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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 19 Recap

Xiao Jinyu’s sudden anger surprised everyone present. On the contrary, after seeing Xiao Jinli take Chu Chu away, Jing Yi teased him meaningfully. On the way home, Chu Chu was puzzled. Xiao Jinli was just about to explain the reason, but was interrupted by County Cheng Tan Gui.

Because Tan Gui wanted to know the details of his father’s murder that day, he specifically came to Chu Chu. Chu Chu was embarrassed. After all, this case involved privacy, but Tan Gui was born as a son of man. If he didn’t know the whole story, he would have no face to face his mother. Just when Tan Guiyu was about to kneel down to ask, Chu Chu quickly pulled him up and had to tell the truth.

Tan Gui had a general idea, and with a sad expression on his face, he begged Chu Chu to help conceal it, and never tell Xiao Jinyu. When Tan Gui had just walked into the alley with his forefoot, Jing Yi suddenly blocked his way and asked him why there was no response after sending the letter to Chang’an. However, Tan Gui hoped that Jing Yi would not participate and not let down Jing Ge’s good intentions. .

Elder Jing Ge personally visited Princess Xiping, but he wanted her to facilitate the marriage between Leng Yue and Xiao Jinli. However, Princess Xiping knew Jing Ge’s old intentions, and she would not agree to it. Instead, she mentioned that the mother and concubine had given Mrs. Jing a pair of 100 alloy hairpins. Hearing this, Jing Ge was vigilant, so Mrs. Jing had many hairpins, and he didn’t remember to shirk the past.

When Chu Ping saw her daughter, he was always unhappy, and guessed that she should know the true identity of Xu Rugui. Chu He woke up to find that he was in the county office and was eagerly looking for Chu Chu. Xiao Jinyu satirized him when he saw his impure intentions for Chu Chu, so he was so ignorant. At first Chu He thought that Chu Chu had been killed and threatened Xiao Jinyu to fight him hard, until Xiao Jinyu took out the knives used by Xu Rugui when he fled, and he couldn’t help but feel guilty. After listening to Xiao Jinyu’s serious explanation of the serious consequences caused by this incident, Chu He knew that he was wrong, so he had to bear the crime with one effort and begged him to let his family go.

Leng Yue thought about it repeatedly and decided to inform Xiao Jinyu about the Jingyi private club Tan Gui, and then pretended to be Chu Chu and led the snake out of the cave. Jing Yi inferred from Tan Gui’s rhetoric that he was going to be against Chu Chu, so he followed all the way and saw Tan Gui stabbing Chu Chu with a sharp blade. At the critical moment, Xiao Jinli descended from the sky and easily subdued Tan Gui, and then Xiao Jinyu walked out from the side. Jing Yi was known to be exposed and simply appeared, and had no choice but to tell that Tan Gui was a secret whistle sent by the old Jingge.

In the end, after repeated questioning by Xiao Jinyu, Tan Gui put aside Jingyi’s suspicion of murder and claimed that he had been ordered to assassinate, it was because Chu Chu was the Xiao family to kill his father and enemy. Tan Gui originally intended to solve Chu Chu, so that everyone can escape from the case of the rebellion against the party and avoid accountability. However, Xiao Jinyu knows Chu Chu’s identity, but still wants to save her, knowing that Chu Chu is the instigation of Xiao Heng. Protector. Tan Gui was shocked when he heard the words, so he determined that the consort Xiao Heng was still in the world.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know that the so-called rebellion against the party had already spread in Chang’an. The officials gathered to discuss Xiao Jinyu’s reuse of Chu Chu. They laughed that he had dug a big hole for himself and let him sit and see how An County would be punished in the future. king. Han Ji was blocked by Qin Luan, so he clarified Chu Chu’s situation with the saints. Qin Luan was very proud of himself and discussed with Sun Deming in private about how to kill Chu Chu. It’s hard for a county king to protect her.

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