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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 1 Recap

For a long time, people have been longing for perfect love, perfect lovers, and the junk food generated by social software makes love cheap. Now people’s imagination of love can be satisfied through science and technology. There are technology companies that target people’s love for love. Desire to develop a virtual lover, as long as you wear special glasses, you can get a perfect lover.

On New Year’s Eve, Jiang Coke went out to buy gifts for her boyfriend. After she came out of the mall, she found that there were many girls around talking and chatting to the air, and they were laughing very sweetly. She was a little puzzled and didn’t take two steps, but one sales promotion. The clerk stopped her and promoted her virtual lovers glasses. Jiang Coke put on the glasses and experienced it for a while. She only found it very magical, but she said that she already had a boyfriend, so she refused to promote her and leave.

After buying gifts, Jiang Coke planned to take the subway to work in a convenience store. On the way, he received a call from his father. Jiang Coke’s father was running a boat at sea. It was good to go home for the New Year, but because the work has not been completed, he could only break the appointment, but he Said I bought a New Year’s gift for Jiang Coke. Jiang Coke was a little disappointed, but she could understand her father’s work. When she arrived at the convenience store, the boss said that Jiang Coke was five minutes late and wanted to fire her. Jiang Coke was speechless and turned to leave.

Jiang Coke didn’t have to work at night, so he made an appointment with her boyfriend in advance, hoping that he would accompany him on the New Year’s Eve and watch the fireworks by the river, but her boyfriend ruthlessly broke up with Jiang Coke, saying that he had fallen in love with someone else. She was shocked, lost her job and lost her boyfriend. She stood on the riverside and watched the New Year’s Eve fireworks by herself. She acquiesced in three wishes. One was to reunite with her father as soon as possible, the other was to find a good job, and the third was to find a better job Good boyfriend.

Jiang Coke returned home disheartenedly. Roommate Guan Qianya hadn’t returned yet. Jiang Coke saw the express on the table and knew it was the gift his father said. She opened it and found that it was the salesman today. She puts on her glasses, the virtual lover Lu Xiao suddenly appeared next to her to wish her a happy new year, but Jiang Coke said that she was not happy at all, but Lu Xiao confidently said that he could make her happy, so he brought it with him. She went to the convenience store and said that the convenience store was already owned by Jiang Cola.

The person who had just fired Jiang Cola became an employee of Jiang Cola. Jiang Cola had a boss addiction, and Lu Xiao took her home again. Father Jiang has cooked a large table of dishes and waited for Jiang Coke to come back. Although all this is fake, Jiang Coke was still very happy. He asked Lu Xiao how to realize her third wish, but Lu Xiao said that it depends on Jiang. Coke herself, as long as she believes that Lu Xiao is her boyfriend, then her wish can be realized. Jiang Coke was addicted to it and reached out to hold Lu Xiao.

A year later, Jiang Coke has found a new job. She has been obsessed with Lu Xiao’s virtual lover relationship. In addition to Lu Xiao, Su Lie, Luo Ke and Xu Nian are also virtual lovers. Today is the third anniversary of virtual lovers. On the anniversary, the company held a birthday party for these four people, but only Lavender members can enter the event site. To become a member, either pay high membership fees or spend a lot of time doing activities like Jiang Coke in exchange for points. Jiang Coke was expecting to go to the event, but there was an old woman riding a motorcycle and flew out to avoid hitting Jiang Coke. Jiang Coke hesitated and sent the old woman to the hospital, but he missed it.

The admission time for the birthday party. On the other hand, Jiang Coke’s Guan Qianya is having a headache for the virtual lover’s birthday party. Guan Qianya is the CEO of She originally held an offline dating event, but because of the collision with the virtual lover’s birthday party, the whole city is single. All women went to the birthday party of the virtual lover. She could only cancel the dating event and said that she would compensate those who came to attend.

Jiang Coke was lost at the subway station waiting for the train to go home. She looked at Lu Xiao’s billboard, and her heart moved and wanted to kiss the billboard secretly. Suddenly, a man in black hides behind her, the man in black. In order to avoid being chased by a group of people, he kissed Jiang Coke in a hurry, pretending to be a couple and kissing him. Jiang Coke returned to his senses and pushed away the black man’s hat. Jiang Coke was surprised to find out. The person is Lu Xiao, one of the virtual lovers.

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