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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 3 Recap

At least in Xiao Mu’s impression, the eldest sister Yao Menggui had a good relationship with Li Daixuan, and was even happy for Li Daixuan to win the role of the heroine. But now Li Daixuan suddenly jumped off the building to commit suicide. Thinking of her strange words before and Yao Menggui’s indifferent response, she had to make her suspicious.

Xiao Mu came to the cemetery to pay homage to Li Daixuan, and happened to meet her babysitter. Through the nanny’s narration, Xiao Mu learned that Li Daixuan had a miserable first half of her life, so she was deeply touched. On the way back, she couldn’t help crying. This surprised Chen Mo. After all, she even had tears in the cemetery just now. Can’t squeeze it out, but now it looks like a good girlfriend who misses her acquaintance.

After a day’s work, Chen Mo told Banana about his recent discoveries. He always felt that Xiao Mu had deliberately concealed something. He had accidentally caught a glimpse of her writing with his left hand, but once he noticed that someone had changed his right hand immediately, then The usual personality is a bit fickle.

Chen Mo sent Yao Menggui to the studio under the first snow and met the female producer Yanzi. When he took the time, he called Banana Sister to understand the situation of the show. By the way, he mixed into the crew and chatted, and learned more or less about the inside story. It was a good project under the first snow, but since Li Daixuan committed suicide, the situation has reversed sharply, she has changed from a good cake to a poisoned cake, and has to deal with fan conflicts every day, even the department staff’s salary has not been paid.

Wailian Wang met Yao Menggui and Li Daixuan to audition for the crew. In the end, Li Daixuan was selected to shoot. Basically, inside and outside the circle, everyone knows the close relationship between the two, but Chen Mo saw a scene that was different from what outsiders said. At this time, Yao Menggui had just changed his clothes, and Chen Mo was immediately surprised, because the Yanzi wanted Yao Menggui to accept the male protagonist Song’s resignation from the airport to do the makeup.

Coming to the airport, Xiao Mu was blocked by many media and fans as soon as she got off the car. He violently asked her to apologize in front of the camera. Chen Mo remembered his childhood experiences, so he rushed to take her away. The female producer Yanzi deliberately accused Sang and cursed Huai in front of Xiao Mu. Chen Mo couldn’t stand it. He responded to Yanzi on the spot and asked the filming party to issue a decent and comprehensive public statement for everyone’s common interests. At the same time, he explained to the public that Yao Menggui was to fulfill his friend’s last wish and rescue him. Field, so as to recover the losses caused today.

Yanzi was speechless by Chen Mozhen. Just as the two were at a stalemate, Xiao Mu suddenly came up with enthusiasm and gave the female producer a showdown in front of everyone. But when he returned to the car, Xiao Mu was still in shock, and hurriedly sent a message to Yao Menggui. At the same time, Song Ci was very dissatisfied with Yanzi’s behavior, and even said that if Yao Menggui strikes out the play, he will also leave the crew.

Considering the seriousness of the situation, Yanzi finally restrained his attitude and immediately ran to apologize to Xiao Mu, nodding and bowing all the way. The incident was calmed down, and after Xiao Mu returned home, he couldn’t help but praise Chen Mo’s performance with Yao Menggui. Thinking that the eldest sister would be able to play with Song Ci when she came back, both admiration and admiration, when she fell into the gentle intoxication of Song Ci, she didn’t expect the scene to change, and unexpectedly thought of Chen Mo pulling herself away from the crowd.

The female director Zhang Junzhuo returned from abroad. Last year, she won the best director awards in two film festivals with a small cost of literary and artistic films. So Hatsuki Xia was her second work. In fact, she wanted to win the award in one fell swoop, but it turned out that something happened. . Zhang Junzhuo had heard of Yao Menggui for a long time, and he didn’t like her at all. However, due to the pressure of the producer and the production company, he suggested that he should be given an audition opportunity, otherwise he would immediately be replaced. Since Xiao Mu had never filmed before, he was arranged to perform on camera before he came to the shooting location to calm his nervous emotions.

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