Mu. After a while, the money had been put into the bank card, and Sister Banana came in from the door. Seeing this scene, she screamed in fright.

Thinking of hearing that Yao Meng had returned from a car accident today, Xiao Mu felt uneasy, so he quickly called and asked about the situation. Through Yao Menggui’s reply, Xiao Mu realized that during the years when the sisters were separated, Yao Menggui stopped looking for his biological sister all the time. Later, he suffered from depression due to work, which led to a car accident.

Knowing what happened to Yao Menggui, Xiao Mu was deeply moved, and promised to film the scene for her, and told her sister to rest at ease abroad. The crew arranged for Xiao Mu’s driver, Peng Fei, but Chen Mo saw that his left leg was inconvenient and did not say clearly. Xiao Mu had never stayed in such a good hotel, and couldn’t help staying in the room happily rolling around. As a result, this scene happened to be seen by Chen Mo, which was quite embarrassing.

The paper man Yanzi changed a lot, and he treated Chen Mo with enthusiasm. By the way, he arranged for him to live with Song Ci’s assistant Xiaobai. Xiao Mu always reminded himself that he was Yao Menggui, especially when facing the idol Song Ci, he concealed his inner emotions and still got along with him with Yao Menggui’s character.

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