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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 4 Recap

Jiang Coke turned his head to look at Lu Xiao and was very surprised. Su Lie thought it was Jiang Coke and Fushun’s grandma, but Lu Xiao said that Fushun’s grandma would not wear a helmet in the room. Jiang Coke looked at Lu Xiao in a daze and couldn’t help but reach out and touch it. Lu Xiao’s face confirmed that he was a real person, but Lu Xiao fell over his shoulders and threw Jiang Coke to the ground. Jiang Coke fainted for a while, looking at the four people who looked the same as the virtual lovers in front of him, and began to guess Xu Guanghan and them.

Several people thought that there were regulations in the secret garden. If a stranger entered the secret garden, he would report it. Jiang Coke was worried about losing his job and quickly begged the four to give him ten minutes to explain. Jiang Coke first talked about his poor life and took Xu Nian’s sympathy, and then promised to bribe Roco with junk food every day, and then threatened Su Lie, who was socially terrified, saying that if he left, he would later New people come to get along with Su Lie.

Jiang Coke easily convinced Xu Nian, Luo Ke, and Su Lie, but Lu Xiao’s personality was very cold. Jiang Coke told that he had run into Lu Xiao that day. Lu Xiao remembered the girl he kissed at the subway station, but still Pretending to be unaware, Jiang Kele pleaded bitterly and acted like a baby to Lu Xiao in every possible way. Only then did Lu Xiao agree to keep it a secret.

Jiang Coke successfully passed the test, and was going out triumphantly to find Grandma Fushun. Grandma Fushun looked at Jiang Coke’s expression and wondered if she saw someone in the secret garden that she shouldn’t have seen. Jiang Coke didn’t dare to tell Grandma Fushun herself. I did meet the four of them.

Grandma Fushun didn’t swindle, but she still told Jiang Coke that no matter what she saw in the secret garden, she shouldn’t reveal a word to the outside world. Jiang Coke quickly said that she knew, she still wanted to Continue to do this high-paying cleaning job. Grandma Fushun’s legs are also good. She plans to go to her own freedom, give the job to Jiang Coke, and make money by herself.

Guan Qianya attacked the virtual lover. Fans of the virtual lover hacked the website of Guan Qianya’s company. Now when you open and switch the website of Qianya’s company, a picture of Guan Qianya with a big cross will appear. Guan Qianya is furious and makes people feel angry. Notify the technical department to fix the website, and the legal department is prepared to sue fans who have hacked the website.

Fans not only hacked the website of Guan Qianya’s company, but also sent cut dolls to Guan Qianya as a threat. Although Guan Qianya was a bit speechless, she thought it was all stupid things done by stupid women, and she didn’t want to go. She cared too much. She was very happy to see Jiang Coke, and asked her if she had encountered something. Jiang Coke wanted to speak, but when she thought of Grandma Fushun’s instructions, she still didn’t say it.

Instead, she changed the subject and said Guan Qianya. I can’t find a boyfriend, but there are not a few people who have chased Guan Qianya since childhood. Guan Qianya just wanted to find a man equal to her. Jiang Coke suddenly thought that Xu Guanghan was the person Guan Qianya said. Guan Qianya listened to Jiang. Coke’s words are too angry.

Jiang Coke went to the secret garden to clean up that day, and kept his promise to bring them hot pot. Before they returned from training, Jiang Coke cleaned the room for them. He saw that the bear doll in Lu Xiao’s room was dirty, so he took the doll.

I went to wash it. After the four of Lu Xiao came back, Xu Nian and the others started eating hot pot, but Lu Xiao went back to the room. He found that Jiang Coke was very angry after washing his little bear doll, and was furious at Jiang Coke. Jiang Coke was a bit wronged. Feeling that Lu Xiao was too unreasonable, she couldn’t help but decided to retaliate against Lu Xiao.

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