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No Boundary Season 2 玉昭令第二季 Episode 9 Recap

Duanmucui stunned the guard and woke up Zhanyan. Zhan Yan said that on the day of the peace talks, he was left in the camp and accidentally found Jiang Yi’s body in the prime minister’s camp. Duan Mucui had already believed that this foster father was not the real foster father. Thinking of him burying the dead soldiers in a hurry, both Duan Mucui and Zhan Yan knew that perhaps the false foster father mixed Jiang Yi’s body with the dead soldiers.

Duan Mucui intends to rush to stop Kuchang and Yang Jian, while Zhanyan goes to find Jiang Yi’s corpse to expose Jiang Wenqing’s true face. Tai Ao is in front of her mother’s tablet, and is bound to seek justice for her mother. Terran attacked the city in advance, and Tai Ao waited above Chongcheng.

The death of Ami made Yang Jian hate You Clan. The soldiers who died in the human race in the past few years also made Old Yue make up his mind to pay the blood debts of the You Race. The battle of Chongcheng was inevitable. The Terran attacked with artillery fire, and then ten thousand arrows were fired. Fuchang led the soldiers to start the battle of Chongcheng. Jiang Wenqing outside the battlefield looked satisfied.

On the battlefield, the sword has no eyes, and life and death are only a moment. Huchang was brave and good at fighting, killing many Youzus, but he was also injured, and his armor exploded in an instant. The gnat couple launched a fierce offensive against him. Kuchang killed the female gnat and died with the male gnat.

Under Chongcheng, blood flowed into a river, Jiang Wenqing announced that Huchang had died in battle and ordered a retreat and repairs. He just waited for Duanmucui to help the coffin to fight, and then he would not be far from the day of consecration. Duan Mucui ran to the battlefield, holding the corpse of Huban in grief. People from Wengu and You Clan appeared and blocked their way.

Duan Mucui said that all this was a misunderstanding, and hoped that Wen Gu could give her some time. Wen Gu repayed that she let Duan Mucui and Yang Jian leave last time. Duan Mucui confronted Jiang Wenqing at the funeral of Kuchang, and Yang Jian mediated it to prevent her from further confronting her adoptive father. Jiang Wenqing used this to let Duan Mucui make up for her merits and let her help the coffin on the expedition.

Duanmucui thought of Zhanyan’s words, and took his orders temporarily so as not to startle the snake. Yang Jian was puzzled. In the past, the adoptive father always felt that he had to repair after the war, but now he let Duanmucui help the coffin to go out. Jiang Wenqing lied to him, but he also planted the seeds of doubt in Yang Jian’s heart. Yang Jian wanted to replace Duanmucui, but Jiang Wenqing refused.

Duan Mucui looked for Zhang Yan in front of the soldier’s tomb, and unexpectedly remembered his childhood memories. Zhan Yan finally found Jiang Yi’s body in the tombs of the soldiers, and Duan Mucui saw the body of his adoptive father. The maid serving Madam Jiang was eroded by old anger and attempted to hurt Madam Jiang, but she was stopped by Miss Hexue in time. Afterwards, Shangguan Ce thanked Miss Hexue and let her stay in Kaifeng.

Ms. Hexue also knows that it is safer to open the city, but she considers that the You Race is stronger than the Human Race, and once infected with the old qi, the lethality will be stronger. Shangguance knew her concerns, but repeatedly asked her to stay.

However, Miss Hexue had already decided to leave, and when the old anger of unsealing disappeared, she would return with You Clan. Before leaving, Miss Hexue gave him a quill made of her own feathers as a parting gift and souvenir. Yang Jianxing saw that Shangguan Ce was interested in Miss Hexue, he comforted Shangguan Cedao, and she would naturally come back when the old anger dissipated.

Yang Jian also hung a jade pendant with Duanmu’s name on his body, but he did not admit that he hung it because he was worried about forgetting Duanmu, and only said that it was a gift for the returning Duanmu. Duan Mucui told Zhan Yan that he had arrived too late, and that Kuchang, Yue Lao, and many soldiers had already died in battle.

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