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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 2 Recap

Jiang Coke was surprised when the virtual character Lu Xiao appeared in the real world. She pulled Lu Xiao and asked. In order to get rid of Jiang Coke, Lu Xiao lied to her that as long as she closed her eyes and let go of her hand, he would say, silly Jiang Coke. Believe it is true, after she did so, Lu Xiao had already escaped. Jiang Coke returned home in a daze.

Guan Qianya was angry because Jiang Coke didn’t come to help her offline date rescue for Lu Xiao’s birthday party, but Jiang Coke was thinking about landing Xiao, so Guan Qianya would be unconscious. , She went back to the room and put on her glasses, allowing Lu Xiao in the virtual world to accompany her to repeat the scene just now, feeling that she must have met the real Lu Xiao.

Xu Guanghan, the founder of Virtual Lovers, is a meticulous and very arrogant person. He is vigorous and decisive at work. He is very proud and proud of the products he has created. He was invited to participate in a talk show, but he repeatedly sarcastically hosted on the show. The host asked him what he thinks about the criticism of virtual lovers from the outside world. Xu Guanghan said that his products have brought perfect love to single women.

Now he has also entered the field of youth learning and counseling and care for the elderly, and his products have brought it. Good social effect, not accepting outside criticism. Guan Qianya asked her subordinates to buy herself a virtual lover’s product in order to know herself and the enemy. The subordinate reminded Guan Qianya not to indulge in it. Guan Qianya was confident and said that she has strong self-control.

Jiang Coke also thought of the grandmother who was hospitalized because of him, so he borrowed 10,000 yuan from Guan Qianya to go to the hospital to pay for the medical expenses, and went to visit the ward. The old grandmother had a very aggressive personality and spoke straightforwardly. Before Jiang Coke came in, He also scolded a nurse who came to deliver the meal. Jiang Coke first greeted the grandmother and said that he hoped that the grandmother would pay back the medical expenses when she recovered.

After all, in the strict sense, she did not run the red light. The grandmother said that she She was unable to work because of a broken bone in a car accident. If Jiang Coke could help her with the work during this time, he would return the money to Jiang Coke. Jiang Coke hurriedly asked what kind of job he was and whether he could do it. The old lady said that his job was cleaning. In order to get the money back, Jiang Coke could only agree.

When Guan Qianya went home, she was a little angry when she saw Jiang Coke. She felt that she was so old and still indulged in the virtual lover game. She was very unmotivated. She asked her what she borrowed money for today. Jiang Coke said the whole story and said herself At the subway station, he was forced to kiss by the real Lu Xiao, but Guan Qianya didn’t believe it, and even felt that Jiang Coke could no longer distinguish between virtual and reality, but Jiang Coke said with certainty that he had a clear distinction. Guan Qianya reminded Jiang Coke No matter how beautiful or perfect Lu Xiao is, he is just a virtual character. Jiang Coke is very stubborn, and Guan Qianya is helpless to friends.

The next day Jiang Coke was still sleeping late. Lu Xiao, the virtual boyfriend, woke up Jiang Coke and reminded her to help her grandma with her work. Jiang Coke came to the secret garden of her working place according to her instructions. As instructed, Jiang Coke put on grandma’s cleaning clothes and a helmet to prevent the security from discovering that the cleaning was replaced.

She observed the mansion curiously, but remembered that the grandma had told her not to be curious, as long as she worked hard. That’s it. Jiang Coke took her heart and started working, but what she didn’t know was that this secret garden was Xu Guanghan’s industry and the research and development base for virtual lovers. Xu Guanghan came to the secret garden to inspect the work after the show, and the assistant Leina reported to him. The data completion of the four virtual lovers, but Xu Guanghan is very dissatisfied.

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