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No Boundary Season 2 玉昭令第二季 Episode 10 Recap

Zhan Yan said that he had found the prime minister’s body, and the body was not damaged. They could go and expose Jiang Wenqing’s true face. Duanmu Cui clenched his fists in hatred, wondering why Jiang Wenqing wanted to kill her foster father, and why he did all this. Zhanyan told her that Jiang Wenqing came from the unseal after a thousand years and was a descendant of Jiang Yi. He accidentally obtained the memory of Jiang Yi before he was enshrined in the gods.

He stubbornly believed that the catastrophe of the three races was caused by the vegetarian meal of the corpse of the Penglai immortal, so he wanted history to repeat itself. After the victory in Chongcheng, he re-appointed the gods. Duanmucui wanted to know the outcome of the battle between You and Humans, and Zhanyan told the truth. When he finished speaking, Duanmucui was already in tears. Although Zhanyan could not prove what he said, Duan Mucui chose to believe everything he said.

Duanmucui took Yang Jian to the cemetery and saw Jiang Yi’s body. Yang Jian inspected the body and found that he was really his adoptive father. Duanmucui told Yang Jian the truth, and Yang Jian was distraught and tacitly cooperated with Duanmu to expose Jiang Wenqing’s true face in public. On the day that the coffin was on the march, the real Jiang Yi’s corpse was not lying in the coffin of Huchang. Jiang Wenqing refused to admit it, and Zhan Yan took out a dagger as evidence.

Duan Mucui took his hand and looked at it. Sure enough, he found that there were scars on his hand. Yang Jian couldn’t wait to kill Jiang Wenqing, Duan Mucui stopped him, only saying that it would not be too late to kill after the trial. Jiang Wenqing said in Zhanyan’s ear that they were running out of time, and he was waiting for Zhanyan to save himself. The soldiers begged Yang Jian to hand over Jiang Wenqing to You Clan for peace, but Yang Jian disagreed.

Duan Mucui also wanted to kill his adoptive father’s enemy, but compared with the great event of peaceful coexistence with the You tribe, personal feelings were really insignificant. After listening to Duanmucui’s words, Yang Jian finally agreed to send Jiang Wenqing to Chongcheng tomorrow. Zhanyan knew that his foster father had done a lot of wrongdoing, and he was responsible for this fate.

Zhan Yan went to see Jiang Wenqing in jail, and Duan Mucui heard clearly the conversation between the two. Only then did she understand that this was really Shen Yuan, Jiang Wenqing was sent to You Clan, if he died, Zhan Yan would not survive. Because of those weird dreams, Duan Mucui was convinced that he was an illusory existence, and that the lying talent was the real Duan Mucui.

Duan Mucui went to Yang Jian and asked him to tell himself about Shen Yuan. Yang Jian said that Shen Yuan is a world parallel to the present world. According to legend, Shen Yuan is the past. People with the blood of the goddess can open Shen Yuan, and people in the world can also go to Shen Yuan, but both the world and Shen Yuan will erase the traces of this person. And the person with the blood of the goddess can merge with himself in Shen Yuan, but if he can’t remember the past, he can only perish in Shen Yuan until his death.

Terran escorted Jiang Wenqing to Chongcheng, but Jiang Wenqing’s body temporarily became transparent, causing him to escape. You clan thought that this was the human clan’s trick again, and was completely enraged, Wen Gu decided to fight the human clan to the death. Duanmucui asked Zhanyan about the city of Kaifeng. Zhanyan said that the people of Kaifeng live and work in peace and harmony.

Duan Mucui is worried that history will repeat itself, and she doesn’t know if they have time to stop this fierce battle. Zhanyan comforted her by saying that it was too late, as long as this battle could be stopped. Duan Mucui thought, if Shen Yuan really drove because of her, she should also end it. She was ready to die, in exchange for her own death to reconcile the Human Race and You Race. Zhanyan decided to go to Chongcheng to persuade Wen Gu, which was considered to be for Duanmucui, and Yang Jian agreed to go.

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