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No Boundary Season 2 玉昭令第二季 Episode 7 Recap

The prime minister chose Gao Boqian to go forward with him. Duan Mucui noticed that the foster father had recently changed the carpet of the camp, and Zhan Yan felt that the prime minister was like a different person again. He thinks You Clan has spells, and they need to think of a complete strategy, because Yang Jian is good at hunting, and the prime minister asked him to secretly set up his formation in the camp of peace talks. Zhan Yan went to see the prime minister and found that there was a strong incense in his camp, and there seemed to be a different smell under the thick incense.

He took the initiative to help the prime minister relieve his head illness, deliberately called him the wrong adoptive father, and proposed tomorrow’s peace talks that he and Duan Mucui would also go with him. The prime minister refused and let him stay in the camp. After coming out, Zhan Yan thought of the details of the prime minister’s performance. He became more and more sure that the prime minister was his foster father Jiang Wenqing, but he did not understand why Jiang Wenqing appeared here.

Wen Gu asked her mother to go to the peace talks with her tomorrow, just to see her homeland, Mrs. Wen was very happy. Both Zhanyan and Duanmucui are looking forward to tomorrow’s peace talks, but he is worried that something will happen, and hopes that Duanmucui will be more careful. He himself was ordered to stay in the camp.

On the second day, ten miles away from the place of peace talks, the prime minister asked them to stay and Yang Jian would accompany him there. Duanmucui took the initiative to ask Ying to follow to protect the safety of her foster father, but was rejected. Duanmucui had to take a step back and let them take Ami.

Zhanyan sneaked into the prime minister’s camp and found that the incense was also lit when no one was in the camp. He suddenly realized that the prime minister must have used the incense to cover up some smell, and then lifted the new carpet on the ground and saw that there was a mixture of blood. He used the sword to dig through the earth, and he saw Jiang Yi’s body impressively.

Here, the prime minister smoothly signed a peace agreement with Wen Gu. He ordered people to bring the wine. The people who poured the wine were frightened and accidentally poured the wine into Mrs. Wen’s hand. Mrs. Wen’s bracelet changed color. After practicing medicine for many years, she realized that wine was poisonous and knocked over the wine glass in Wen Gu’s hand. Jiang Wenqing did not admit that the wine was poisonous. Madam Wen deliberately raised the wine glass to let him drink. Jiang Wenqing signaled Gao Boqian to go over.

Gao Boqian wanted to assassinate Wen Gu with a dagger, but was blocked by Mrs. Wen. Wen Gu was heartbroken and wanted to use spiritual power to deal with Jiang Wenqing, but accidentally touched the formation. Yang Jian and others who were waiting outside broke in. Seeing that the formation was about to fail, Jiang Wenqing had nothing to do. Zhanyan issued a signal flare to warn that Duanmucui’s peace talks had changed. Duanmucui believed in Zhanyan and immediately went to the place of peace talks with Kuchang.

Wen Gu, who had lost his mother, slayed after the formation failed. Jiang Wenqing pulled Gao Boqian over to block the injury. Gao Boqian was seriously injured and asked him for help. Jiang Wenqing dismissed it. Gao Boqian may only wake up now that he was deceived by Jiang Wenqing, but it was too late. In the eyes of Yang Jian and others, it was Wen Gu’s betrayal. The prime minister ordered them to be killed, and Yang Jin turned around in surprise.

At this moment, the You Clan stab Yang Jian, and Ami blocked him. It didn’t take long to die. Yang Jian immediately vented his anger on Wen Gu, without noticing that Jiang Wenqing had left. Looking at the dead Mrs. Wen and Ami in his arms, Duan Mucui was distressed, and the scene of life and death flashed through the battlefield in his mind. Jiang Wenqing escaped and ran into Zhanyan head-on.

He claimed that he had found Jiang Yi’s body and knew that the current prime minister was his adoptive father Jiang Wenqing. Zhanyan asked him why he did this, Jiang Wenqing made no secret that he must attack Chongcheng, regain the godhead, and reshape the order of the world. Jiang Mo once passed the memory to Jiang Wenqing, so he knew that Shen Yuan could be used to change history or make history repeat itself.

Jiang Wenqing kept saying that it was for the people and for the unsealing after a thousand years, but in Zhanyan’s eyes, he was only for selfish desires. Duan Mucui, Wen Gu and others were arguing, and Zhang Yan hijacked Jiang Wenqing and walked in.

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