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No Boundary Season 2 玉昭令第二季 Episode 6 Recap

A box came out of a woman’s voice, Wen Gu let her out, Can Mei said that King You confined her here, forcing her to vomit blood and spin silk day and night, and practice the heart-devouring curse. Wen Gu promised to let her be free, but only if she would come up with an antidote to help the people of You Clan who had been caught in the Heart-Biting Curse. Jiang Wenqing directed and performed an assassination scene, slandering You Clan to assassinate him.

Duan Mucui insisted that Wen Gu would not assassinate him, but instead let the soldiers plant the seeds of suspicion on her. Jiang Wenqing used this to prepare Huban to attack the city, and Zhanyan found that the assassin had no weapons in his hands, only the tokens of the You Clan, which he doubted. Jiang Wenqing used Yang Jian’s deep affection for Jiang Yi with his father and son, and planned to use him to make him stare at Duanmu Cui.

Zhanyan told Duanmucui that the assassination was different, and Duanmucui also felt that the current adoptive father’s temperament had changed drastically. What they have to do now is to find evidence so that Wen Gu and Hongluan have no worries. At this time, Youwang decided to use the death squad to let the people attack the city with no return. Crane tried to persuade, but was seriously injured by the cruel temperament You King.

Yuelongmen is the plaything of King You. Although it is not to be seen, it supports King You’s bloodthirsty and brutal hands. You Wang ordered Gnats to serve as the striker, and they were forced to express their willingness. But Wen Gu appeared and accused King You of harming the innocent Li people for his own selfish desires. You Wang thought he had the Heart-Biting Curse and he was in control, but he didn’t know that Wen Gu had already solved the Heart-Biting Curse for those soldiers.

The soldier’s knife was aimed at Youwang in an instant. You Wang understood that Wen Gu had colluded with Can Mei long ago. Wen Gu solved the heart-biting curse of everyone in the hall, You Wang sneered, Wen Gu was too immature compared to him, and showed his hole card before he could figure out the enemy’s bottom line.

Youwang’s mana was powerful, and he instantly shook those knives away, and Wen Gu was beaten to vomit blood. Mrs. Wen arrived in time and told Hongluan Youwang’s fate in advance. While Mrs. Wen was talking to King You, distracting him, Hong Luan stabbed King You’s Nilin and Mingmen. Mrs. Wen rescued King You, which indirectly caused the people of the You clan to suffer from the war. All this should also be resolved by Mrs. Wen.

Soon, Wen Gu became the new king of the You Clan, and he sent a settlement note to the Human Clan. The prime minister did not have any objections, and let it go and stamped the reconciliation book. His subtle movements after stamping the seal reminded Zhan Yan of his adoptive father Jiang Wenqing. Yang Jian and Shangguance used the wind to collect some of the old anger from the unsealing, but this was only a temporary measure.

Yang Jian was also affected by the old mood and forgot the names of Zhanyan and Duanmucui. Shangguance took out the handwriting, and the two thought of Zhanyan. Shangguance said he had to think of a way to write down their names. In order to make Youwang forget the pain and ambition, Mrs. Wen decided to let Hongluan create a peach blossom illusion for Youwang, even if once entered, she would never be able to get out again.

Wen Gu became the new king, appointed Hong Luan as Daya, and led the Zuo Division, while the Gnats and his wife led the Right Division. The official positions and affairs of other people remained unchanged. Lihou disagreed and opposed it in court, accusing Wen Gu of favoring the human race. Wen Gu’s persuasion made them no longer have any objections. The Human Race has agreed to the peace talks, and the place of the peace talks is at the intersection of Human Race Daying and Chongcheng.

Duan Mucui and Zhanyan drafted a peace agreement and handed it to Prime Minister Jiang, but he didn’t even look at it. Hearing that Prime Minister Jiang requested that both parties to the peace talks be streamlined, Duan Mucui asked the reason, and Prime Minister Jiang casually found an excuse to stall. During the peace talks, he planned to take Gao Boqian with him. Duanmucui said that Gao Boqian could not be reused, but the foster father said that she had too deep a prejudice against Gao Boqian.

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