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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 9 Recap

Xue Qianxun came to Zangshu Pavilion to find his past. The Zangshu Pavilion only records the results of his punishment for leaving the self-defense without permission. The details of the case about his leaving the self-defense without permission have disappeared. He ordered Gexingjun and Xueqian. Xun Du was surprised and puzzled.

In her dream, Liu Ying was alone in the Fallen Valley. She remembered that she had been given a sky full of flow in the past. Long Yan’s hazy figure appeared in front of her. She wanted to keep Long Yan, but Long Yan disappeared, Liu Ying Also awakened by this. Qingqing hurried over when she heard Liuying’s movement, she took out the Liuying paper dragon. When Liu Ying saw the paper dragon, she had a familiar feeling. She hurried back to Xiahou Mansion, and Long Yan happened to be in Liuying’s room at this time. , It’s just that Liu Ying couldn’t see the dragon flame of the soul.

Liu Ying recalled that she had buried an important thing in Luoying Valley. She came to Luoying Valley to search, but she could not find the old one. Long Yan appeared in front of Liu Ying again. He told Liu Ying that all this was a dream. Once the dream wakes up, everything will change. Everything about Long Yan is familiar to Liu Ying. She cannot find this familiar love in Xu Zhiyuan, so she wants to stay in her dream and never wake up. Long Yan only hugged Liu Ying tightly. He wished In exchange for a thousand years of spiritual power, this dream is not awake.

Xu Zhiyuan was the number one winner in the exam, and the lintel of Xu’s mansion was brilliant. Although Xu Zhiyuan was good at liuying, he was just like a guest. Soon after, Xiahou Mansion was ransacked, and only Xiahouxue was saved by Long Yan. Xia Houxue blamed Long Yan for not saving her parents. She played with her temper in every possible way.

Although Xu Zhiyuan wanted to save Xiahou’s family, they were involved in a big treason case. He could only do his best, and he heard about Xiahou. Xue’s husband-in-law is the Dragon Demon. I’m afraid that Xia Houxue has been harmed by the Dragon Demon. No one in the world believes in Long Yan, but Liu Ying believes in Long Yan. Long Yan is very pleased. A letter to Xu Zhiyuan, this letter can save Xiahou Yifu.

In the Longyin Pond, Master Ge Xing was trapped by love when he mentioned Long Yan, but he was afraid that Long Yan would not be able to pass this love trial. As long as he can protect Liu Ying and considerately, even if it is love, Long Yan is not afraid. At this time, Qingqing brought Liu Ying unwell, and she was pregnant with the news that she was two months pregnant. Long Yan worried that Liu Ying hurried to Xu Mansion, and Ming Ge Xingjun also unexpectedly knew Qing Qing and Long Yan. He was learning about Qing Qing. Once went to Luofeng Pavilion to steal a floating pipa and saw Xueqian looking for it, it was even more shocking.

When Long Yan came to Xu’s mansion, he watched Liu Ying give birth to Xu Zhiyuan’s children, and he felt uncomfortable in all manners. He had expected this scene from when he married Liu Ying to others, but he did not expect that he would Extremely tormented, more painful than going through Thunder Tribulation. In Luofeng Pavilion, Bing Xing brought the news of Liu Ying’s pregnancy. As long as Liu Ying died of dystocia, they could return to Ying Yuanshen to fill Skynet. Xueqian sought to repair Skynet and decided to act according to Bingxing’s words. .

When Liuying gave birth, the people of Luo Hengge detained the child’s soul, causing Liuying to have a difficult childbirth. Seeing Liuying’s pain, Long Yan was afraid that Liuying would have a case. Regardless of his own safety, he forcibly summoned the inner alchemy and went to Luofeng Pavilion as a clone. Bing Xing was ordered by Xue Qianxun to stop the child’s soul, and Long Yan trespassed into Luofeng Pavilion. His clone was not Xue Qianxun’s opponent, but he still tried his best to retrieve the treasure box, release the child’s soul, let Liu Ying gave birth to the child safely.

Seeing Long Yan who did everything so hard to save Liuying, Xue Qianxun was very puzzled. He didn’t understand the value of love. Long Yan only said. If Xueqian seeks to end his love forever in this life, then it is Xue Qianxun. Xun’s luck is also the loss of Xueqian Xun. Seeing Long Yan leaving behind, Xue Qianxun only ordered to go down, so that people could not move a hair.

Long Yan asked Qingqing to take care of Liuying. He bought a lot of tonics and clothes for Liuying, and let Qingqing accept it on her behalf. Qingqing sighed about Longyan’s love for Liuying. Xue Qianxun happened to be looking for Qingqing. When he saw this scene, he only misunderstood the relationship between the two. He was jealous and pulled Qingqing forward, telling Qingqing that she was from Luofeng Pavilion, not from Long Yan.

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