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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 3 Recap

After Guan Qianya returned home, she began to experience the virtual lover glasses that Manager Cui bought for her. After she put on the glasses, the surrounding scene did not change much, but suddenly there was an express delivery. After Guan Qianya signed for the delivery, the courier suddenly got started. The robbery, when Guan Qianya was threatened, Su Lie, one of the virtual lovers, suddenly appeared to protect Guan Qianya, but Guan Qianya was very disdainful. When the system saw that Guan Qianya was unmoved, Su Lie disappeared, replaced by Lu Xiao.

Lu Xiao greeted Guan Qianya with concern, but Guan Qianya said that she wanted Lu Xiao to disappear. After Lu Xiao disappeared, the scene turned into snow. Roco held a cup of hot cocoa and gave it to Guan Qianya, but Guan Qianya said that she could not drink because of insomnia. It was Xu Nian who appeared. The two played the piano with four hands in the woods. The atmosphere was good, but when Xu Nian was about to kiss Guan Qianya, Guan Qianya slapped Xu Nian.

This experience made Guan Qianya treat these four The virtual lover is very disdainful and feels that it is just that. She went to the company for a meeting and asked her subordinates to put forward plans for the company’s development, but the subordinates’ proposals were not feasible. Guan Qianya broke up angrily. Manager Cui called Guan Qianya again, saying that the company’s performance has been increasing year by year because of the appearance of virtual lovers. Decline, the investor Jipeng Fund is ready to divest.

Guan Qianya decided to fight back against Yao Entertainment and wrote an article criticizing virtual lovers on the Internet. This article caused a huge response on the Internet. Xu Guanghan was not worried after learning the news, and asked Reina to share the popularity of that article. Top to the highest, so that the majority of girlfriends of virtual lovers will spontaneously attack Guan Qianya, and Xu Guanghan does not need to do anything at all. As Xu Guanghan expected, Guan Qianya’s article caused a frantic attack from fans of virtual lovers, who abused Guan Qianya online.

After Jiang Coke finished cleaning, she almost ran into the four of Lu Xiao. She remembered the instructions of Grandma Fushun to her, so she ran away from the other side. After Jiang Coke finished the sanitation, she went to the hospital to have an intercourse with Grandma Fushun. Fushun Grandma praised her with great satisfaction, and asked her to help herself with cleaning work in the future. After the salary was paid, she would drink ginger cola half-and-half, which is definitely more than ginger cola’s work in a beauty shop.

Jiang Kele also saw Guan Qianya’s article on the way home. She was very worried about Guan Qianya’s comfort, but Guan Qianya didn’t take it to heart. But early the next morning, Guan Qianya’s downstairs was blocked by fans. Jiang Kele hurriedly told Guan Qianya not to go downstairs, but Guan Qianya had to go to work. Jiang Kele drove Guan Qianya’s car to attract the attention of fans and let Guan Qianya leave the community smoothly, but after arriving at the company, there were still a group of fans.

Waiting downstairs at Guan Qianya’s company, Manager Cui got out of the car first to attract firepower for Guan Qianya, angrily fans smashed eggs at Manager Cui, but Guan Qianya calmly got out of the car with an umbrella printed with a virtual lover. Fans were afraid of dirtying the virtual lover’s umbrella, so they stopped attacking.

That day, Jiang Coke brought her lunch Mala Tang to the secret garden to clean up. After cleaning and leaving, she found that she had pulled the Mala Tang in the secret garden. She hurried back to get it, but she met Lu Xiao and the four who came back. Jiang Coke remembered the location where Grandma Fushun told her to hide, and quickly hid, but forgot to bring Mala Tang into the hiding place. Luo Ke Xunian and others discovered Mala Tang. Several people had never eaten junk food under Xu Guanghan’s control. , Couldn’t help but taste it curiously, Jiang Coke was about to take the opportunity to slip away, but was discovered by Lu Xiao.

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