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No Boundary Season 2 玉昭令第二季 Episode 8 Recap

Zhan Yan reveals Jiang Wenqing’s true identity, but Yang Jian does not believe it. Duanmucui asked Zhanyan to release her foster father, but Zhanyan asked them to release Wen Gu and Hongluan first. Jiang Wenqing had to order them to let Wen Gu and Hongluan go. Shen Yuan’s obliteration made Zhanyan distracted for a moment. Huban stabbed Zhanyan with a sword, and Jiang Wenqing was able to escape. Everyone raised their swords to Zhanyan, and Duan Mucui stood in front of him.

Regardless of Duan Mucui’s pleading, Jiang Wenqing insisted on taking Zhang Yan into prison. Tai Ao returned to Chongcheng. Not long after he got together with his mother, he saw his mother die before his own eyes. One can imagine how painful his heart was. Hong Luan reminded him that this matter was full of doubts, and he must cheer up. Tai Ao became more and more angry with the human race, and gradually wanted to avenge her mother by killing.

Duan Mucui asked about what happened on the day of the peace talks. Jiang Wenqing slandered Wen Gu (Tai Ao) and made trouble with them first. He also said that the You Clan’s premeditated plan was inevitable and the battle of Chongcheng was inevitable. Regardless of Duan Mucui’s obstacles, he ordered Huban to be the master, and asked him to hurry up and practice. Even the tombs of the dead soldiers, Jiang Wenqing chose to keep everything simple, in order to avoid delaying the time of the Chongcheng War. Duan Mucui returned to the camp.

There was Ami’s breath everywhere. She seemed to see Ami’s figure, but the fact was that Ami was dead. The words of the adoptive father are completely different from those of Wen Gu and Zhanyan. Duanmucui doesn’t know who to believe. But remembering that not long ago, the foster father used to watch the sand table. If he was focused on peace talks, this would not be necessary. Duan Mucui went to see Zhanyan in jail, and happened to meet his adoptive father.

The foster father prevented her from visiting Zhanyan, and Duan Mucui had to leave. After Duanmucui left, Jiang Wenqing instructed people not to allow anyone to visit Zhanyan, especially Duanmucui. The You Clan made a memorial service for Mrs. Wen, and the You Clan is about to avenge Mrs. Wen. Hongluan reminded Wen Gu that maybe Duanmucui didn’t know about these things. People from the You clan got the news, and Zhanyan was framed and imprisoned in prison.

Since Human Race’s treachery is first, Wen Gu decided to fight Human Race desperately. Duan Mucui went to look for Yang Jian, she learned that Yang Jian and Ami did not see the scene in the tent, everything was the words of the foster father alone. Yang Jian heard that she was suspicious of her foster father, and was a little bit angry, so she didn’t give her time to find out the matter, and continued to arrange the war.

Duan Mucui saw that the adoptive father deliberately incited the soldiers’ hatred of the You Clan, she even more doubted whether the current adoptive father was not the true adoptive father as Zhanyan said. She deliberately tried to prove that this person was not a foster father, because it is impossible for the foster father to remember that he never taught himself to ride a horse.

That night, Duan Mucui once again dreamed of the ghost that repeatedly reminded her not to awaken her “self”, and after waking up, she began to want to show her what she had said before. Jiang Wenqing set out to attack Chongcheng anxiously, but Duan Mucui couldn’t stop it, thinking of going to Zhanyan to ask clearly, maybe he knew the ins and outs of the whole thing. Shangguance kept engraving their names in the room, and Madam Jiang inadvertently thought of Jiang Wenqing.

Madam Jiang left in despair, and Shangguan Ce found that the engraved characters had disappeared again. He continued to carve on the table with a knife, even if his hands were bleeding. Jun Yang Jianxing reminded him that they could not violate the law of heaven. They wanted to erase a trace of existence, and the recording speed could not keep up with the speed at which it disappeared. Taking advantage of Jiang Wenqing’s army to go out to fight, Duan Mucui entered the prison and stunned the guards who looked after Zhanyan.

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